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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer Mu HanXia's expression didn't change. Lu Zhang raised his eyebrows before looking upwards. After it was quiet for a bit, Mu HanXia also looked upwards. The lighting was very calm. The closely woven sofa exhibited a natural luxuriousness. In the midst of those two sofas, she first saw Zhou ZhiSu talking with a smile in his eyes and brows. Sitting opposite him should be the city leader who was dressed simply and affably talking. He also sat there. In a dark black suit, inner white shirt, dark gray tie. Clean, short hair, a fair face. It seemed as if there had been no changes after six years. However, upon closer examination, he had still changed. He was already thirty-three. His cheekbones were sharper than his twenty-six years old appearance. His silhouette was also deeper. Yet, those two eyes had indeed not changed. Deep, deep, dark, dark. Like the reef on the seabed, in this roof full of prosperity and gold was his seemingly unique deep calmness. Mu HanXa had thought about the scene of them meeting again ten thousand times. Yet, when the time actually arrived, it turned out to be so calm. She stood behind everyone, quietly staring at him. There was suddenly an uncontrollable moistness within her eyes. She slowly breathed and calmly forced it down. It seemed as if there was some feeling. His mouth still wore a light smile. Raising his head, he directly gazed in her direction. The two people's eyes quietly met. In this noisy hall, this dazzling gold, not a person noticed their visions intersecting. Mu HanXia looked at his handsome face. The smile on his lips had still not been taken down. But, she clearly saw that there wasn't the slightest smile in his eyes. With still eyes, he calmly looked at her yet at the same time it seemed as if she hadn't entered his eyes at all. He then slowly moved his eyes away as if the her who was outside the sea of people didn't exist at all. Mu HanXia also moved her line of sight. She lifted her cup and continuously drank. Yet, the plain water entering her mouth tasted bitter and astringent. Suddenly, Lu Zhang, who had been by her and had remained silent the entire time, opened his mouth: "Hey, Carol, did you notice just now that Lin MoChen was looking at me? Why is he looking at me? Is it a provocation?" Mu HanXia froze before facing him before laughing and saying: "Relax, he has no need at all to come to provoke you." Lu Zhang rolled his eyes at her. At this moment, all of the surrounding sounds of chatting and laughing around Lin MoChen's ears seemed to all become indistinct. He lowered his eyes, not letting himself look in her direction in this public place again. She had finally returned to his field of view. At that moment, Zhou ZhiSu opened his mouth: "Over there is Fang Yi Corporation's crown prince, right?" Lin MoChen did not speak. Beside him, somebody replied: "That's correct, Lu Zhang. He seems to be with their newly arrived vice chief of their business department called Mu HanXia. She is a returnee." The city leader opposite them turned around and took a look, smiling he said: "The senior Lu is actually quite daring, not sticking to a pattern. His son and the vice chief he called are all so young. MoChen ah, they are probably around the age when you began, right? Young and promising." "Yes." Lin MoChen replied, "more young and promising than me." —— The scale of the banquet this time wasn't small. So, Mu HanXia pulled Lu Zhang to sit down at the last table. Lu Zhang naturally was cheerful and relaxed. Lin MoChen naturally sat at the head table that was upfront. It almost couldn't be seen from the back. As a result, up till the banquet ended, the two people didn't meet again. The night went by gently. Mu HanXia took a taxi to her apartment. When she arrived, her mood was undulating. When she thought of his eyes just now, she thought of his apathetic expression as he turned his eyes away. Mu HanXia was a bit absent-minded. Going along the stone lane downstairs from her apartment, she slowly walked. When she arrived at the entrance, she took out her door card, swiped it, and walked inside. This type of high-class apartment building all had lobbies on the first floor. Although the surface area wasn't too big, the interior decoration was fine. A chandelier was hanging and there even was a sofa and coffee table to provide people with a temporary break. Mu HanXia walked inside to see that there was a person sitting on the sofa. With a black coat that hadn't been taken off yet, the person just sat there. Long legs folded over, the coat cuffs exposed a black suit. With a lowered head, he was reading a magazine. Hearing footsteps, he put down the magazine and raised his head. Mu HanXia was stunned. While dazzled, he unexpectedly felt a sense of deja vu. When was it? Oh, that's right. It was in Lin city when they were still living together at a hotel, when they had just gotten together. When they had run into Chen SiJin and her boyfriend, he was also this way. He was sitting down at the entrance of the hotel's convenience store, reading a magazine, and waiting for her. That wasn't a memory she wanted to recall because it was precisely that night that they had walked into their competitor's trap. But, tonight, upon seeing him appear, she had suddenly recalled that night. Without any plots, without any regret, she recalled only the appearance of him patiently waiting for her that time. Her emotions flashed past. In a short period of time, Mu HanXia had already returned to being calm. She saw that he was also staring at her before standing up. She was still for a moment before exposing a slight smile: "Director Lin, long time no see." He was also silent for a moment before smiling: "Long time no see ...... Summer." http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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Editor: AdhocWizard

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