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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer This feeling, this scene, and the person in front of her unexpectedly gave Mu HanXia an unreal feeling. She completely didn't expect that Lin MoChen would appear here. At the banquet tonight, with a graceful glance, it became extremely clear to her that he wasn't the young entrepreneur man from those years in the past. He had already become a real, orderly big shot in the business world with numerous people looking up to him. She had already known that he had climbed up the Forbes charts. He lived low-key and privately just like those other business world celebrities. These years, he had never appeared in front of her. She even didn't know where he went after "retiring" these years or whether he had any other women. It should be......yes, right. Anyhow, he shouldn't be appearing in this manner below her apartment. It seemed as if he had specially come to wait for her. Yet, Mu HanXia also couldn't deceive herself and believe that he had merely passed by coincidently. He had come to find her. Mu HanXia peacefully watched him, trying to find a clue from the space between his eyebrows. Why did he want to come? To reminisce? No, no. How could it be possible for Lin MoChen to find his ex-girlfriend only to calmly reminisce? Could it be that he hadn't fully gotten over how she dumped him? So, after their reunion today, he once again arrived before her? She thought of another possibility. Has Lin MoChen learned the truth of the investment that year and come here to thank her? However, with an exceptionally peaceful appearance and even a bit of a slight smile, he said: "Old friend, you have returned. Why didn't you tell me in advance? I could have arranged to welcome you." Mu HanXia's mood calmed down. Smiling, she replied: "I don't dare to inconvenience Director Lin." Lin MoChen was silent for a few seconds. "What did you call me?" he asked. Mu HaXia completely serenely looked at him: "Director Lin, I don't think there is anything inappropriate about it." "Call me Lin MoChen." He said. Mu HanXia didn't speak. Lin MoChen attentively watched the women in front of his eyes. A black long skirt with an overcoat the colour of rice over it. Her smooth calf was exposed outside. Below, she had on a two-inch slender high heel shoe. Her face truly seemed to be skinnier than in his memory. Her eyes were also much calmer as if they contained the time of these six years. But, that stubborn yet pretty face was clearly still fresh in his memory. The formerly constantly smiling her, that foolish and obedient her, that crying her, that angry her......all blended together with the mature and beautiful women before his eyes. He little by little pushed down the aching feeling in his heart. He faintly smiled and said: "Why did you return this year?" Mu HanXia didn't notice that "this year" was used in his wording. It wasn't last year, it wasn't next year, it wasn't all the years that he had already quietly waited through. She only politely smiled and said: "work needs." Lin MoChen nodded. Very well, work reasons. The smile between his eyebrows grew and his posture also relaxed voluntarily. It extremely resembled the appearance he had at the banquet tonight at the top seat. He indifferently said: "Fang Yi and Feng Chen's real-estate business can be considered as peers. In the future, if you need any help in an area, do not hesitate to ask. I'll pass on the message. (T/N presumingly to the rest of the company, I think)" This pledge, if put in front of others, would probably seem incomparably precious. But, Mu HanXia merely nodded and smiled: "Many thanks." Outside the door, the night scene was dark and calm. Inside the door, the two people stood, facing each other. For a moment, there was silence between the two. Since he didn't have any other purpose, Mu HanXia wanted to just bid farewell and go upstairs. However, upon seeing him quietly stand like this, with his straight black coat drooping on his body, Mu HanXia unexpectedly became silently softhearted. It was a type of hard-to-understand softheartedness that she had left behind a long time ago. In her heart, she sighed, mocking herself, yet her mouth had already spoken: "Lin MoChen, in these years, I heard that Feng Chen has grown very well. I am also very happy for you. Congratulations." He only lightly replied with a sound: "en." "Where have you been in the last few years?" She asked the doubts in her mind. He directly stared into her eyes and suddenly smiled: "I went to the United States to do some investment work." Upon MuHanXia hearing the two words "United States", her heart inexplicably shook slightly. But, without any deeper thoughts, she only nodded and replied: "That's very nice. Business hasn't been good these past few years. Feng Chen focusing on developing their financial investment is a very good move." Lin MoChen didn't speak. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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