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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer His woman, the woman that had advanced bravely, the woman that had barged into the shopping mall, has now become ever so mature and calm, regarding the shopping center as a chess game. She has finally matured in the way that he had expected, yet, she already wasn't the soft and immature type that he could easily control like in those years. "Those things already don't matter much now." He said. Mu HanXia was slightly stumped for words. However, with her subconscious mind telling her that there was no need to continue chatting deeply, she bowed her head and glanced at her watch. It was already almost ten o'clock. Consequently, she lifted her head and said with a faint smile: "Lin MoChen, it's already quite late tonight. I'm going upstairs. In the future, if there's time, we can meet again." He was quiet for a moment before he said: "en." Seeing that he stood without moving, Mu HanXia once again smiled before turning around to leave. The elevator was only a few meters away. Mu HanXia walked over and stood beneath below a different light, looking at her own vague shadow on the wall. In the corner of her eye, her peripheral vision glimpsed him turning his body not towards the entrance, but, instead he walked towards her direction. Mu HanXia didn't turn her head towards him, but she didn't move. She extended her hand to press the elevator's button. Her finger was midair when it was grabbed by him. Mu HanXia looked at the intertwined fingers of the two people, slightly startled. Lin MoChen had already tightly hugged her from the back. The distinctly cold breadth of his coat in an instant invaded. Mu HanXia's whole body became rigid. Turning her head, she looked at him. He also looked at her from a very close proximity. His face didn't show a bit of expression. After, his face suddenly covered hers, and he kissed her. The masculine breathe spilled into her mouth. Just then, she felt as if she was suddenly woken from a dream. She looked at the man in front of her eyes that was kissing her. It really was him. In a daze, she looked at him. He, however, had closed his eyes, only letting her see two tightly closed eyes. At first, when his lips came down, it was only done lightly, sucking in a probing manner. But, in the blink of an eye, after the two people's lips made contact, his strength abruptly increased. His tongue directly unyieldingly pried open her lips, kissing deeply. His tongue seemingly recklessly pursued her tongue, tangling together. His breath even became slightly hurried. The hand that held her waist restrained her more and more. His brows also became more wrinkled and more tense. His other hand stroked her, firmly supporting the back of her head. Mu HanXia couldn't see anything at all. He blocked her entire line of sight, completely capturing her in his bosom. His face, without a break, rubbed against hers. His breath lingered between her lips and teeth. The warmth of his embrace wrapped around her. ...... In an instant, it seemed as if they had returned to six years ago. He had always, underneath this kind of quiet lighting, intimately embraced and kissed her. Many memories that had been buried in time, forgotten in the solitude of every day and every night, in a moment, like the tide, rushed forward into Mu HanXia's mind. For a split second, she unexpectedly seemed to lose, almost extending her tongue to respond to him, to passionately entangle him, just like he was entangling her now. But, her rationality startled her, waking her up to the reality, and she became clear headed. She looked at his appearance while standing without moving. Without struggling, and without evasion, she simply quietly stood where she was, accepting this passionate yet with a bit of anguish kiss. ...... He lifted his face, still trapping her in between himself and the wall. In his eyes emerged a smile. Mu HanXia however sensed that this smile was a bit bitter. Before, she had never seen him having this kind of expression. "These many years yet you never thought to come back?" he asked. Mu HanXia didn't speak. "Come back and see me?" He said with a slightly hoarse throat. A sort of sourness that had been stored for many years overflowed into her nose. Mu HanXia restrained herself. She smiled extremely mildly and extended her hand to block his arm and said: "MoChen, saying this now has no meaning. Just now, you also shouldn't have treated me in this way." He was silent. "You are living quite well right now. I'm also doing very well. It should be enough. You need not worry about the past." She said. He was still for an instant before smiling once more: "Yes, that's right. I'm doing well. Very well." Mu HanXia didn't want to remain in his embrace any longer. She said: "Then, see you later." She bowed and then turned around, entering the elevator. He didn't move. In the instant the elevator doors were closing, he suddenly reached out and obstructed the doors. "What you said was right, I don't need to worry about the past." Mu HanXia: "......en." His eyes still looked at her as he lowered his hand. In the moment that the elevator slowly closed, she heard his tranquil voice: "Mu HanXia, what I want,is the future." http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

Translator: Ailuropoda



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