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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer The night was dark. Mu HanXia leaned against her chair, curling her body into a ball, as she stared outside the window. She remained like this until it became very late into the night. She sorted out her emotions. Her subconscious mind actually was unwilling to think further about what had happened tonight, especially his sudden embrace and kiss. Over in the United States, it was already morning. She took out her phone and made an overseas call. It took awhile for the phone call to reach the other side. Mu HanXia first smiled before talking. Her voice also became especially gentle: "How was today? Do you feel a bit more comfortable?" A few sparse stars twinkled in the night sky. Her voice was very soft as she spoke, "...... After a few days, they will send you to China. The medical treatment here is not bad. I have already contacted the hospital. When the time comes, I will receive you. After a moment of pause, she replied: "Yes, I have met him. He seems to...... not have changed much." In the same night backdrop, Lin MoChen drove his car to leave. The flowing lights of the city circulated from the front of the car. (T/N refers to those timelapse/photos of city streets at night where cars leave behind a trail of light). The night was especially still just like the hundreds of nights in these past few years when he had always driven alone, like this, back to his residence. But, tonight was different. The stars in the sky and the lamps on the ground appear to be more clear than in the past, twinkling in front of his eyes. Ahead, he encountered a red light. He slowly brought his car to a stop with one hand on the steering wheel. After a while, he suddenly reached out his hand to stroke his own lips. In this way, he smiled. ---- Next day. Mu HanXia brought Lu Zhang to patrol around the store. They were patrolling Feng Chen's store. Today, she was wearing a more leisurely outfit-- a cardigan and a long skirt--without losing all seriousness. Lu Zhang, need not to say, was wearing a pair of ripped jeans. So, when the two people walk into Feng Chen's store, they won't raise any attention. Lu Zhang actually quite liked doing this kind of thing. Window shopping, looking at pretty women. Moreover, the one they were visiting was their competitor's store, so there was some excitement. If they were only visiting their own store, where beautiful women were also less bountiful, he would really not have much interest. The entire trip, he leisurely followed Mu HanXia. Her appearance was also quite tranquil. Her hand even carried a bag as if they truly were window-shopping. Occasionally, they would also stop at the sales counter and look at clothes. However, in reality...... Upon passing through Feng Chen's first-floor lounge, she quietly said: "Look at their interior decoration style." Lu Zhang raised his head and glanced once around: "Chandeliers, curved ceiling, simple and stylish, a renown design. In sort: high-end, elegant, and classy. It's much better than that stupid European style decoration that my dad chose. The money spent isn't less either. Mu Hanxia smiled: "Fang Yi's choice wasn't that bad. He also led the market trend 5 years ago. It's simply a bit outdated now, that's all." Lu Zhang shook his head: "Older Sister (polite term of address for a woman), you don't have to give my dad face. (T/N: give face= be less critical. to be more polite) When passing one of the top, most famous brand's flagship store, she reminded him: "Look at the targets of their investment." Lu Zhang: "You can count them even with your eyes closed, lv, Givenchy, Hermes ... We also have them, but not as many as them." Mu Hanxia nodded. Afterwards, they also took a look at their sales staff, all of them were tall and dignified; they looked at the supermarket a floor below them that was recommended as one of the best international supermarkets; they looked at the design, distribution, customer service and catering of the entire building... Although Lu Zhang turned a little impatient after all the looking, he endured. One is that this work is indeed quite easy. Before, everytime, he would come with an old and experienced vice-chief who would always pull him around all day to earnestly explain the strategy and the market. He was almost annoyed to death. Second, he also wanted to see what Mu Hanxia actually wanted to do. Because the more you look around, the more you see, and the more that you can feel that Fengchen's shopping center was outstanding all-around. What kind of hidden plan does Mu HanXia have? She couldn't have brought him here just to get some self-deprecation, right? At the end, the two returned to Fang Yi, to her office. Sitting opposite each other, Lu Zhang crossed his legs. Mu HanXia brewed a cup of tea for him. With some reluctance, he took a sip. Unexpectedly, he didn't speak and only drank slowly. Mu HanXia asked: "What is your conclusion regarding Feng Chen?" Lu Zhang smiled and answered resolutely: "Is it not obvious to see? Their entire execution is of a high-end fashionable style. Regardless of the mall design, brand recommendations, staff quality, service quality ... almost all of them are already the best domestically. As a result, it's not unreasonable for their malls to become a landmark building no matter which city they go to. You said that you wanted to open a new store with a higher performance than a Feng Chen's store in the same location? How will you open it? Don't tell me it will be through spending money. My dad certainly can't outspend Feng Chen. Our top 500 rankings have dropped 50 places because of them. And even if we do, we still can not reach their overall level of operation." Mu Hanxia nodded: "So, this is the direction of our breakthrough." Lu Zhang put down the teacup: "How do we breakthrough?" Mu HanXia leaned back in her chair with both of her hands crossed and smiled slowly: "The opponent's weaknesses are often hidden in their greatest advantage. Everything being the best, high-end, commercialized is Feng Chen's strong point. It is also the only direction through which we can breakthrough. We have to find a way, going in the opposite direction and launching a flanking attack, to seize a new market for Fang Yi. " http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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