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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer Lu Zhang's heart skipped over with a thud. Lifting his head to look at her, he didn't speak for a while. He found that she was different from any woman he had met in the business world. Some women can succeed in the business world because she is a flower vase (T/N fig. pretty face) that looks beautiful, is good at communication, and takes advantage of relationships to get business benefits; Some women are the stereotypical strong, successful women that don't have the slightest feminine gentleness. In Lu Zhang's eyes, they seemed to lose all of their human nature. On the other hand, Mu Hanxia acted resolutely, but she didn't use extremely strong methods to force people to give in; She was always smiling, guiding patiently, like a fox for sure. But, when it comes to the main topics for discussion, she completely looks like a man again. Look at the words she used, "flanking attack", "seize a market". The key point is that Lu Zhang's heartbeat had actually accelerated from her words. He picked up the tea and took another big gulp, concealing his invoked fighting spirit. But, this woman here is actually quite good with tea, light in flavour and quite fragrant. Unlike those other bosses, always brewing those highest-quality yinzhen, highest quality longjing (T/N types of tea leaves) that are both strong and bitter. He was still silent. Mu Hanxia had finished speaking, but he still was a bit absent-minded. Actually, the so-called "surpassing Feng Chen", "finding the opponent's weaknesses" are nothing more than words aimed at Lu Zhang's temperament, intentionally inciting him. Her original intention was always to optimize and upgrade Fang Yi's shopping malls and explore a new business model. You ask if it will have an impact on Feng Chen's performance? If it succeeds, there definitely will be. But, such a reform is not actually an attack aimed at Feng Chen, but rather it is for Fang Yi's self-improvement and progress. She was confident in this commercial operation. Feng Chen will definitely make some targeted measures against their competition. But, she didn't think that the other party would make a big fuss because this is an unavoidable benign competition, not some wicked competition. She never thought before that Lin Mochen would know about this matter. It is common sense that a retired chairman will not know about a competition problem encountered in a specific business department in a huge corporation. But now, it's different. She remembered how he watched her silently last night as well as his license plate number ... he inevitably could understand the business decisions that she was about to carry out. In that case, what would he do? Mu Hanxia found that this question unexpectedly remained unsolved in her mind. Since there was no solution, she calmed her mind. Now that she has been entrusted by Chairman Lu and there was a promise to a degree, she has to do what she says. What if Lin Mochen took the initiative to obstruct her? In her memory, he has always been hard-hearted and decisive with regards to his businesses and shopping malls. ... Then, the soldiers will come block, and the battle shall follow suit. —— Lin Mochen's sudden appearance in Beijing actually caused a brief confusion among the top staff of Feng Chen Corporation. Because, in the past few years, other than the routine meetings that he had to attend, he only appeared when the business encountered a huge choice or impact. Others on Wall Street are exposed to the latest business information and thinking methods. With his decision-making and help at a critical moment, Feng Chen corporation only got better and better in recent years and even grew against the market. So with his sudden appearance this time, everyone guessed-- the corporation wouldn't be having any particularly significant changes, right? However, there actually weren't any. Sun Zhi is now in charge of all of the real estate business. Early this morning, he heard a report from his subordinates. After pondering for a while, he decided to go to the chairman's office to find Lin Mochen. The chairman’s office, which has been vacant for a long time, was cleaned very thoroughly today. It even had the fragrance of fresh flowers and tea leaves. Lin Mochen and Zhou ZhiSu were sitting on the sofa chatting and drinking tea. Not considering Zhou ZhiSu as an outsider, Sun Zhi walked in, closed the door, smiled and said: "Director Lin, I just got a news report. It is actually a trivial matter. I heard that Fang Yi will upgrade and reform their commercial real estate model soon. " And they" ... He paused: "will advance under the guidance of their newly arrived vice chief Mu Hanxia and Lu Zhang." Lin Mochen lifted his eyes and glanced at him. Zhou ZhiSu laughed and said nothing. Sun Zhi said: "The people below are worried that they will have an impact on performance and intend to take some competitive measures to suppress them." "They are unable to suppress Mu HanXia." Lin MoChen said, "She is flexible in thinking and good at innovation. If she wants to have a shot this time, she must avoid Feng Chen's areas of dominance and find a new one that is suitable for Fang Yi's business model. Even if the new business model will have a certain impact on Feng Chen's performance, it won't, by no means, never destabilize our foundation. There shouldn't be fear. As a market leader, we will always have new market breakthroughs appear. Even if there wasn't Mu HanXia, there still will be others. We can’t always hold the most cakes without dividing out some. This is the market law of positive competition. Your people need not work themselves up into disarray. ” "Okay." Sun Zhi replied and asked again, "Then, let them do as they wish?" Sun Zhi thought that Lin Mochen would definitely say yes because, as he said, the people below are unable to suppress Mu Hanxia ​​and it is benign competition. Naturally, they do not need to get involved at this level. In the end, Lin Mochen was silent for a while before saying, "Tell the people below to not put up any resistance." Sun Zhi and Zhou ZhiSu froze at the same time and looked at each other. "This is her first battle since she came back. Make way for her. Let her win the victory. Feng Chen doesn't put up any resistance." There was a hint of smile in his eyes, "I would be stupid to resist her." http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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