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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer Mu HanXia opened her laptop and looked for a document. Lu Zhang remained, as before, leaning back in his leather chair, sitting with a wide-open posture. His hands were slightly raised, supporting each other. His fingers leisurely tapped against each other as his eyes fixed on her. As a young man who grew up in a rich family, he was almost always lonely since childhood. On the surface, Lu Zhang looks wanton and unrestrained. In reality, he has his own thoughts and guidelines when looking at people and things. He behaved indifferently, but that does not mean that he really does not care. Similarly, when he behaved very rebelliously, it doesn't mean that he wasn't secretly observing and examining. For example, take Old Zhu, another vice-chief of the business department. Although Lu Zhang extremely, extremely loathes his long-windedness stern nagging and furthermore Old Zhu's head wasn't too nimble, Lu Zhang was very clear in his heart that Old Zhu has fought with his father through the highs and the lows and was loyal and devoted to his family and was the person that he could rely on the most in the business department. This is also the reason why Lu Zhang's father arranged for Old Zhu to go to the business department to "retire". Therefore, even though, on the surface, he always contradicts Old Zhu and sometimes he gets annoyed and even quarrels, the matters Old Zhu that insists on implementing were almost never obstructed by Lu Zhang. A few months ago, there was a time when Old Zhu suddenly fell ill. It was actually Lu Zhang who, without saying anything further, sent him to the hospital. He didn't feel comfortable letting others do it! After Old Zhu was discharged from the hospital, he treated him amiably for several days. Yet, it didn't take long for Lu Zhang to start quarrelling with him again. But, the two seem to be used to this way of getting along. The business department, in this noisy way, smoothly passed through several years. For example, the currently-before-his-eyes "airborne regent king" Mu Hanxia is also the same. (T/N airborne/airdrop in Chinese also refers to a former senior official that is sent to serve as a local official. I think that is what they are referring to.) In the beginning, Lu Zhang really hated outsiders coming over to criticize and give orders, and he never trusted people easily. But Mu HanXia was such a young, beautiful, and well-mannered woman that it really gives her some extra points. No matter what Lu Zhang said, he is also a young man. Compared to an old man, of course, he prefers to look at beautiful women. However, being pleasing to the eye, being reasonable, and following the rules isn't all that is necessary to earn his trust. Over the past few days, Lu Zhang also admitted that Mu Hanxia, ​​as a woman and a colleague, is pretty charming as a whole. Now, she drew a big cake for him, an idea full of temptation. But, Lu Zhang understood very clearly. Whether or not she is reliable, really talented, and whether she can become his, Lu Zhang's, mentor and arm depend on what she actually does in the future and the effect. Only then will He decide whether to believe her or not. Right now, he will continue to accompany her to play tricks, quarrel, and coldly watch to see if she really will do as said, if she really is as sincere and powerful as she said. Mu HanXia raised her head, and their eyes met. His casual face had eyes, however, that was heavy and deep. Mu Hanxia smiled slightly: "Let's start." "Feng Chen, Fang Yi, still owns the overwhelming majority of shopping malls. How is the layout divided?" She asked. "The floors are divided by function." Lu Zhang answered, "Luxury jewellery on the first floor, girls' clothing on the second floor, women's clothing on the third floor, and men's clothing on the fourth floor. Sometimes, outdoor sports clothing are sold on the fifth floor, and children's clothing and home goods are sold on the top floor. The supermarket is on the first-floor basement. It's the same everywhere. What's the point in asking? To test me? " He raised the corners of his mouth in a smile. Mu Hanxia was unmoved, and asked: "In that case, what kind of people are the type to go shopping?" Lu Zhang ’s legs swayed as he answered lazily: "The people with money, the old women ..." Glancing at her, he continued: "Middle-class couples, of course, there are some young people now who have no money and would rather eat instant noodles to save money to buy bags, buy clothes, stupid. Yet, if they weren't stupid, we wouldn't be making as much money. " http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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