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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer Mu Hanxia smiled and continued talking: "Naturally, separated by a floor, the closest section to the children's area is women's clothing and men's clothing. This way, after parents bring their children to play, they will naturally go browsing and shopping for their own clothes." "What is this section?" Lu Zhang asked, pointing at the picture. "This is the couple's theme area of ​​the mall. It will be a certain distance from the children's area. It is relatively quiet. Next to women's and men's fashion, there will be several restaurants with more romantic and elegant atmospheres, and there will also be some fine products for couples including home supplies, decorations, and daily necessities for sale. There will also be two cafes and a bar that is fairly quiet with hired singers. On this floor, not only can young men and women come, but married couples that have sent their children to the children's area can also come. Lu Zhang thought to himself, this is indeed a place where girls love to go shopping. It is also a good place to pick up girls. However, seeing Mu HanXia speaking so seriously and focused, he didn't speak up and interrupt again. "This section is what I, personally, call the "Singles' Zone". Of course, it won't be called this publicly. Here will have several quality bookstores, quieter cafes, small cinemas, and some niche but good quality clothing stores. As the name implies, this section is specifically for single/individual people to come stroll. It also can be a place to make friends. I said that the concept of ‘home' is a sense of belonging. It's not only targeted at the people who have a family, but also for people who are lonely.`` "This shopping mall has many regions based on function. The main interior decoration style and colour must be consistent with a warm and elegant sense. However, the family area, couples area, and singles area... are, at the same time, different from each other with their own distinguishing characteristics. Not only that, but the background music and service staff should also differ to an extent. According to different seasons and holidays, the mall should have different themed activities every month. When we talk to the merchants, we will request them to follow such a theme. I think that, under the decline of the material economy, they will also be willing to try doing these kinds of innovative stores." "What I want to convey is a feeling of belonging, a feeling of home. Consumers' major feelings here are comfort and intimacy. They are not here only to consume and shop, but also their emotional needs are implicitly satisfied. So, after they come once, they will come again. Here will become a "destination" for them in the city, not just a place to buy things. Of course, this kind of innovative model will not have as immediate effects as a price promotion in the beginning where sales leap forward on the opening day. However, relying on word-of-mouth communication, performance and sales will definitely get better. What do you think? Can such a brand-new method that avoids the "high-end, elegant, and classy" style of Feng Chen go all the way up to rivalling their performance? ... —— The sky outside the window had already turned dark. After the earnest meeting with Lu Zhang, Mu HanXia had worked for a while before finally organizing her things and preparing to leave work. Walking out of the office, there was almost no one on this floor. The secretary of Lu Zhang has not yet been recruited, and the table at the door was empty. Despite the door covering most of it, there was a flickering of light that passed through. They still haven't left yet? Thinking of the meeting that just finished, she remembered he looked like he was contemplating something without talking. Mu Hanxia knew very well that this child was still teachable. With her hands behind her back, she walked slowly to his door, and, when she just about to knock on the door, she saw that it was dark inside except for a huge flickering light and shadow on the wall. With his back to her, Lu Zhang sat on the floor wearing a pair of oversized headphones. His hands held a video game controller. Unexpectedly, he was actually playing games. Mu Hanxia raised her eyebrows. She thought that, after listening to her rhetoric, this youngster would at least somewhat ponder and digest her words. The result, however, was that he began to game early. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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