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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer At this time, the word "victory" appeared on the screen in large font size, and she heard Lu Zhang whispering "Oh, yeah". He then took off his headphones and took a sip from the bottle of mineral water next to him. Mu HanXia knocked on the door. He turned his head and glanced at her. His face was blurry in the dim lighting as he said: "Did something happen?" "No." Mu HanXia walked in, thinking that she was actually quite bored and had nothing to do after she got off work. She simply crouched beside him and asked, "What game is this?" "You don't even know this?" Lu Zhang said, "It's already a very old game. It's a shooting game." Mu HanXia didn't know if it was just her imagination but the him that was playing video games right now seemed to be a little less sloppy and cold than he was normally and a bit cooler. "I don't know." Mu HanXia shook her head. "Why are you playing games here alone?" Lu Zhang sat cross-legged and put on his headphones again. A smile emerged on the corner of his mouth, and he answered: "Didn't you teach me so much as a teacher? Only by playing games to relax my mind can I learn better." Mu HanXia couldn't help but also smile. Hugging her knees, she sat beside him and watched him finish playing another round. When fighting in close combat in the game, this big boy's face looked very calm, and fierceness also appeared in between his eyebrows at times. His behaviour had completely changed from his usual manner. Mu HanXia couldn't help but think that, despite different ages, men in some aspects of their nature are still the same. For example, they liked fighting, liked close combat, and liked the thrill of chasing victory and power. Meng Gang, Lin MoChen, Senior Bert, Lu Zhang... are all like this. At this time Lu Zhang leaned his head and looked at her: "Hey, would you like to also try it?" "Okay." Seeing her answer so straightforwardly, Lu Zhang glanced at her again, wondering if she was not only a successful business woman, but also a video game master? Then she would really be a god. As a result, when she had finished putting on the gaming headphones and had grabbed the controller to start, Lu Zhang's eyes widened as he saw himself in the game being violently slashed by an enemy to 80% of his health bar. "No way!" He raised his hand to touch his forehead. "Are you good at playing games?" "No." Mu HanXia answered with her eyes fixed on the screen. In fact, it isn't just that she isn't good. During those previous years, the her that, right after she graduated high school, had to support herself, and also the her that went abroad to study alone didn't even know what games were like. She answered lightly while watching herself be chopped and continuously scream "Ow Ow" in the game, feeling that it was a fresh experience. But, Lu Zhang was just about to vomit up blood (T/N in Chinese dramas, people vomit up blood frequently due to anger, hatred, etc.). When he had handed the game over to her just now, he did not log out of his account. That is, this battle will be recorded on his undefeated battles for n consecutive days record. He really was brain-dead just now. Why did his subconscious mind think that, since this imperial sister can fight business wars, surely she can also play games well? Now, he simply regretted his decision to death. Seeing that Mu HanXia was still being chopped down with a calm expression on her face, he felt as if he was almost about to die. Lu Zhang's entire face was covered in black lines (T/N stumped from disappointment, refers to comic drawings). Extending his hands, he grabbed the video game controller from behind and began to guide her in manipulating the game avatar. "Left dodge, switch guns! Run after shooting. You only have this little hp left now..." The two people's fingers were pressed together. Mu HanXia froze for a moment. His chest leaned on her back, and his two arms also embraced her. In recent years, Mu HanXia, in fact, has rarely been in contact with men. Her most profound impression was still Lin MoChen's hug: cold, quiet, gentle, powerful arms, sometimes with the smell of men's cologne. Then, there was also Zhang Zi. Mu HanXia helped support him along with the nurse several times. Zhang Zi was extremely thin and always smelled of medicine and the smell of the paper that he always was flipping through. But the boy currently behind her was completely different from them. His embrace was very warm and there was a faint smell of sweat. The side of his face was also lightly pressed against her cheek. It was both warm and soft. His entire person resembled a ball of hot iron. Mu HanXia pushed away his arm, came out of his arms and sat to the side. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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