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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer Lu Zhang's eyes were still on the screen as if he hadn't noticed her. His fingers quickly jumped around on the controller. After a few minutes, he finally turned the tide. It was a dangerous win this round. Only then did he put aside the controller. Letting out a long sigh of relief, he said: "Hey, I'm awesome, right?" Mu HanXia nodded: "Yeah, it was quite awesome." Lu Zhang glanced at her: "Why did you suddenly hideaway a moment ago. Almost killed me. Hey, you wouldn't be under the impression that I'm interested in you and took the opportunity to take advantage of you, right? Sister, you overthought! I am not interested in old virgins." (T/N: Just remember that, in Chinese, calling someone "sister" is not necessarily a biological sister. I won't comment on it anymore~ ) As soon as the words came out, his heart felt messy. How did he end up voicing the apprehensions in his heart? Sure enough, he saw that Mu HanXia's complexion looked--cold. Mu HanXia quite jokingly, subconsciously replied: "It's you who is the old virgin..." Seeing that she was not really angry, Lu Zhang then began organizing the gaming equipment and said: "Oh... so [you] weren't actually, eh, it's rare *clicks tongue*... Congratulations teacher, I'm happy for Teacher, that you didn't reach the road of perversion because of abstinence." Mu HanXia raised her hand to hold her forehead. She was shocked speechless. She thinks about the rich second-generation children. What's the matter with them? How can they be so naive yet sly? Thinking back to those years when she was working hard with Lin MoChen, she had also met a few children of people that became rich in the 80s (T/N: cultural note: why 80s? search "Deng Xiaoping economic reforms"). Those people could be considered cultured, refined, and educated... Although she was only 4 years older than Lu Zhang, she really realized the generation gap. Once he was done organizing his things, Lu Zhang lowered his head and looked at his watch: "It's this late. Hey, I'm going to go eat a late-night snack. Do you want to go? I'll drive you." Mu HanXia had nowhere to go anyway and nodded: "Okay." —— When Lin MoChen came to Beijing this time, Zhou Zhisu had originally made people arrange for the best hotel for him. The chairman, this person, was always rather picky about clothes, food, housing and transportation. Who would have thought that Lin MoChen would inform them: I am no longer staying at a hotel. I'll just live at Feng Chen's headquarters building. Feng Chen's general headquarters is full of offices, but there are several suites with excellent views and interior decoration on the upper floors that were intended for internal use. Now that Lin MoChen lived here, Zhou Zhisu naturally emptied the other rooms so that he would not be disturbed in any way. In the dead of night, while the moon hung high in the sky, Lin MoChen, in a bathrobe, walked to the window while carrying a cup of green tea. The evening wind blew. His mood was calm and unhurried. The home Mu HanXia lived in was facing here. Actually, it wasn't very close. From his overlooking view, he could only see a small window of hers. At this moment, that window was still dark. She still hadn't come back. She avoided it and did not meet. She said that she would work overtime. It doesn't matter. Every day since then, the distance between him and her was closer than in those years of separation. —— Lu Zhang, driving a black convertible sports car, sent Mu HanXia to the downstairs of her home. "Thanks." Mu HanXia went with him and ate a meal that was actually quite delicious. She waved at him and said: "Remember to not be late for work tomorrow." Lu Zhang smiled but didn't reply, and his sports car roared away. Mu HanXia pulled out the door card and was about to swipe to open the door when she heard someone shouting behind her: "Mu HanXia." She was stunned and turned around. To her surprise, she saw Sun Zhi who she had not seen for many years. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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