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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer It was well into the night when Mu HanXia and Sun Zhi sat down inside the cafe in the neighbourhood. Mu HanXia looked at Sun Zhi. The man, perhaps, truly didn't look old. He looked just like he did a few years ago. The only difference was that his facial features had grown a bit thicker. The bright smile on the corner of his mouth remained the same. Mu HanXia couldn't help but smile along, "I haven't seen you for a long time, Chief Sun." Sun Zhi made a sound of surprise before saying: "HanXia, aren't you ridiculing me? The rest of the old people and I followed Director Lin, riding on the success he built. Our luck was good, that's all." Mu HanXia laughed and said nothing. Sun Zhi then asked, "How have you been during those years that you were abroad?" ‘How to answer this question?’ Mu HanXia silently wondered. She took a sip from her coffee and said, "It was quite good." "That's good." Sun Zhi seemed like a big brother, nodding his head in satisfaction. He then looked at her reproachfully: "In these few years, you haven't even greeted us nor kept in touch. We old people were also concerned about you." Mu HanXia raised her glass and toasted: "I'll use coffee to substitute for wine. I apologize. I'll invite everyone to dinner next time." Sun Zhi laughed out loud and nodded: "You are still such a straightforward and genuine person. Good. Very good." Mu HanXia didn't know why he repeatedly sighed, "This way is good." but she didn't think more deeply about it. The two began chatting again about her life abroad. Then, Sun Zhi suddenly inquired: "Does Fang Yi, where you work at now, want to make a big move in commercial real estate?" Mu HanXia slowly sipped his coffee, looked up at him with a smile, and said nothing. Sun Zhi: "You don't have to guard against me. Rest assured, we won’t fight." Mu HanXia: "Why?" Sun Zhi smiled: "Director Lin said that Feng Chen should not put up any resistance." Mu HanXia didn't speak. Sun Zhi, as if what they had just talked about was merely an ordinary conversation topic, didn't pause. Instead, he began to talk about the layout of Feng Chen's growth throughout the country in recent years. Mu HanXia continued to hold the cup in between her palms. After a while, she finally smiled and interjected, asking: "So, your entire family has moved to Beijing now?" "Yeah." Sun Zhi replied with a smile, "Beijing, no matter how you say it, is still the capital. Now, I truly don't have to worry about money anymore. So, I just let the children study in Beijing, and my wife is just growing flowers at home and taking care of the children. It can be considered as letting them comfortably pass their days." Mu HanXia said: "That's great." Sun Zhi nodded and said with a sigh: "Actually, it was quite exhausting in the beginning. Precisely, it was the year you left. You also know that Feng Chen was not doing so well at that time. Although we had received Bert's investment, still, there was an unfavourable game on our hands. Every penny still had to be spent with careful consideration. If we didn't play it well, we would repeatedly encounter numerous critical moments that would possibly cause us to suffer a financial loss. “But Chief Lin, by then, didn't care about these thoughts. After you left, several days had passed before he went to work again. The first thing he did was to announce the discontinuation of all cooperation with Yong Zheng along with Cheng WeiWei. All cooperation, ah. Yong Zheng had around 100 stores in the entire country. “On the same day that we breached all the contracts, all of Feng Chen's products were completely withdrawn. Not even one item was left. No matter what Yong Zheng said or what fuss they made, Chief Lin would not even spare them a bit of attention. Feng Chen not only lost a large source of stable income from then on, but we also had to pay a lot of money. At that moment, we were all terrified fearing Feng Chen would suffer another serious blow that might endanger its vitality.” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

Translator: Ailuropoda

Editor: Sleepy Potato

ProofReader: Sleepy Potato

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