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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer The surroundings were very still as the aroma of coffee lightly diffused in the air. There was only Sun Zhi's unhurried voice in the quiet night. Mu HanXia picked up her cup of coffee wanting to take another sip only to find out that the cup, unknowingly, had already been finished. Without looking at Sun Zhi, she raised her hand to call the waiter and ordered another cup. Sun Zhi looked at her complexion and sighed in his heart. "Anyhow, it doesn't matter. You know that our Feng Chen never loses money in vain. The money that was paid to Yong Zheng was later doubled back." Gazing distantly, Sun Zhi said, "You don't know, our Chief Lin is also quite amusing. There are not many people who know about this matter. It’s of no consequence to tell you. Back then, it was clearly us who had to pay money; yet he gave Yong Zheng a threat saying that in the future, it’s best for them to never meet again in the business world. If they met, Feng Chen would absolutely not let them go." Mu HanXia swallowed a mouth of coffee. Staring at him, she asked, "What then?" "Then?" Sun Zhi smiled, "They met, ah. After two years, Feng Chen began to enter the field of commercial real estate to build a chain of supermarkets. Chief Lin chose the location of the first supermarket to be opened in Jiang City. Cheng WeiWei was already the head of Yong Zheng at that time. Naturally, the result was that she was utterly defeated. Go look at the top 20 supermarket chains in this country. Where is Yong Zheng’s name?" "Oh." Not knowing why, Mu HanXia almost wanted to laugh-—-that kind of helpless yet a bit of unrestrained laugh. "Later, Cheng WeiWei looked at the stock market and wanted to secretly enter the field of financial investment. Isn't that putting a gun to your own head?" Sun Zhi continued, "Feng Chen is already one of the bigshots in this field, and we cleaned them up in minutes. It was a miserable loss for Yong Zheng. Now, Cheng WeiWei should be in a second-tier city, opening a small rural supermarket." Mu HanXia was silent for a moment and said softly: "He has always been a man who takes revenge based on enmity." "Yeah." Sun Zhi sighed. "How much hatred does he have with Cheng WeiWei?" Mu HanXia lowered her head and sipped her coffee without speaking. Lin Mochen was not avenging on his own behalf. He is taking revenge for her. —— The night was dark as Mu HanXia send Sun Zhi off. Sun Zhi started his car and said with a smile, "HanXia, when you have time, you should come to eat a meal at our home. You can see your sister-in-law (In Chinese close friends can be considered as brothers/sisters. Mu HanXia's sister-in-law refers to Sun Zhi's wife). You have just returned to China and don't have many friends in Beijing. You should visit others more." Mu HanXia agreed, "Okay." After returning home, she laid on her bed, looked up, and saw the Feng Chen building opposite her apartment. Under the dark night sky, there was only light in a certain window of the high-rise building. Who knows who is still working overtime. She didn't know whether Sun Zhi's words were intentional or unintentional, but she knew that it was definitely not incited by Lin Mochen. With his arrogant temper, he is probably unwilling to mention her. Now she felt as if the wound that she had buried deeply that had even healed overtime—had been torn open again. She was filled with uneasiness; it’s very uncomfortable. She felt like her heart had lost a piece of itself all of a sudden. It seemed to be continuously leaking air, filled with emptiness. She was very alert, restraining herself from thinking about what Lin Mochen might have been doing in those years. But because of what Sun Zhi had said, even though she tried not to think about anything; it seemed that his appearance had been stored particularly clearly in her mind. The sulky him, the determined him, the cruel him, the him who was for her… Mu HanXia pulled the pillow over her face and exhaled slowly. Feeling herself calm down, she closed her eyes and let herself fall asleep. ‘Everything is already over.’ She kept reminding herself that everything was over a long time ago. Separated by an ocean, after six years of winter and summer. After letting go, everything has completely healed. There is no need to dig it up anymore.

Translator: Ailuropoda

Editor: Sleepy Potato

ProofReader: Sleepy Potato

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