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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer On a sunny day, the curtains of Mu HanXia's office were tightly drawn. The incandescent lamp was very bright, and the atmosphere was both quiet and serious. Sitting behind the boss's desk, she was wearing a full black suit today with her long hair coiled up. There was a smile on her face, but deep within her eyes was raw chill. Sitting opposite her was the regional head of a certain brand. Lu Zhang was also wearing a shirt and tie today, sitting next to her. But, he still sat loosely in a wide-open, undisciplined posture. The representative of the brand was very embarrassed: " Chief Mu, the conditions you mentioned are really too harsh. If you want to decorate the store so finely and so customized, we will face a lot of costs. And, you want us to do so much promotion in the first month. We will lose too much money. If I report this matter to the higher-ups, the higher-ups will also not agree with it." "Lose money?" Mu HanXia smiled, "How will you lose money? Chief Zhang, how did you calculate your debt? If the mall can reach the expected traffic, the annual revenue of this store will exceed five of your other stores. You are only earning money, not losing. The precondition is that you can follow the unified theme of the mall." "But……" Mu HanXia gestured with her hands: "Chief Zhang, the momentum this year isn't in a slump. And, we, Fang Yi, are planning to push forward with this transformation in more than 100 shopping malls across the country. There is only one chance for this opportunity. Go to Feng Chen, they won’t have it. Their individual store performances are high, but are their commission rates higher than ours? How about you go back and think over it. I have also invited several other manufacturers here. Out of them, I talked to you for the longest amount of time. Our sincerity can be clearly seen here." The other party was helpless and said with a smile: "I know, Chief Mu, that you are very polite, but your commission rates are not that low either. Is it possible to reduce it a bit, or lower the requirements for promotion? Otherwise, we really can't do it... …I have to submit an application to my superior, but what should I do. I am afraid I can only regretfully back out..." "In that case, we are also very regretful." Mu HanXia interrupted him. "But this is a nationally unified policy that we can't change. However, we are still very hopeful that we can continue to collaborate with you." Mu HanXia sent the other party out of the office, walked back to the table, and drank a sip of water. Lu Zhang looked at her and said with a smile: "I hadn't thought that you are quite harsh." "It's not harsh." Mu HanXia said, looking at him, "There are tactics in negotiation. One is your confidence, and the second is your hidden cards." Lu Zhang's mouth twitched. By now, Mu HanXia has also figured out this young master's temperament. The more he appears to not care, the more seriously he may be listening. As if she was gossiping, she held a glass of water and, while drinking, said: " No matter when, you must always have sufficient confidence even if you have a bad hand (T/N: of cards). Because opportunity often doesn't appear right when you have finished preparing. Never be emotionally led by your opponents to worry about gains and losses. For example, Chief Zhang, just now, their brand is indeed at the top in the industry. If we lose them, it is indeed a loss to us. But, you cannot worry about this when negotiating. If you lose, you lose. Losing one brand won't make Fang Yi's shopping mall collapse. Put yourself in their shoes and you won't worry about gains and losses. Instead, you will think up every method to make the other party worry. He threatened me with backing out. Then, is he not worried? He backed out of one hundred stores. How big is his loss? Is he not worried about missing out on Fang Yi’s rare opportunity to improve their performance? As long as you lead him to worry about this, you can take the initiative to lead him around.” Lu Zhang gave a light "huh" sound. In fact, it wasn't as if he hadn't seen other people negotiate before, but, with Mu HanXia's careful explanation, it seemed as if he really didn't. He only felt that his heart was very comfortable and he listened in. He rubbed his nose, smiled, and asked, "What about the hidden cards?" "The hidden card..." Mu HanXia also leaned back in her chair, her long legs crossed and her high heel slightly swinging in the air. "The hidden card is that our "Yue Jia" plan is especially good. It definitely can be successful. So, if he really wants to back out, then just leave. I don't put that much value on them. There are more than enough people that want to join." Lu Zhang froze for a bit and laughed, "After all this time, you're still being harsh!" http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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