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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer The next manufacturer's representative came in. Mu HanXia let Lu Zhang to host as she sat aside. Lu Zhang had never been involved in such a concrete work affair before. He originally considered it to be a very simple matter, but watching the other party sit down politely yet with caution while Mu HanXia sat upright silently to the side, he suddenly felt quite embarrassed. There was almost the feeling of an elementary school student whose teacher was doing a spot check on their homework. The other party looked at him: "...Hello." Lu Zhang: "Hello." The old eyes stared at the young eyes. Mu HanXia coughed lightly. Lu Zhang glanced at her and suddenly smiled. The lazy young master energy of his suddenly came out all at once. Leaning back in his chair, putting his hands together, he said, "Manager Xue right, It is like this. I am the director-general of Fang Yi corporation's commercial real-estate business department, Lu Zhang. I'm also the son of Lu Dong. You understand." Manager Xue and Mu HanXia both stared at him at the same time. Lu Zhang extended his hand to point at Mu HanXia and said, "The other manufacturers were all talked to by our vice-chief Mu. There's only you! You are the only one who I, the director general, have personally come to discuss with. So, you only have to say one sentence. Will you, or will you not give this face?" (T/N: Face=respect, dignity, honour, etc. If you read a lot of Chinese translated novels, you will soon pick up this phrase.) Other party: "……" Mu HanXia: "..." Almost unable to not laugh, Mu HanXia looked at Lu Zhang thinking, Status and position difference is indeed a commonly used method in negotiations. Even without a teacher, Lu Zhang knew to use this card. It can also be considered as... children's teachings. In the end, this manufacturer really was talked into it by Lu Zhang in this manner. At this time, the setting sun had already disappeared into the west. Mu HanXia washed a box of cherries and sat at the table to eat. Lu Zhang entered. Seeing it, he grabbed one and threw it into his mouth. "Sour..." He frowned and spitted it out, "How do you eat it?" "It's okay." Mu HanXia replied, "I quite like this sweet and sour taste. I don't like it when it is too sweet." With a disgusted expression, Lu Zhang didn't grab anymore. After a while, he lifted his chin towards the window and said, "Will Feng Chen do anything?" Mu HanXia replied: "They won't do anything. You can just relax and follow me to complete this." Lu Zhang gave her a strange look: "How do you know?" Mu HanXia was silent for a while and said, "Don't worry about it." From the beginning, Lu Zhang wasn't a person who liked to worry. If she didn't let him care, then he truly did stop thinking about it. He glanced at the clock on the wall and said, "Master, we should go seek alms." (T/N: It's some joke that I don't understand) Mu Hanxia smiled: "I am going to go to the supermarket to buy something later. I will go home and cook to eat at night, so I won't accompany you to go begging. See you later." Lu Zhang made a light "tut" sound. Stretching a bit, he then walked out: "I (an arrogant form of "I") have worked so hard for so many days. I can finally resume my nightlife today." —— Today was the weekend. There are many people in the supermarket. Mu HanXia pushed a shopping cart and walked slowly between the shelves. Over these years, she has developed a habit of writing a shopping list in advance. She would then slowly pick the items one by one. Quiet, calm, just like her life. This way she will feel relaxed. Pushing half a cart of items, she walked out of two rows of shelves only to see, at a glance a man standing under the light ahead. Tall and thin, with a high-quality suit, he almost looked like Lin MoChen. She glanced twice. As a result, he turned around. Their two eyes stared at each other. His eyes seemed to lack a smile as he walked towards her. It wasn't easy for Mu HanXia to avoid at this time. She could only think that this is the largest supermarket nearby, it is not impossible to meet him occasionally. Lin MoChen walked in front of her and said quietly: "Have you come to shop?" Mu HanXia: "Yes, and you?" "I'm just casually buying some things." He replied. Glancing at her shopping cart, he saw the meat and vegetables and asked, "Are you planning to cook for yourself?" "Yes." Not knowing what to say, he reached for the shopping cart and said lightly: "I'll push it. What else are you going to buy?" Mu HanXia subconsciously held the car: "No need, I can do it by myself." "It's nothing." He said, "I also didn't take a basket." Mu HanXia had no choice but to let go. The music in the supermarket is very soft, and the voices of others are separated by the shelves on both sides. The two walked side by side, slowly. Mu HanXia never thought that there would be such a day where she and Lin MoChen calmly went shopping in the supermarket together. It was just like they were two ordinary friends who have not met for a long time. He raised his hand and threw in a few bottles of water from the shelf. "Is your work busy lately?" he asked. "It's not that bad." "When will you go to meet your former colleagues?" "After the end of this busy period." He smiled gently: "Okay." Going to the seasoning section ahead, Mu HanXia stopped and took things such as soy sauce, vinegar, and salt. Lin MoChen stood quietly to the side and waited. No one spoke. Mu HanXia's eyes were fixed on the shelves, but in her mind, she suddenly thought about the past when they had just fallen in love. Although they seldom met and were away often, they still had visited the supermarket several times. At that time, she always held his arm as the two talked and laughed along the way. Although he behaves coldly and arrogantly and never stuck together too much with her, occasionally, in a corner of the shelves that didn't have any people, he would also hold her and bow his head to kiss her. Mu Hanxia put the bottles and jars that she picked into the shopping cart neatly. After she was done, she raised her head just in time to coincidentally see him look at her. His eyes looked as if twilight had descended on them, quiet and dark. Mu HanXia suddenly understood that he must have also thought of the same past at that moment. She lifted her head, looked at the cash register in front of her, and smiled, saying: "Go checkout." "Okay." He replied behind her. Before reaching the cash register, Mu HanXia put her things up first and then took out her wallet. However, a quicker hand reached out faster and handed a card to the cashier: "Swipe this." Mu HanXia persisted in blocking him and handed the money to the cashier: "No need. Lin MoChen, I can do it myself." Lin MoChen glanced at her and suddenly took the money before holding her. Mu HanXia's heart jumped, but he had already handed his card to the cashier. He then said with a mild smile: "You don't have to be polite with me. In any case, I don't have any place to spend the money I have earned over the years. In the end, it will just rot in the bank." http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

Translator: Ailuropoda



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