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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer "In any case, I don't have any place to spend the money I have earned over the year. In the end, it will just rot in the bank." In different, deep, with a bit of a beating tone. So familiar. In an instant, Mo Hanxia seemed to see the 26-year-old Lin MoChen. But it was still different. The person in front of her has a more dignified, more abstruse side of the face silhouette. His temperament is more reserved. Still, he carried traces from those years. Those hands, just like before, like a prince, are fair and slender. He appeared to hold her hand very consciously. His bank card had already clearly been handed to the cashier, but he had still not released her. The cashier's expression was a little indescribable. Although they tried to remain calm, they couldn't help but start laughing again. As the cashier began to scan the goods one by one, Lin MoChen's hand slid down, as if he wanted to interlock their fingers. Mu HanXia instantly withdrew her hand. Although his hand fell on empty air, there was no particular expression on his face. Mu HanXia smiled and said, "Thanks. Then the next time there is an opportunity, I'll treat you (to a meal)." "Okay." He inserted his hand back into the pocket of his suit pants. After checking out, he was still pushing the cart when the two arrived at the door of the supermarket. This particular supermarket has a ground-level parking lot. Lin MoChen said: "Wait. I'll go get the car." Mu HanXia: "No need." There was only a single tall street lamp at the exit of the supermarket, and there weren't many people around at this moment. Under the lamp, He looked at her as a smile burst into his eyes. His hands released the shopping cart as he walked towards the parking lot. The items that he bought were still in her shopping cart. Without any better option, Mu HanXia could only stand where she was and wait. As soon as Lin MoChen had walked far away, she suddenly heard the sound of a car horn. Raising her head, she saw that the windows of the car that had been parked across the parking lot rolled down. Lu Zhang's face was revealed, his expression indifferent. In the instant that he saw her, he smiled: "Master, what a coincidence?" Today, He wasn't driving that conspicuous sports car but rather a BMW x6, so Mu HanXia hadn't taken notice of him before. Mu HanXia also smiled and pushed the cart over: "Why are you here?" Lu Zhang pointed to a big bag on the seat beside him: "I have come to buy a beer. Why do you stand here with such a sour face, who provoked you?" Mu HanXia glanced at him and smiled without answering. Lu Zhang did not seem to care to delve deeper and smiled at her again: "What are you still waiting for? Get in the car. I'll drop you off along the way." Mu HanXia lifted her head and glanced around. In the distance, behind a few rows of cars, there seemed to be a car backing out. She hesitated for a moment and nodded: "Okay." Lifting out her bag of things, She left Lin MoChen's things in the shopping cart, and she then pushed the shopping cart to the side of the road before getting on the car. Seeing that she was willing to get on, the smile on Lu Zhang's face deepened. Whistling, he stepped on the gas pedal and accelerated in a whirlwind. Mu HanXia took out her mobile phone. "Hey." "Hey." "I met a friend and left in his car." She said, "Your things are in the shopping cart. Just on the side of the road. You can see them when you drive by." Lin MoChen was quiet for a while before answering: "Okay." Mu HanXia: "Goodbye." Hanging up the phone, she felt relieved. Tilting his head, Lu Zhang shot her a glance. Ten meters behind a car, Lin MoChen drove his car to the entrance of the supermarket when he happened to clearly see a BMW driving out. At this moment, the window of the BMW suddenly rolled down, and someone extended their hand and made a thumb-down gesture. Lin MoChen looked at it with a silent expression. After a while, he actually started to slowly smile. Mu HanXia saw Lu Zhang opening the car window and asked, "What are you doing?" Without changing his expression, Lu Zhang said: "I'm dusting off the cigarette ash." Mu HanXia stared at his empty hand: "Where's the cigarette?" With a solemn expression, Lu Zhang said slowly: "In my mind." Mu HanXia: "..." Within a few minutes, the car reached her home. Mu HanXia smiled and said, "Thanks, good disciple." She carried her stuff and pushed open the car door. Unexpectedly, Lu Zhang also got out of the car. With both of his hands in his pocket, he made his way in front of her. Looking at her bag of stuff, he said: "Wow, You bought so much stuff. You are going to cook delicious things, yet you don't invite me to eat it together?" Seeing that he really did want to follow her in, Mu HanXia said, "How about next time." In fact, she didn't mind inviting friends to go to her home. But it is evening now. In the end, they are still a single man and a single woman. She felt that it was rather inappropriate. "The home is too messy. The next time, when it is cleaned up, I'll invite you and Feng Nan and the others to have dinner together," she said. Lu Zhang made a "tut" sound, but he did not insist and only said contemptuously: "You really are doing everything. Next time, I will spend money, and hire a maid to clean for you." http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

Translator: Ailuropoda



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