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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer Lu Zhang and Feng Nan leaned on a desk, face to face with their heads close together. The curtains were pulled tightly, and the door was closed. Lu Zhang's face was thoughtful: "Are you sure that she had a moment with Lin MoChen?" Feng Nan nodded: "Yes. Didn't you have me investigate Mu HanXia? On her resume, she clearly stated that she worked at Feng Chen six years ago. Furthermore, Lin MoChen made his first fortune in Lin City. I asked the executives of our Lin City branch and quickly found out. It is said that Lin MoChen did indeed have a girlfriend at the time who was precisely a company employee. The two people were just about ready to discuss marriage when the woman dumped him and went abroad. The news of this incident spread very widely at that time because Lin MoChen had reportedly been depressed for a while afterwards." After he finished speaking, he clicked his tongue twice: "I didn’t expect that the famous ChairmanLin is actually the clingy type. No wonder he has remained single for so many years." Lu Zhang rolled his eyes at him: "How is he infatuated? Looking at his upturned eyebrows, one look is enough to tell you that he is a scumbag, understand?" Feng Nan smiled. He didn't study the person opposite him, and he didn't know if what Lu Zhang said was ridiculous, but with a glance at the young master's face, he thought: You, yourself, have upturned eyebrows. Nevertheless, he did not dare speak out this train of thought. After Feng Nan went out, Lu Zhang leaned back in his chair and thought for a while before calling his father Lu Dong. As a result, right after hearing Lu Zhang's first few words, Lu Dong interrupted him: "I have known this matter for a long time, and HanXia has long told me this frankly. The matter between the two of them has long passed. What are you foolishly going on about? I know what you are worried about. Use your brain to think a little bit. Lin Mochen is such a powerful person. If his own girl doesn't want him, what hesitations do I have to use her?" "Oh……" "Let me tell you this, Lu Zhang I recruited Mu Hanxia to help with other important strategic arrangements within the corporation in addition to having her come to the business department to help you. You should stop blindly inquiring around, and you should stop making trouble for her. She is very Important. The matters that she will do for us in the future are also very important. You following her well will be the best!" Hanging up the phone, Lu Zhang tsked, but his mood inexplicably became better. The reason is simple. Although he has become more and more familiar with Mu Hanxia these days, he is still a bit cautious. With his status and position, the number of women who have approached him for various purposes over the years truly wasn't small. Most of them wanted to climb into this young master's bed. But, as his father said if Mu Hanxia didn't hesitate to leave Lin Mochen, how could it be possible for her to approach him for some purpose? Of course, he is younger than Lin Mochen and more handsome than Lin Mochen, but that is another matter. Thinking this way, Lu Zhang thought that this master was becoming more and more pleasing. Humming songs, he strolled into her office. At nine or ten in the morning, the sun in Mu HanXia's office was warm. Sitting behind the table, she was still dressed as simple yet elegant and professional as before. However, there were dark circles under her eyes. Evidently, she didn't sleep well last night. Usually, when Lu Zhang strolled in, she would give a little smile. Today, she just glanced at him and continued to work calmly. Lu Zhang thought that it must be because of that scumbag disturbing her last night that her mood was disturbed. Thus, he said unhurriedly: "Master, let me tell you, do you know what are the weaknesses of you women in the business world?" "What?" "Acting on impulse/emotion. In particular, a good horse should not/cannot eat the grass behind it." He glanced at her with a smile that was yet not a smile, "Not to mention, we are white dragon horses." (T/N: Brain teaser! Why is it that a good horse should not/can not eat the grass behind it.? Answer: Ambition, metaphorically moving forward, the grass behind it is all eaten up already Mu HanXia looked at him deeply and then smiled and said, "You don't have to worry about this teacher's matters." Lu Zhang: "Then, what should I do? Master, you are still a 30-year-old flower. There still will be bad people staring at you!" Even if it is Mu Hanxia, ​​it is inevitable that a woman's common problem can not be avoided, and she is unwilling for her age to be spoken out by others. She interrupted him: "Not 30, 29, I just turned." Lu Zhang smiled: "Yes yes yes, 29, not 30. A 29-year-old flower of a woman and you are also my master as well. Thus, you are one of the most precious flowers we have at Fang Yi. It's not like you can just pick the tallest, rich, and handsome man in Beijing. Hey, now that I think of it. I have a friend that is like you who also came back from the United States. He's 27, 28 years old. Appearance-wise, he can't compare to me, of course. But he is both tall and wealthy. If you are interested, we can make an appointment to meet ?" Mu Hanxia sat with her arms folded, not talking. Seeing this, Lu Zhang laughed very happily and said, "Our group's internal competition to find a partner is also successful. Oh, that's right, there are several single senior engineers in the residential real estate department, all of them are scholarly and honest, and they also make a lot. In Master’s hands, won't they be ruined by you? That's not good...” He showed an expression as if he were parting with his treasures: “Our family Feng Nan will do too! Although he's a little tender for you, he is clever and capable. Moreover, he is one of my people. Already trained for the future...it's a lively and obedient little horse in your hands..." Mu HanXia couldn't bear to listen anymore She grabbed the tissue box on the table and threw it at him: "Get out!" Against expectations, he stretched out his hand, caught it accurately, and then tossed it twice in the air. Then, he threw it aside, got up and walked outside. While walking, he smiled: "Master, have I persuaded you on the matters of love? That isn't good, not good at all..." After he left the room, Mu HanXia looked down at the documents for a while and suddenly laughed out loud. Lin Mochen's appearance last night, as well as his words, did indeed make her mood not good for the rest of the night. After calmly speaking his mind, he hung up the phone. Mu HanXa was left expressionless on the phone for quite some time. It was not a pleasant conversation. Almost out of conditioned reflex, she forcefully withdrew from him. He had talked harshly at times, but more often it was silent. ...... The noise that Lu Zhang did indeed sweep away the haze surrounding her thoughts. She was naturally a person with a bright and quick personality. And, over these years, she has been more decisive and unaffected in handling affairs. But, in the case of matters concerning Lin MoChen, she felt that she was living more and more like how she did when she had just reached her twenties when her feelings would affect her work. Immediately, she resolved to straightforwardly throw him aside and think about him for the time being. She then thought of Lu Zhang. In fact, when she had first arrived, she had also made preparations for the young master to be extremely difficult to deal with, but, these days, she found out that Lu Zhang was actually a very warm and simple person at heart. Just like his father. Mu HanXia made up her mind to help him and look after him well. Although he might not have much experience, he is clever and a bit tough. Although he sometimes likes to use petty tricks, from his eyes, it can be seen that his nature is pure and straight. Mu HanXia hoped to see this kind of person not suffer losses in the business world but rather live smoothly and brilliantly. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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