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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer In the next ten days or so, the "Yue Jia" entered a period of intense preparation. Mu HanXia put all of her energy into it. Lin MoChen did not appear again after that night. Lu Zhang was learning by Mu HanXia's side. From beginning to end, he followed the planning and construction of the new shopping mall. But, his laziness was still very stubborn. During one week, he would, at most, arrive three or four days. If he wasn't arriving late, leaving early, or skipping work, he would be feeling ill. Mu HanXia is now familiar with him and would scold and lecture him without a second thought. He naturally disregarded it. However, the subordinates were already quite amazed and overwhelmed---when have they ever seen the young master behave this obediently and diligently. He was only absent from work for a day or two a week now! Lu Zhang actually had no reason to not come. But, he was used to being lazy and free. He lived alone in a large house in the city center. In the past, he had been playing games, clubbing, and playing around with his friends practically every day. He truly was a bit unsuited to completely turning around to actively improve himself. Moreover, if he arrived at work every time that Mu HanXia called, he would lose some of his reputation amongst his friends. For Mu HanXia, ​​being busy had become the best way to regulate her life and mood--just like it was in these past years. She goes to work as soon as it dawns every day. At night, almost all the lights in thousands of buildings in her proximity went out before she finally returned to her apartment. Her mood had become so calm and fulfilling. Since returning to China, the series of shocks and impacts brought by Lin MoChen seemed to no longer disturb her heart Love is not necessarily the most important thing in a woman's life, no? She still has more important things to accomplish. Every night, there was only the solitary lamp in the Feng Chen building opposite her apartment that stayed on all night to accompany her. She now understands that the many small strands of fate in life and the many things that can bring you comfort do not necessarily come into your life. For example, some chance encounters with a stranger who helps you. For example, the sun that appears in the sky when it is cold. For example, this lamp that she saw every night. It made her feel warm, and it calmed her mood. It accompanied her and became a part of her habits. Yet, it wasn't aware of this, and no one else knows either. —— Sun Zhi actually feels quite guilty these days, because he had been continuously taking the company matters to find Lin MoChen. But, he also had no method. From autumn 2014 to spring 2015, the stock market skyrocketed continuously, and the company's investment business was also immensely profitable. But, the period after an excessively smooth period of rising share prices, always makes people feel anxious, just see the 2008 stock market crash. Feng Chen's investment strategy has always been relatively stable. In the past few months, other companies have also not made any big actions. Feng Chen’s internal investment seminars have opened one after another. They have conducted round after round of analyses of various major economic data to control the future momentum of the economy and stock market. But in the investment market, that's it. A specialized analysis is certainly important, but when it comes to a big turning point, it often depends on the leader's intuition, courage and determination. Sometimes a key decision is the difference between life and death of the entire company. Even a company as strong and robust as Feng Chen still faces such pressures. What's more, the leadership of Feng Chen needs Lin MoChen's assistance in decision-making not just where to go for their investment business. Feng Chen has been able to do well all these years by relying on flexible and accurate adjustment of the direction of their strategies. This has always been inseparable from Lin MoChen's unique insight in strategic decision-making and his courage in execution. In these past few years, the economic situation has changed too fast. The most remarkable feature is that e-commerce has become an important pillar in the economy. The next step of the Feng Chen Corporation should focus on what kind of adjustments and innovations are needed, and it is very important to rely on Lin Mochen's insight. Sun Zhi also whispered to Zhou ZhiSu: "Director Lin was originally on vacation, yet we are dragging him to a meeting every day. That isn't really good is it?" Zhou ZhiSu, on the contrary, was indifferent and said, "It doesn't matter. Looking at Director Lin's personal matters, there doesn't seem to be much progress recently. Otherwise, he wouldn't be staying in the headquarters every day. His time is expensive. If we are wasting it if we don't use it." Sun Zhi: "..." There was no need for Zhou ZhiSu to say this. Even a blind person would be able to see this. This day, after work, Sun Zhi went upstairs to find Lin MoChen without a better option. Sun Zhi considered himself a man that was good at using tactics. Although Fang Yi Corporation is not enough to challenge Feng Chen, no matter whether it is inside Fang Yi or its suppliers, Sun Zhi more or less had some spies. These days, the spies have reported the situation of Fang Yi's preparations for YueJia Mall. Everything was reported over. Sun Zhi reported to Lin Mochen in full. But, their own shopping mall in the same location still does not take any defensive measures. They didn't even do the conventional buy 1000 get 100 off (in RMB) sales promotion. They just remained like this, naked, waiting for Mu HanXia to come to slaughter them. Sun Zhi even suspected that Lin MoChen listened to him to report this situation only to grasp the current situation of Mu HanXia. For example, how did she do this, is her daily workload too large... The interior of the business suite was just like Lin MoChen's style. It is cold, simple, and cold in hue. Lin MoChen and Sun Zhi were sitting on the sofa, drinking tea. Lin MoChen looked very calm--calm without a single disturbance. There was absolutely no trace of a setback visible. But, Sun Zhi knew very well that he was good at self-control. These years, he hid his anger and joy even more. Probably, only in front of Mu HanXia, there would be a difference? The two are superior and subordinate as well as friends for many years. Sun Zhi did not shy away and asked with concern: "Regarding Mu HanXia, ​​what are your plans now?" Lin MoChen replied: "There is no other plan. She doesn't want to turn back. But, I must make her turn back." Sun Zhi sighed in his heart. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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