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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer In recent years, Lin Mochen's living habits have actually been quite irregular. He is always travelling everywhere for business. In the beginning, it was around the whole country. Afterwards, it was to many different countries. He grew accustomed to sleeping late, and, most of the time, he works overtime. Sometimes, even when there is no need to work overtime, he still will work until one or two in the morning before sleeping. But, he wakes up very early, always waking up after five o'clock. He lied quietly in the bed for a bit before getting up. Then, he would read the news, read a book, or just start working. Everyone around him knew that he is a workaholic. Actually, he, himself, is not a boring person. He has a wide range of knowledge and experience and is sharp and entertaining when conversing and good at social communication. He would never be stiff and cautious when dealing with women. Most of the time, his every move, status, appearance, and demeanour attracted the attention of many women. But, he never approached them. They were bold like moths to a fire, that approached, but he directly retreated coldly. Although he grew older and his personality became more reserved, the power of his poison tongue did not diminish. People who have been entangled and caused to cry from his words exist. Over the years, he has made himself into a true solitary man. But, he was very clear-headed and knew very clearly that this is the life he wanted. He had been a stubborn and independent person since he was a teenager. With regard to Mu HanXia, after she left him, he was even more this way. She changed him and also his life. He almost never mentioned her to anyone, but her name has always been on Feng Chen's precious list of founders. He wouldn't think of her at every second, but he would think of her every day, month after month, year after year, in the dead of night. Every memory related to her, as they were engraved in his brain, becomes clearer, revealing every detail. Sometimes, he even felt that they hadn't been separated for a long time. Because, whenever he thinks of her, he will not feel that she is unfamiliar. But, he knows very clearly that time here is at a standstill. However, on her end, it isn't. In a foreign country, she is studying, working part-time, seeking employment, travelling...every year is different. He knew that her life was accelerating in maturing. Is there only love for her in his heart? Not really. There are also grievances. Whenever those feelings of longing grew stronger, approaching when he is least guarded, he would have a hard time remaining calm. When Feng Chen went public, he thought he would catch traces of her nostalgia or attention. After all, she is that type of person with heavy emotions. However, there wasn't. She has never appeared in any place related to Feng Chen in China or abroad; after enduring silently for three years and forcing Zhang Yifang's Rongyue Corporation to retreat from the southwest district, he asked Burt to reveal the news to her. However, when she heard it, she was only silent. She didn't ask a word about him, and she never looked back at him. When Feng Chen apparel was crowned the domestic sales champion, she wasn't there; when he won his first large victory in the investment market, she wasn't there. When he was deeply drunk after drinking celebration wine, she wasn't there; when he suddenly left Feng Chen and left the country, she wasn't there either. He even hates her sometimes. He hates her for walking away so decisively, hates her for actually never coming back, hates her for making him unable to let go. Now that she has come back, he actually already has a vague guess about her thoughts, but he didn't want to think deeper. If she didn't want to look back, he would make her look back. She didn't want to face the past, but how could she let him wallow in the past alone? ... Sun Zhi said again: "Yue Jia Mall is expected to open in two weeks, very quick." Lin MoChen's arm rested on the armrest of the sofa, his eyes were calm: "It is too fast." Sun Zhi was startled. "The establishment of a new mall with a new model will inevitably require a lot of exploration, breaking-in, and adjustments. Yet, she is about to finish establishing it in just a month. This can only mean one thing--before she returned to China, this thing was already planned and prepared for with Lu Dong. Many preparations have already been done secretly." Lin MoChen said. Sun Zhi asked: "Why?" Why do they do it like this? Lin MoChen smiled and said, "She is the person that I brought up. The way she executes things is all like me. Since she planned this step in advance, she must have arranged three, five, ten steps behind it..." After a pause, he said: "She must have a comprehensive plan to hide her true purpose deeply." Sun Zhi sighed in his heart when he heard this. These two people were really...It seemed that if they weren't together, he, as an onlooker, would feel pain. But, Lin MoChen was slightly distracted. He thought of Mu HanXia's retreat from love these days. Naturally, she would not mention even a word about business matters. Is she also guarding against him in her heart? Sun Zhi asked: "Then what are we going to do now?" "She must have her own reasons for doing these things. And, she will not come to attack Feng Chen." Lin MoChen replied, "Let her work freely." Sun Zhi was quiet for a while and suddenly asked, "Let me ask a question. When she graduated these years and when you also went to the United States, why didn't you go find her?" Lin MoChen remained silent without answering. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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