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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer In the blink of an eye, the weekend arrived, and Mu HanXia did not arrange work for herself and Lu Zhang. It was now the season of spring warmth and blooming flowers. Naturally, Lu Zhang is restless in his room and has arranged to go fishing with a couple of his friends. Once he got off work on Friday, he ran to ask Mu HanXia: "Master, Seeing you by yourself all weekend is quite depressing. I'll take you to go play. They all are young people, and you will feel that you become younger." As she tidied up her things, Mu HanXia replied: "Not going." Lu Zhang: "That's so boring..." "I have already made arrangements for the weekend to meet my friends. I also will take two days off next Monday and Tuesday." Lu Zhang rolled his eyes and said bluntly, " You aren't going to go see that scumbag of an ex-lover right? Master, you have to save your breath." Mu HanXia lifted her eyes to glance at him. Since the start, she didn't like to mention the matters regarding Lin MoChen to anyone. And, the people who knew the inside story tried their best not to mention it to her. On the contrary, Lu Zhang always bluntly poked and jabbed at this person, but, contrary to expectations, because of his frankness, she didn't seem to feel any stagnant sourness in her heart when she talked to him about Lin Mochen. "It's not him, it's other friends." She replied, "Why are you like a controlling mother-in-law? Why does me meeting other people involve you" Lu Zhang chuckled: "Aren't I doing it for your benefit. You came back from simple, plain America. I'm afraid you sought the way of our great, celestial people. The current social environment is not as simple as in previous years. Go try to help support an elderly man on the street? Even I, as the crown prince of Fang Yi, don't dare to help. Then, go try to randomly make a charitable donation. You will be cheated in a minute... Mu HanXia didn't bother to pay attention to his chattering and just carried her bag and left, leaving Lu Zhang where he was. Watching her walk away, he whistled once and blindly walked around her office once in a circle before he also left. Mu HanXia did not lie to Lu Zhang. Today, after work, She precisely came to the Beijing airport to pick up someone. The twilight hung low, and the airport was brightly lit inside. She waited for a long time at the pick-up gate until nearly all of the passengers on this flight from the United States had left. Only then did she see two nurses pushing a wheelchair slowly walk out. The man in the wheelchair seemed to be a bit plain. He was wrapped in a thick blanket. His exposed hands were so skinny that they seemed to have no meat on them. His head drooped as if he was asleep. Mu Hanxia walked up quickly. Squatting down in front of the wheelchair, she looked over him carefully. The nurse whispered, "Miss Mu, he fell asleep on the plane." "How was the situation along the way?" "It was pretty good." Mu Hanxia nodded and said, "The hospital car is in the parking lot. Let's go over." —— The sky was already dark, and thick layers upon layers of clouds had accumulated over Beijing. Here was a quiet and tidy ward. Mu HanXia was sitting next to the bed. With a lamp beside her she was reading a book. Finally, when the man on the bed moved, she put down her book, leaned her head over, and waited for him to open his eyes. The moment their eyes faced each other, both of them smiled. "Tanned?" Zhang Zi reached out and touched her hair. "Screw you. You don't even say nice things when we meet." Mu HanXia took one of his hands and held it gently "How do you feel?" "Very good." He replied, "It's a pity that I fell asleep on the plane. Otherwise, I can see what Beijing looks like now." "In a few days, I will accompany you to see." The two were silent for a while, and he asked, "Is everything going well?" Mu HanXia replied: "Sure, don't worry about it, leave everything to me." He nodded. Those clear, bright eyes then looked directly at her with a hint of urgency: "Have you made peace with Lin MoChen?" Mu HanXia was quiet for a moment: "No." Zhang Zi's eyes revealed a little pity: "I thought you two would reconcile quickly and be together soon." After Mu Hanxia was quiet for awhile, she said, "Why does everyone think I should be together with him? Even you think so. But, before I came back this time, I really didn't think there was still any possibility with him. I thought this feeling would just rot in my heart, buried, just buried like this..." https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

Translator: Ailuropoda



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