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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer "He still loves you deeply, right?" Zhang Zi asked. Mu HanXia was silent again, then nodded: "I think... yes." "Then, do you still love him?" Mu HanXia raised her eyes and looked at the dark and deep night outside of the window. Still love him? This is really a difficult question. She was alone in a foreign country, planning and pushing for millions of projects under the discriminating eyes of suspicious foreigners; she returned to China alone to undertake the burden of Fang Yi's business department, all without any hesitation. But, as to whether she loves Lin MoChen or not, she truly couldn't find the answer. "If..." she said slowly, "When I see this one person, I only feel an aching pain without any sweetness. Even if I recall the memories from the beautiful times, there is still no sweetness. If he makes me feel so familiar and yet so unfamiliar, do you say that I still love him or don't? Even if there truly is still love remaining, he still makes me feel insecure. I once wanted to believe that he would stay with me for the rest of my life, but it is too difficult for me to believe in him now. Should I believe in him once more? How can I go believe in him once more? Will this time let me down?" Zhang Zi smiled and looked at her gently: "Carol, I can't help you find the answer to this question. You and I are both inexperienced in love. We both have only loved one person. Right?" Mu HanXia nodded. Zhang Zi talked again, "But, you shouldn’t stop and not move forward because of hesitation. Compared to me, you are so lucky. If God could keep her alive, I am willing to exchange everything for it. You once loved him so much. You told me once that he is your only true love in this life. Later, your studies got busier and your work got more and more tiring, so you didn’t say anything more. In later years, I didn’t even hear you mention him. But, is he really no longer in your heart? Carol, be a bit braver, don’t let that unlucky man be lonely until death like me. If you’re not sure about whether you love him or not, then make sure. If you don’t know if he is still worthy of your trust, then try to trust, give him a chance. It's also giving yourself a chance. Is that good, my most important friend?" Mu HanXia's eyes were moist, and she squeezed his hands and said, "You won't die. He...he is not as infatuated and gentle as you. I will think about what you said again." —— Today, Mu HanXia drove a car provided by the company. On the way back from the hospital to her residence, she was a little absent-minded. It was already deep into the night, and there were no pedestrians in the surrounding. She drove along the street lights to her residence. From afar, she saw a black Cayenne with a al8m29 license plate. The person she was thinking of just now was leaning against the car. The faint light of the streetlamp drizzled down, dispersing upon reaching him. Mu HanXia looked for a long time before stopping the car in the parking space. He also lifted his head and looked over. When Mu HanXia got out of the car, his car was parked at the entrance of the building. Naturally, they met head-on. He smiled: "You're back?" Mu HanXia let out a sound of agreement. Today, he is wearing a dark grey coat with a black sweater underneath. His short hair was slightly messed up by the night wind. Standing in the spring night, he had a particularly prominent silhouette. His face was calm as if the call a few days ago had never happened. He handed over a paper bag in his hand to her: "These are the cherries Sun Zhi's wife, herself, grew, they had me to bring it to you." Mu HanXia didn't receive it: "Why should they entrust you to bring it?" The two pairs of eyes met. His eyes reflected the quietness of the night scene. "I live close by," he replied. "Where do you live?" Mu HanXia asked. "On the top floor of Feng Chen, there are several suites." Mu HanXia raised her eyes and looked behind him. At this moment, at that large Feng Chen building, at that particular position, that lamp was turned off. She was silent for a while, avoided his eyes, and reached out to take the cherries: "Thank you." "You're welcome," he said. "Then I'm going upstairs," she said. "OK, good night." "Good night." He kept watching her as she walked into the building. After a while, the light in her house turned on. Only then did Lin MoChen get into the car, but he didn't start the car. Instead, he sat quietly for a while before finally smiling. After Mu HanXia went home, she took a shower. When she came out, the first thing she saw was the bag of cherries on the table. She picked some out, washed them clean, leaned on the bed, and ate them slowly. Cherries are very sorry but also very sweet. When she raised her head, she saw that that lamp in the Feng Chen Building was on. She looked at it quietly. Good night, sweet dreams. She whispered in her heart. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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