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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer In the early morning, the mist has not yet dispersed. Mu HanXia went downstairs wearing a mask and sportswear. The horizon exposed a soft, golden light. but the light on the ground was still dim. Running had already become a habit for many years. Her pace was very even and vigorous. She ran out of the neighbourhood along the high-rise buildings of the Beijing business district and along the small public square at a constant speed. Her mood now was also the most peaceful and pleasant that it will ever be throughout a day. At this moment, she saw a man slowly appear on the opposite side of the road. He was wearing dark grey sportswear and black sneakers that were all visibly completely new. Not wearing a mask, he didn't run fast or slow. His face slowly emerged from the fog, and, in an instant, their four eyes met. As always, his eyes were calm. Mu HanXia ran past him. "Morning," he said. Mu HanXia: "Morning." The two brushed past each other. Mu HanXia understood that Lin MoChen was the type of person who had a lot of means to determine plans and then act. When he used this in love, it had originally been indomitable. But knowing that he purposely came to run into each other, she couldn't help but think of her past with him. She thought of that short period when they were living together. Back then, she would still go for a run every morning, but he never went. He was the only man Mu HanXia had been with day and night. At that time, she was baffled, how come men and women are so different? He always could sleep well. He always slept until the alarm clock rang several times before he got up with a calm face. Only after washing his face did he fully become awake. Of course, he is a very self-disciplined person. If he has to start at three in the middle of the night because of work, he will still get up at that time no matter what time he went to bed the night before. But, it is really true that he can really sleep. Sometimes, the two of them sleep very early on a weekend. The next day, he can still sleep until almost nine or ten before he gets up refreshed. Maybe, it was because he was still a young guy at that time, so he was still greedy for sleep, right? These days he lives in the Feng Chen building, and she has never met him on a run. Could it be that today is the first time he got up early for a run in so many years? Step by step, Mu HanXia treaded on the sunlight on the path, slowly slowing down. She is about done running for today. She suddenly remembered that, when she was abroad, she ran along the riverbank every day. For a while, there was also a young Chinese guy who followed every day. And then? Then, on the day that the person finally confessed, she refused directly and then ran super fast, leaving the person dumped behind. At that time, she was running violently fast as if she was hiding from a ghost. What was she thinking about? She thought that probably no one would run with her in this life. She even thought to herself mockingly that even if she hadn't broken up with Lin MoChen, there still wouldn't be anyone. Because he never runs... Right as she was thinking this, Lin MoChen ran over again, having already completed one lap. The sun had come out of the clouds, and the outline of his figure appeared especially clear. Black, cold, and firm eyebrows accompanied a white, clear, face. The two approached each other step by step when he gradually stopped. "Did you finish running?" he asked. Mu HanXia: "Yeah." He panted slightly, propped his hands on his waist, took a look at his surroundings, and said: "The air quality here is too bad, you'd better not run here in the future." Mu Hanxia took off her mask, wiped her sweat with the towel that was on her shoulders, and said, "There is no other place to go, and I don't like using a treadmill at home." On the road nearby, there were cars endlessly passing by. This particular road has already become noisy. He said: "It's not that there is no other place to go. Three kilometres away from here is Wang Xing park. If you think that's good, we can drive there together in the future." Mu HanXia looked at the shadow under her feet, smiled, and said, "We can talk later." "Okay." He looked at her and said. The two were silent for a while as they walked back side by side. After being farther away from the road, it was quiet. The skyscrapers remain still as some birds fly by in the sky. When she arrived at the gate of her neighbourhood, he asked, "Have you had breakfast?" Mu HanXia replied: "Not yet. I have porridge cooked at home." He stopped his footsteps and smiled suddenly, saying "I haven't eaten home-cooked porridge for a long time. If you cook too much someday in the future, I can go upstairs to eat." Mu HanXia replied softly: "Sure." https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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