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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer In fact, he was not difficult to recognize. He has not changed much, still tall and strong with a square and tough face. He wore a well-ironed black jacket seven years ago. Seven years later, he still wears a black jacket. Even when walking in the crowd, there is still the calm, elegant demeanor that a mature man would have. But, there are still changes. Mu HanXia watched him lower his head, light a cigarette, cross the street, and walk over. Several white hairs grew on his head, and the wrinkles around his eyes were more obvious. He also walked a bit slowly. His face was dull, and he seemed to have lost the high-spirited feeling from his thirties. The two were only a few meters apart. At this moment, he took a breath of smoke, raised his head, and his eyes calmly swept past her. Suddenly, his gaze stopped and returned to her body. Separated by pedestrians, she was sitting and he was standing. Once, she was a small clerk who was forced to despair by him. And, he was the man who held authority who tried to cover the sky with only one hand. Mu HanXia looked at him calmly. Meng Gang stared at her for a few seconds before suddenly extinguishing the cigarette and throwing it away. Then, he looked away as if he hadn't seen her, walked past her, and walked away. Mu Hanxia was slightly startled. She didn't really expect that Meng Gang would react like this when seeing herself. Although there was a grudge between the two, in those years, Meng Gang was still able to sign her resignation documents indifferently. He even confronted her, sneering at her for being too naive. But, now, he doesn't seem to want to look at her at all? Moreover, although YueYa's performance wasn't so good, and they had to close quite a few stores, there were still some larger stores that are standing strong. With Meng Gang's connections, it shouldn't be difficult to take up a post in other big stores. But, now he seems to have fallen to this kind of supermarket. Isn't he not doing so well? —— The afternoon sun shines clearly. Mu HanXia walked slowly along a small street, looking at the house numbers all along the way. Finally, she arrived in front of a small canteen that looked a bit dirty. Its tables and chairs were also not neatly organized. A woman was sitting behind a small counter. Her long hair was a bit messy and a little dry. It was noon, but there was not a single customer in the shop. She lowered her head, swiping her phone. Mu HanXia quietly called: "He Jing." He Jing's hand stopped. She raised her head, looked at her, first startled, and then there was a burst of brilliance in her eyes, and she stood up all of a sudden: "Ah, Xia!" Mu Hanxia put the gift she brought for her on the side chair, walked over, reached out and hugged her. Both pairs of eyes were wet. Since her close friend had returned, He Jing did not hesitate to close the store. There was not any business, anyway and brought her to her home. He Jing's house has not been demolished yet, and it was still in the same place. The two walked up a narrow alley filled with small advertisements on the walls. Slightly embarrassed, He Jing said: "I still live in this kind of place. Please pay attention to your feet. Pay attention to your feet to make sure your shoes don't get dirty." Mu HanXia's heart felt a little uncomfortable, and she smiled and said: "What is there to pay attention to, isn't your home basically the same as how my home was?" He Jing laughed all of a sudden and said, "Ah, Xia, how come your manner of talking is still the same as before. You made a trip around the ocean, but you still haven't become a bit more mature!" Mu HanXia smiled without saying a word. God knows how long it has been since she has spoken in such a carefree tone. It has been a long time. Mu HanXia knows a little about He Jing's recent situation. After two years of marriage, she divorced again. No kids. She thought that that man probably didn't treat He Jing well. Otherwise, with He Jing's sincere and upright character, they would not get divorced easily. He Jing's house is small and also chaotic. There seems to be no difference from what Mu HanXia remembered. Mu HanXia sat down in the velvet sofa that had a hole in it. He Jing took out a disposable cup, poured a glass of water to her, and asked: "Have you decided on where to stay tonight?" Mu HanXia glanced at her and said, "You want me to make a reservation? You won't even lend me your bed to sleep in ?" He Jing smiled again. Mu HanXia watched her raise her hand to straighten her hair. There were already a few very fine wrinkles around her eyes. Mu HanXia took her hand and sat her down with herself. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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