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2: And then, Once Again. In this world, there were three kinds of verses in addition to the male and female gender— Alpha, Beta and Omega. Alphas possess biological superiority, both male and female Alphas were existences that reigned supreme amongst the three verses. Around 7 per cent of the population was Alpha, and in the business and political circles, not to mention sports, entertainment and the arts, they were more-or-less the verse that was at the top of the industry. Many look gorgeous with an eye-catching appearance. Regardless of whether they were male or female, they possessed special genitalia that could make their partner pregnant. Alphas are only born between Alpha and Omega Couples. The chances of one being born outside of this were next to none. Born from fated pairs, the Alphas called ‘Kikōju’ was a special existence even amongst them. Betas referred to extremely ordinary men and women whose sex type matched their primary gender. Envious of the Alphas’ talents, fascinated by the Omegas’ charm, they were the most common type of Verse. Most of the time Betas became couples with other betas, giving birth to beta children of their own. Even if they got together with an Alpha or Omega, the child born would almost always be a Beta. The Omegas were a special existence amongst the three verses. Their type wouldn’t become apparent till adolescence. They would experience an estrus, also called a Heat, which would reveal them to be an omega. Children born from an Alpha and Omega were called ‘Mutes’ till they were adolescents. It held the meaning of ‘Nothing’, without any colour of their own. It was to give a name to those who themselves did not know whether they were a charismatic Alpha or a detested Omega. Kento too was a Mute till the summer when he turned 13. If one experienced an Estrus (heat) during spermarche or menarche, they would be an Omega. Not knowing their verse till their instinctual Estrus came was a fate imposed upon Alpha and Omega children. On top of it, the pressure to become an Alpha was great. An Alpha would but of course wish for an Alpha child. That was why many had Alpha children from relationships with Omegas other than their partners too. With a population of a mere 5 percent, Omega, despite being detested by society, were highly desired by Alphas, being the only ones who could birth an Alpha. Due to these complex circumstances, in present-day, many omegas hid their gender. It was to avoid unfair discrimination and being taken advantage of because of their gender. Amongst the police which Kento was a part of, because it was mandatory for one to state their gender during registration, there weren’t any people who hid their gender, but the policemen and staff who would be colleagues of the omega would all regularly use hormone stabilisers and during heats, use sex pheromone stabilisers. The problem wasn’t just the estrus. Even male omegas could become pregnant. It wasn’t far to say that that was what an Omega’s life’s destiny was. Kento himself did not dislike the fact that male Omegas could become pregnant, but many amongst the male omegas themselves loathed this fact. In the case of men, once they experienced a heat, a pseudo-uterus would develop in their rectum, enabling them to become pregnant. And, if they did not use suppressants in this situation, they would be overwhelmed by strong lust. They would be unable to endure, desiring an Alphas body. They would have no control over their senses. It was as if a pheromone switch embedded in them was suddenly forcefully switched on one fine day. As that discomfort did not completely disappear even after having medicines, Omega regularly used suppressants and if in the police, take an estrus leave. Heats occur once every three months and go on for around a week. And this function was the very reason they received the ire of the other verses. The pheromones of an Omega in heat were strong. Not just Alphas, even Betas instinct would become clouded over. Till their bodies recognised the suppressants, many could rape or abduct an Omega in heat. Many said they were a threat to the order in society, and movements to forcibly isolate Omega and even for their mandatory sterilization had occurred. In the present day, such discrimination had been removed, but the problems regarding fated pairs had not yet been resolved. A bond between an Alpha and Omega was formed when the alpha bit the omega’s nape in the midst of sex. From the moment they became bonded, they would not feel any sexual urge towards anyone but their pair. Most Alpha and Omega pairs got married on top of forming a bond, and most of them lived a happy life. Kento’s parents were one of them. However, fated pairs had a different fate in store. Even after forming a bond with their fated pair, the Alpha could break the bond anytime they wished, have relationships with other verses, and even form a bond with another Omega. The Omega, on the other hand, would have the Alpha as their fated partner for their whole life from the moment their nape was bitten. Even after the bond was broken forcibly, they could not have sex with other people, let alone form a bond. The pain was by no means ordinary. Many Omega, on being thrown away by their fated Alpha, would choose to end their lives, unable to endure the pain. There were also inhumane Alphas whose sole aim was to sire a Kikōju, and would forcefully form bonds and only want to have kids, and once the deed was done, heartlessly break the bond. —Geez, why would someone do such a thing after they met their fated pair at long last...? It was a world that Kento, brought up in happiness, surrounded by his Alpha father and Omega mother; as well as his two younger Alpha and Omega sisters could never comprehend. —If I met my fated pair, I would treat them preciously for all my life. Meeting one was a miracle in itself. That’s why, if he ever met them, he would cherish them for his whole life. Lovingly form a bond and make them his. And then, have many kids and build a happy family. It didn’t matter if the children were a Kikōju Alpha or an Omega. He wanted to live every day with a smile, in mutual love and understanding. Kento imagined. “Oi, Komai. My bad, but could you clean the chief’s room?” The lieutenant Futomaki of Minatomirai-Rinkou station, where Kento worked, called out to him. Futomaki was a brave man who has tarted of as a non-career sergeant and worked his way up to lieutenant. True to his name, he was a 55-year-old with a characteristic round belly. [TL Note: Futomaki has the kanji for a thick roll of sushi. The ‘futo’ means fat.] “Okay, but why the hurry?” “A career police is coming.” “Huh?” “On the 31st of March, a career Superintendent will be appointed as the chief of this station. It isn’t just some ordinary career bureaucrat. It seems that the one this time is an Omega. “An omega career...that’s unheard of.” “Even I don’t understand it well. However, if something goes wrong, we’ll be in trouble. The National Police Agency has left the young career guy in our care. We have to send him back to the Agency safe and sound after 2 years.” “That’s right...” A Police Official(Career) despite still being a police officer, was different from Kento and the other. It meant those people who were the chosen elites from the National Police Agency. Kento was a non-career employed by the Kanagawa Prefectural Police; their starting point was different to begin with. In Kento’s case, he had to work the way up from a Police Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant to Captain. However, career bureaucrats began from Lieutenant. They could become Captain in a year and could become a superintendent in 7 to 9 years. The omega career bureaucrats in question to was one who had become a superintendent within 7 years of employment. The number of non-careers in a post above superintendent were next to none. It wasn’t far fetched to say that careers and non-careers had a completely different job despite being police officers all the same. “I’ll be making you an assistant once the new Chief comes so good luck.” “Huh?” He hadn’t heard of it at all. What was this about? “You’re young, and on top of it, you stand out by far from everyone else and have very good conversational skills. To the extent that we have all the information from other stations passed on to us through you; and you have good relationships with police officers from every section. You can smile at others always, no matter who it is. You’re the pleasant young man our station is proud of. It isn’t obvious, but you’re an Alpha, right? There no one more suited for this than you. I’ll leave it to you.” Futomaki patted Kento’s shoulder and went to the other policemen. “Even if you tell me to be an assistant...” He felt he’d been taken for a good ride and had some troublesome work pushed onto him, but he could not refuse the lieutenant’s orders. Certainly, the Police Department Kento was in was an administrative department responsible for human resources and accounting, and his job contents were diverse. This was a job similar to the so-called HR department or general affairs department in usual companies. This involved being an assistant to the chief and public relations, handling various kinds of information, and managing the suspects who were in custody in the detention cells. There are also other inspectors, and they were investigating cases involving police officers as suspects. To put it simply, it's was a place for matters regarding anything within its jurisdiction. “Ahh, let’s not blabber anymore, I’ll first clean up.” Kento carried the cleaning supplies to the Chief’s room.


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