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2: And then, Once Again. On the day he has to meet the new Chief, Futomaki called out to Kento. “Go to the prefectural head office to receive him.” “Understood. What time should I go?” “It seems that he will accept the appointment from the prefectural headquarters in the morning. We have planned for his inauguration ceremony as the new police chief of Minatomirai-Rinkou Station at 2 pm. Go to receive him by then, and serve him some snacks and tea in the Chief’s Office. Do it with sincerity.” “Got it.” Leaving the station, Kento headed straight towards the landmark tower. After thinking about what would make a good snack for tea, he bought some of Yokohama’s special Ariake Harbour. And taking the Road Number 133 to the Prefectural Headquarters, he came to the coast. The government office building of the Kanagawa Prefectural Headquarters was a 20-floor tall high rise building facing the sea. From the viewing gallery at the height of 83 metres, one could the view from the Yokohama harbour right up to Minatomirai. No doubt one could gaze at the Minatomirai-Rinkou Police station where Kento worked too. After showing his ID at the reception desk, he headed towards the elevator hall. His timing was good, and the doors opened immediately. The Chief of the Headquarters and a young uniform-clad man stepped out. The slender and fair man wore silver-rimmed glasses and had swept-back hair. Strangely though, he was a familiar face. When he thought of bowing to them as they approached, their eyes met. —Ah... A tiny sunflower seemed to bloom in the man’s eyes, —It was...the angel from that time. His hairstyle and atmosphere were different, but there was no mistaking he was the man at the park. The man’s spine was straight and he stood quietly. Comparing with the emblem on his service cap, one could discern how small his head was. One could see two lines in gold shine, indicating his rank. Under his uniform, he wore the stipulated dress shirt, with an elegant deep blue-grey tie around his neck. The shirt’s collars stood up crisp as if they were made of cardboard, and his uniform did not have a single wrinkle. —How beautiful. From his navy-blue cuffs with three buttons, pale hands peeked out. His eyes settled on his slender fingers. —It’s the hand from that time. As I thought, it’s beautiful. The air around him was different from others’. It was extremely pure and divine. As Kento spaced out, the Chief of headquarters called out to him. “Here to pick him up?” “T-Thank you for your hard work. I am Komai, head of the police affairs department at the Minatomirai-Rinkou Police station. I have come to receive the new chief today. All the policemen, including the lieutenant, are delighted to have you as the new chief. You will be in my care for today.” As Kento gave a swift bow, the man stepped closer. “Didn’t I say I don’t need anyone to receive me?” “Huh?” “I am not a kid. I can walk by myself from the Head Office to the Station.” “Um...” “Then, I shall come back for the report later. I will be in your care in the future too.” After a quick bow to the Chief of the head office, he proceeded to leave the building. Kento too similarly gave a quick word of thanks and rushed to chase the man. There was a tiny mine on his nape. As expected, it was the same man. “Please wait a minute!” He called out to the man as soon as he left the head office. “I will carry the luggage. Please let me show you the way. Because that is my duty.” “How stupid.” “Huh?” He was glared at by the man who turned back. His eyes seemed to blaze behind his glasses. —Hmm, how strange. Did I immediately screw up...? As he wondered what to say, he heard a sigh. “There’s a storm of customs and customs till I reach my jurisdiction. Geez.” “Um...” The man turned back and began walking briskly on the path along the coast. Kento chased those small shoulders. His slightly sloping shoulders were beautiful, different from his huge uniform. Thinking that he should introduce himself to ease tensions, he called out. “My name is Komai Kento. I am 27 years and have been employed for 5 years, and am currently a police sergeant. I have been assigned as the Chief’s assistant.” “...I do not need an assistant and the like.” Was he serious? But the lieutenant did request of him though. “Um...what is the Chief’s name?” “You don’t know?” “Of course I know it, but I wish to hear it from the Chief’s mouth.” “Sagisawa Norifumi, 29 years old, have been working for 7 years. My rank is superintendent.” Sagisawa slowly took out his police Identification handbook and took out a name card sandwiched between its pages. It was official regulation to keep a name card with one police identification handbook, but it was the first time Kento had seen someone follow it. “Here.” “T-Thank you very much.” He took it and looked at it. Below the ostentatious administrative post spread across two line was the name Sagisawa Norifumi. “As expected...It’s Angel...” “What?” “The name Norifumi can also be read as Tenshi(Angel). You’re an Angel after all.” [Note to whoever’s posting: stuff in the bracket should be ruby text] “Leave it!” “Huh?” "the way your brain is so open, I'm not good at dealing with that. There's a saying "bottomlessly bright," but it's really just the bottom has fallen out of it. In other words, a fool." “Saying I’m a fool...” “Why did you have to come here to receive me? I don’t get the meaning.” With those words he thought, he realised after all. He wanted to ask why he was in that park that day and why he disappeared without saying anything, but it would be rude to ask a private question right away. Wishing to convey his happiness at their reunion, Kento gave a grin. He had confidence in his smile. On seeing his face, Sagisawa gave a look of suspicion and raised an eyebrow. “...You’re tall.” “Ah, yes. My height is 186 cm. I’m the strongest in the station, I’m durable and run quick, and have the best fuel efficiency.” “Are you talking about a large truck or yourself?” Sagisawa quietly retorted. “Um, did you say something?” “No, nothing.” Kento was a good-looking man who looked good on police officers' ceremonial clothes, but unfortunately because of his friendly personality, was often compared to a dog. His smile was particularly unique, it was innocent, crumpled and cute. Since childhood, he had always been praised for his bright smile and white teeth. “Um, I too don’t understand quite well, but couldn’t you call this fate?” “Such a thing does not exist.” “Perhaps it is a trick played by fate.” “How can I stand being toyed with by god?” “You’re an Angel after all.” “Shut up.” Sagisawa seemed to be really angry. He felt him huff from his beautiful nose and unconsciously smiled. Somehow he think that figure is cute. Kento asked what he had been worried about since a while ago. “Chief, is your hair really natural perm?” Today's Sagisawa has a straight back style with his brown hair smoothed down tightly. It was a beautiful hairstyle that matched his small fair face and silver-framed glasses. “I saw it with my own eyes, your hair locks were big and round. It was cute, Chief’s natural perm.” “Hey, that natural perm...don’t say that again.” [TL Note: Natural curls(Tenpa) has the kanji 天 for angel. So you know why Sagisawa’s angry.] “Huh? Do you have a Natural Perm complex? The Angel-chan suits Chief’s air to a tee though. Wings growing, a halo on your head and trumpets blowing, it’s the usual. Ah, was that a seraph and not an angel?” When Kento was smiling, he was suddenly pressed at by Sagisawa. He was glared at from below at close quarters. What happened? He intended to praise, but did it offend him? “I have three things to say to you.” “Three things, I see. Go ahead, don’t hold back.” “You’re shitty positive or what?” “It seems so.” Sagisawa gave a disgusted look for just a moment, but immediately cleared his throat to clear out his emotions.” “Firstly, it’s regarding the police ID.” “Yes.” "At the Metropolitan Police Department and some prefectural police departments, it is mandatory to carry your Police ID handbook at all times. Possession in private is fine. However, on that day, you were not in possession of your handbook. Do you know what it means? " Kento nodded. When carrying the handbook, a strap called a swivel must be tied to a string sewn to slacks or an inner pocket of a jacket. Carrying it detached was prohibited. If your handbook was lost or picked up by someone, you would definitely be subject to disciplinary action. It is not as if you don't know. Your conduct shows a lack of awareness as a police officer. '' “I am truly sorry. I will be careful next time.” Kento earnestly admitted fault and bowed. "The second is about yours action on that day. The opponent wasn’t a single person. It is prohibited to act alone in such cases. You must report first and wait for backup. Lives can be lost to a single mistake.” “But the victim— you were injured.” “It was not a serious wound.” “That is...right.” He didn't think that he would be thanked for saving him, but he didn't think he would be scolded like this either. “...I lost one of my subordinates when I was in the district police bureau.” “Huh?” “He was stabbed by a knife outside of work at an izakaya while trying to stop a drunken brawl. Unfortunately, the blade hit his carotid artery and he died of a hemorrhagic shock. It was an instant death.” "Similar to you, he was a good man with a strong sense of justice. But it does not hold any meaning if you die. Police officers shouldn't die to a criminal case. Understood?" “Yes.” Listening to Sagisawa's words, Kento thought it was surprising. Careers were transferred between the National Police Agency and the prefectural police over a cycle of several years, and aim to rise up the ranks quickly. From his 20s, he returned to the National Police Agency after serving as the chief of the district headquarters and the assistant chief of the Prefectural Police Headquarters, including the Metropolitan Police Department. The prefectural police headquarters and district headquarters are just checkpoints for careers, and their subordinates were only mere pawns. Many carriers don't even consider them as subordinates. Nothing could be done other than thinking they worked in different phases, but he was glad that Sagisawa himself was thinking of the prefectural police headquarters and the people in the district police as subordinates. “Last thing.” “Yeah.” Sagisawa looked at him with seriousness. He felt a piercing gaze. “Could you stop with your casual way of talking?” When Sagisawa visited Minatomirai-rinkou station, the inside of the station was turned upside down in the fuss. With the arrival of The Omega career, everyone was both excited as well as terrified about what kind of man would come, but the police officers who saw Sagisawa were leaping with joy to see an angel at their station. Certainly, Sagisawa looked elite, but he was slender, fair and cute. The figure clad in a dark blue uniform on a small body was clean, divine and beautiful like a young priest. Sagisawa hid his sharp tongue when he entered the station, and greeted everyone with a gentle expression. The inauguration ceremony for the Chief, which began at 2 PM, was carried out at the auditorium on the top floor of the building. Sagisawa gave a briefing to nearly 200 police officers, and the speech was not customary words but Sagisawa's own words. — Let’s work hard to aim not for a top-down police organisation, but for a police station that is loved by the residents, a police station that can be relied on by the residents. I believe it is the duty entrusted to me to throw away the bigoted concept of class and verse and to bring a breath of fresh air to Yokohama Minatomirai. Originally, each person had been warned to spend two years quietly without causing any problems, and return him unharmed to the National Police Agency, but Sagisawa said that he wished to work the same as a police officer regardless of rank. They were sceptical, but something had changed. Kento truly wanted to believe in Sagisawa's words. At the same time, he realised that he was worth it. This mas was not your usual career bureaucrat. He was a real policeman with honesty and conviction. —Well, on the other hand he was also a violent black-bellied Angel. As he listened to the briefing, Kento‘s heart pounded at the hunch that the Omega's career would bring a new era.


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