3: Performing Duty “Chief, please have this. This is a Yokohama speciality, Ariake Harbour.” Sagisawa kept his eyes on the document, not sparing a glance at Kento. A week after taking up the post of Chief—. Kento worked hard as the Chief’s assistant and helped him out with various things. But his efforts were in vain as Sagisawa calmly worked by himself. Perhaps it was natural for a career, for Sagisawa's practical abilities were high and he worked at twice the speed of the former chief. Before he knew it, the pending documents that had been accumulated until now cleared up quickly. “Um, do you need me for anything?” He asked as he peeled off the wrapper of the Harbour. “Are you the spy of a sweets shop? Even peeling the wrappers yourself. Leave it there.” His tongue was sharp as ever. Moreover, this abuse was reserved just for Kento. For now, he took the documents attached to the clipboard to the office desk where Sagizawa was sitting and cleaned up the approved documents in an orderly manner. There were documents for electronic approval, but the police usually check in writing because there are too many documents and reports to follow. He cleaned the room in his spare time. He would change the water in the vase or clear the electric kettle “Last month's budget statement from the accounting section says that the bicycle safety class budget for elementary school students was raised by a few thousands of yen only last month. What does this mean?” “Ah, well, that’s.” Thinking he had a keen eye, Kento sighed. “It is Chirika-chan’s laundry charges.” “Chirika-chan? Who’s that?” In the bicycle safety class, a person in a cat costume named Chirika-chan participates as a coach, but the person inside— a young police officer from the traffic division got carried away and tried to show off acrobatic riding, and the bicycle crashed into pond in the elementary school playground. Thus sending Chirika who was caked in mud to a professional for cleaning, exceeded the budget. “You could at least wash a cat costume by yourselves. To begin with, what does it mean to crash into a pond on a bicycle? It is unbecoming of someone in the traffic police.” “Well, certainly that is true, but......the officer concerned received a warning from his superior and immediately wrote a written apology so please forgive him.” “Geez, what are they doing?” Kento felt as if he too was scolded and felt low. His shoulders slumped dejectedly. “......You’re just like a dog.” “Eh?” “Don’t act like a pet that was scolded by its master just by a word from me. Also, do not follow every single move of mine and feel down or get excited from just that. It feels disgusting.” “Ugh......” Saying it felt disgusting was harsh. As he clutched his chest, his voice came again. “Hey, I’m telling you to stop it. Don’t look at me with those big, round eyes and that face that screams ‘Yes Master! Do you need my assistance?’. Are you my pet dog?” “Pet dog......Well, perhaps I am that.” Sagisawa let out a long sigh. “You’re an Alpha. Not a Beta or Omega. Albeit a rotten egg, you’re still an Alpha.” “Um, please don’t call me a rotten egg just like that.” Alphas are top elite by nature. Isn’t it your job to give orders to the Betas below with an arrogant look? Yet, why are you making a face like a large obedient dog?” “I was born with this face so please excuse it.” “That’s not it. You’re good looking and handsome. But your expression is that of a dumb dog. I’m irritated.” “Even if you say that......” Maybe he was irritated because he was hungry. In that case, he should eat the Harbour. “With all due respect, isn’t it stereotyping me saying that I must be arrogant just because I’m an Alpha? Chief, just like you said in your inaugural speech, we must create a world where everyone can equally display their abilities regardless of their class and verse. I was deeply moved by it. Because of Chief’s words, that day, the scales fell from my eyes. I too want to bring forth a revolution with Chief.” “Say whatever you want, there’s a sandpit there.” "... Sure, I might be a dog from the land of ‘public servants’. But if I am a dog, I want to do my best as a dog. Just like Chief said, I want to become a police officer loved by the people and an ally of justice more reliable than anyone. I want to make Yokohama as well as Minatomirai the safest city in the world by putting in my efforts every day for the safety and peace of the citizens" "Is it a ‘My town’ essay written by an elementary school student?” “No, that’s not it.” " An ally of justice he says…… is he a policeman for dogs?" He muttered under his breath. " Huh?" " No, nothing." Sagisawa waved his hand. Even during the conversation, Sagisawa had approved three more documents. It seemed genuinely amazing. "Um……please take a break whenever as you wish. I'll go boil some tea." When Kento spoke, Sagisawa raised his head. "Um, I didn't say it, but I'm from Yokohama." "Huh? Is that so?" Kento who thought he was from Tokyo all this while was surprised. No matter how you looked he didn't look like he was a kid from the harbour. He wanted to test him. "Japan is an Island Country~ To the sea where the morning sun shines~” “Because Japan is a country made up of many islands~ Ships from all countries come~” He replied in song as soon as Kento sang the 'Yokohama City Song'. [TL Note: Here’s the song https://youtu.be/pGDGrZBr7tI ] "Ah, you're the real deal." "Were you doubting me?" "That's not it." "What sort of loyalty test is this? Geez." "Chief, you sing well. Next time, let's go to a Karaoke together." “I refuse.” He interjected with a refusal, nevertheless, the high pitch of his singing voice was comforting and cute.” His clear boy soprano made his chest tight. “Also I like the Kurofune Harbour.” Image: Kurofune Ariake Harbour “Huh, really? I’m glad. Our tastes match. Perhaps it really is destiny. I will prepare some Kurofune next time.” "Don't get carried away." Sagisawa was still expressionless, but the corners of his mouth showed hints of a slight smile


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