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3: Performing Duty Two weeks after Sagisawa became the new chief, an incident occurred. Last night, past 12 midnight, a Molotov Cocktail was thrown in Sagisawa's house, the Police Chief’s residence. Fortunately, a police officer who was exploring the surroundings of the public building discovered it and extinguished the fire, but the place was in an uproar. After receiving a report of the incident, the station struggled to confirm the safety of Sagisawa. However, Sagisawa was dining with an organisation established by a company in the Minatomirai area and was not at home. Sagisawa's inauguration ceremony was broadcast on various media and on television. Omegas were rarely hired as a career bureaucrat, and it was the first time that an Omega had become the chief of a police station, thus it was widely featured in the news. The appointment of a new chief was favourably received on the whole, and just as the officers at Minatomirai-Rinkou station breathed a sigh of relief, the incident occurred. “Anyhow, it’s good that the Chief is safe.” “Seriously, what does this mean?” “It may be the work of the usual antisocial organisations.” In the chief's office Sagisawa and Kento, as well as the deputy chief, Futomaki were present, as were the chiefs of the regional and security departments. Each of them was relieved to see the chief safe and were saddened to hear about the incident. “I believe it would be best for the chief to not stay at the official residence for some time.” Futomaki spoke, worry evident on his face. His expression betrayed his serious belief that he could not let the young career he had been entrusted with being hurt. If something happened to Sagisawa, Futomaki would also get the boot. It could not be settled as someone else’s business. “Do not worry. This is a mere threat. If the chief succumbs to this, it won’t do. If I flee, I won't be able to show the other police officers, no need to needlessly blow this incident out of proportion. It is a common occurrence. This was to be expected.” “But...” Futomaki sighed. “For some time, let us not skimp off on patrolling around the official residence, but still I’m worried. ...That’s right, Komai. Protect the Chief.” “Huh?” “You’ll be the Chief’s bodyguard. Unlike the on-call dormitory where you live, the chief‘s official residence has a bedroom for visitors, as well as a reception room that can fit up to ten people. It is perfect. The chief must not have been able to clear up after moving and preparing for his new life being so busy with work. Besides being a bodyguard, you can help him with that too.” “If the deputy chief says so, I will of course follow, but—“ Looking at Sagisawa's face, he seemed calm, but he could sense his extremely sharp tongue slowly rise. Other people did not know, but over the past few days, his skill in reading Sagisawa's expressions had improved. The eyes seemed to say ‘Give me a break! I don’t want us to live together!’. “That is a good suggestion. As expected of the deputy chief.” “That's excellent. I agree with the proposal. It is safer to have a bodyguard 24/7 than the patrols. Komai has a large build and high physical ability. He is a hot-blooded guy who has won the open-weight division of the National Police Judo Championship by defeating a tough opponent. There is no doubting the selection of the deputy chief” The section chiefs of the regional and security departments suddenly began flattering Futomaki. Shit, they climbed up the ladder just by beating the deputy chief's drum. Amazed by the section chiefs tactfully returning the compliment, he met eyes with Sagisawa. He saw he too had the same expression as him. Seeing Sagisawa flash a rare smile towards him, he felt his heart thump. He wondered what it was. His spine instinctively became taut. Perhaps after several days of Sagisawa’s training, his dog switch had been flipped. No, that wasn’t it. Sagisawa’s expression soon returned to normal, but his eyes still sought that smile. It overlapped with the smile from that day. His smile sure is angelic. It wasn’t something that turned the world upside down, but Sagisawa's smile shook Kento's heart. It was soft and warm like a feather, full of affection that made one wish to continue to gaze upon for all eternity. It was just like an angel's smile. Nevertheless, he thought it was a scam for him to have such a nasty tongue. While having the face of an Angel, he blew a poisonous trumpet and shot arrows laced with poison on a person’s weak points. There was also One-hit kill, which was something reserved just for Kento. While he felt a headache at the gap between the man's appearance and his personality, he could not refute any of the words' correctness. Sagisawa was pure, beautiful and righteous. Both his way of working and his way of thinking were clean. He should not have been beautiful. As he looked at Sagisawa, his heart was in an uproar. Many emotions were stirred unconsciously. He didn't know if that was Sagisawa's charm or attraction towards an omega, but he felt drawn in. Perhaps, he felt exalted seeing an unprecedented career bureaucrat appear. It was a good premonition, be it for Minatomirai Harbour station or himself. He respected Sagisawa’s self-confidence and dignified countenance, and his strong heart that did not yield to contemptible harassment from the bottom of his heart. If it was for Sagisawa, he would happily be his bodyguard 24/7, not minding the pain. “Komai, I‘ll leave it to you.” “Understood. I shall diligently follow my duty.” Kento left the Chief’s Office after giving a bow. Kento returned to his on-call dormitory to pack up for living in the official residence of Sagisawa. He stuffed suits, loungewear, underwear, and daily necessities into a cardboard box, and headed to the convenience store right after. He arranged for them to be delivered by tomorrow. He returned to the Minatomirai Harbour station soon after and continued to perform his regular duties. [TL/N: Some Convenience stores in Japan offer a package delivery service.] At 4:00 pm, he visited other departments and called out to them. He told them that he would help if there were detectives or staff in a deadlock with paperwork. A police officer's primary job is to write various types of reports. Even police officers on duty at the police box, always had more than ten documents while carrying on their daily duties. Some veteran detectives wrote such neat Record of Statements that they could become novelists. Kento was helping those staff members who had the documents piled up. Although it was a service that was completely overtime, doing paperwork for the Criminal Investigation Division was also research for the investigation of his own. “Komai-kun, come here.” “What is it?” “I’ll give it to you. You’re hungry, right?” Maruyama, the only female detective at Minatomirai Harbour Station, gave him a moon cake. In addition, Others also gave him chocolates and candy. In the same manner, while he helped others with work as he moved about, sweets were placed on his computer one after another. By the time he returned to the chief's office, there was a heaping. “Good work...Ah.” As he returned to the Chief’s office while holding the computer, the Anpan he received from Anzac from the Criminal Investigation Division fell to the ground. Flustered, he picked it up while exclaiming, ‘Detective Anzai’s Anpan!’. Seeing him so, Sagisawa clicked his tongue. “Geez...why are you always like that?” “Huh? What?” “It’s like this every day around this time, do you want to start a Candy shop in some time or what?” “No, you’re mistaken. ...Everyone is kind, they are worried that I will go hungry so they give me some Everytime.” “As I thought, you’re a dog.” “Huh?” “You wail your tail here and there, make yourself look lovable and get food. Your actions on top of your thorough understanding of your charm —It’s no doubt the work of a pro.” “That is...” “Pro Komai, is your work done?” “Please stop calling me that. Please don’t tease me.” He thought he was angry, but his lips seemed to say otherwise. As he realised that the master wasn’t angry, he heard him mutter.” “Komai...Komai...Komainu. As I thought, you’re like a dog. You’re not a cute one but a Komainu.” [Komainu, sometimes referred to as lion dogs, are the guardian statues that can be found guarding the entrance to Shinto shrines] “Don't say it like it is a great discovery of the century. That joke is a stale one now." Sagisawa finished cleaning up as Kento spoke. He would soon leave just like that. Kento too cleaned up in a hurry. “I’m telling you, don’t follow me like that while wagging your tail.” “As I thought, you can see it? My wholehearted loyalty?” As he happily spoke, Sagisawa showed his plain displeasure. Yet, Kento wasn't discouraged.” “Ah, that’s right. Does the chief also want some? This Anpan has finely crushed chestnut in the red bean filling and it’s delicious.” “I’ll have to refuse. I like simple, plain food. I dislike foods with strange gimmicks. I like my Anpan with strained bean paste for filling, I don’t have anything outside of it.” “You’re surprisingly pedantic when it comes to food. Even though you like the Ariake Harbour. ...Ah, what a pain to remember.” [TL/N: Ariake Harbour is a chestnut filled castella cake] “Don’t say your inner thoughts out loud like that. Are you a grade schooler?” “I’m sorry.” “Sagisawa left the Chief’s Office. After changing into suits from their uniforms in the locker room, the two left for the Chief’s official residence.”


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