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Omega, chief? Don't laugh. "I don't think I'm going to be able to do that," he said. Because Omega is a machine that produces Alpha. Haha. It's a waste of time. What's wrong with putting it away. That's the real justice. I'll crush the obnoxious Omega ... A long black shadow was stretching toward Kento and Sagisawa. The shadow was slightly mad, leaving a smile and disappearing from the front of the two. The chief public office, which is a few minutes walk from the Minato Mirai Rinko station, was certainly large. In addition to the general living quarters, there were a drawing-room, a meeting room, guest rooms, etc. and there was a terrace and a stylish fountain in the courtyard. The area around the building was surrounded by old bricks, the interior was made of white plastered walls and glossy natural wood, and the retro building itself was like a craft. Kento touched the lamp hanging down in the cafeteria lightly. It was shaped like a tulip and made of thin frosted glass. "It is amazing" "This place will be demolished soon." "Really?" "No, I don't know yet, but it's the trend. In many cases, the Metropolitan Police Department demolishes luxurious government buildings and replaces the chief public office with condominiums. It seems that the Kanagawa Prefectural Police is still relaxing." "It's a waste to tear down. It's a nostalgic mansion, and it seems like it's going to appear in mystery novels." "Are you a police officer, do you read mystery?" "Yeah." "I can't do that. When I see the chief of the investigation section at the murder scene, crossing the regulation line while wearing white gloves and saying, "Gaisha is..." on the face, I feel like hitting the author." I was about to say that. Certainly, the police call the suspects Maruhi and the victims Maru Harai. Souichi does not even appear at the top of Iino. "What do you do when you get angry about that? Fantasy?" "That's a mystery." “Yes, that's right. I can't enjoy the story if I ask for consistency. Isn't it cool? I'm the chief of the investigation section. I'm the criminal under the jurisdiction of the police station, and the case is resolved. And I like the guy that makes a bad bureaucracy blast. "It's just a wish. In reality, there can never be a conflict between non-carriers and careers. Police are a completely vertical society. You know, a dull banker reads "Bunker Kintaro" on a holiday and drank. Is like lowering the "Don't say that you have no body or lid." "Even if that isn't the case, the reality is tougher than a novel." Sagizawa sighed while taking off the suit jacket. Hang it on the dining chair and slowly head to the kitchen. I was asked if I should have coffee. "Oh, I'll do it." "Good. It's just an instant. Sit there." I sat on a dining chair while looking at the back of Sagisawa. "Drink" "Thank you" Hold your head down while receiving the cup. I used to take care of Sagisawa, but this is the first time that Sagisawa has taken care of me, and I was happy about that. It's a very valuable coffee. Sagizawa sits across from Kento. It looked like a young office worker in a suit. "What is the content of the threatening letter against me?" "Eh? Ah... what did you know?" After the case of throwing a flame bottle, a threatening letter had arrived at the Minato Mirai Harbor Station. It was a matter of exploding the chief public office unless the chief of OMEGA call it quits. The criminal who threw the flame bottle and the person who sent the threat letter are not necessarily the same person, but police officers were wary. The investigation continues, but the criminal has not yet been captured. "If you don't let the chief quit, you'll explode this building." "Isn't that right? I'm glad you were an honest dog." "Eh?.. Did you try to get in the way?" "Isn't it reading mystery novels? It seems you haven't learned anything from it." "Uhh..." What should I do? My stomach hurts as I remember that Deputy Chief Tarimaki was careful not to let Sagisawa know about the threat letter. I felt that my eyes were moistened. "Kora. Don't be so sweet while snorting like that." "No, it doesn't ring." "It doesn't work for me. I like incomparable cats. I hate dogs other than police dogs." "Uhh..." I wondered if I should try to spoil it, but I quit. If you do that, you'll be hit with all your might. "Don't worry. I've already assumed a threatening letter." "but--" Sagisawa suddenly turned his eyes off. "No one welcomes me, including the chief of OMEGA. It's evil in the first place." "Such..." "I've been harassed in the same way since I joined the National Police Agency. I don't intend to blame them for discrimination or wrongdoing. It's a natural reaction. I came in. I wanted to be a police bureaucrat. Everything up to this point is within my expectations." Sagisawa took a sip of coffee and placed it on the table. "I received the same harassment from a colleague's police bureaucracy. Sometimes I replaced a hormone stabilizer or sex pheromone suppressor that had been stored in a locker with another drug, and once or twice. Absent" "That's... terrible. Who does that?" "I've been forced to get raped in the agency. I'm not in estrus, but it's my destiny because I have a lot of alpha in my career." "That is..." "Of course it was an attempt. It was so ridiculous that I told you not to sleep if you were to sleep, but to sleep with the Chief of Police or the Commissioner of the National Police Agency." ――Kento felt that his chest hurt because it was a return like Sagisawa. "I don't really think about the National Police Agency in terms of its true intentions. As long as I got the results of the recruitment test, I can't reject it just because I'm an Omega. Even if you come here, it's a sudden personnel affair. This time, the office will be the chief even if it is OMEGA, and the political agency to show the public that the police agency is an open government office It's just a campaign. I'm being used, and that's why I'm going to do the opposite." The eyes of Sagisawa shined brightly. "Someone has to change the world. Then I'll change." "change the world……" "That's it" Kento did not realize that Sagisawa's will and beauty were that Sagisawa's first-person changed to "I". "If this is a performance, I'll give it my best performance. I'll never run away." I thought it was beautiful. Until now, I thought that the reason I think Sagisawa is beautiful is because its appearance is simply beautiful. I thought that it was because it had the charm that confused people peculiar to OMEGA. But it was different. This man is beautiful because his heart is beautiful. Because it is not impure. ――――Why have you been trampled on many things, but why can you be so straight? Kento wondered. "I don't want to end discrimination against Omega or admit special rights, because the interests created by discrimination have no legitimate value. The hope is simple. I want to be a world where things can be taken for granted without despise. I want to live in a world where I can be proud of my own verses regardless of alpha, beta, or omega. That's it. "Yes, I think so too." This man used to be as mute as me. A child born from Omega and Alpha's turn has a one-half chance of becoming one of the verses. In the upper grades of elementary school, Mute children receive special sex education. Learn about the characteristics of alpha, beta, and omega, and learn that there is verseness in addition to gender. And in preparation for the heat that comes with a one-half chance, you will have an emergency oral suppressant as a talisman. ――Let's admit the variety of verses. It was a cold building. Even among the teachers who preached so, there was a hierarchy due to the verse nature. Rumours quickly spread that when someone became a junior high school student, somebody had a fever, or began to take an inhibitor. Betas, the outsiders, were the reactionist. ―――― Unless they were there, everything would be fine. ――Please don't involve us in Beta. Even if it was alpha, it did not change into a minority. Kento decided to live honestly with himself. I want to meet the fateful turn. But if you can't meet, that's fine. I want to live without being concerned about the sex of the child by recognizing the individuality of the other person regardless of gender and birth characteristics. I thought that accepting the people around me and making them happy would lead to my own happiness and eventually the happiness of the world. "I support you" "what" "I support the chief's wishes. All the staff at the Minato Mirai Rinko station think so." "Don't say it easily" "But surely it's easy." Sagisawasnorted. If you don't wear uniforms, such gestures are natural and cute. “I will not give in to the threatening letter. I will fulfil my duties properly as the chief of Omega. I will also take an estrus vacation openly. If there is a precedent, there will be someone who follows. It is the first one. It is natural that the wind is strong. " "I receive that breeze." "Hmm?" “Not only me, but everyone at the station also receives. On the day of his inauguration, the officers remember the words that the chief told us to work together. Minato Mirai Minato Station, I'm sure you can do it, so please laugh a little more." "Laugh? Why?" "The laughing face of the chief was cute." "........." "I want to see that face more" "Dogs don't seek rewards right away. It's a hassle." "Please laugh." "Can you laugh when forced?" "Can you make me smile if I make a Noh weather smile a red and white Kamaboko?" Did you imagine it? Sagizawa fluttered. My usual glasses are slightly off. "Don't get angry" Sagisawa was still laughing. "That's okay. No man can make happy people around him smile."


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