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https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands " Ummm ......" A groan arose as Zhao Li gradually regained consciousness, her eyelashes fluttering as she slowly opened her eyes. She looked ahead with a dazed stare, and saw a face appear in her line of sight. The face was as big as a basin, with dark, rough skin, and then gradually moved closer and closer towards her, so close that she could even see the scars of acne on it clearly, and puckered its fat lips towards her ...... No no no no!!! Zhao Li's pupils tightened, and for a moment it was as if she had forgotten her body's fatigue and weakness, so scared that she immediately flinched backwards on her hands and legs , finally narrowly avoiding the thick lips that almost came into close contact with her. "I ......" She opened her mouth, before she could say anything, but there was a flash of black shadow in front of her eyes, and the next moment, she was hugged tightly. "My wife, I'm glad you're alright, I was so worried ......" A soft voice rang out next to her ears, soft to the bone, although you could hear it was a male voice, but you get goosebumps just from hearing it. Before Zhao Li could respond, she saw the woman who had planned to give her a close kiss yelled, "Oh yo, it seems that your wife is lucky to be drowning, so I'll go cut my firewood." "Thank you for your help this time, Auntie Zhang." A gentle voice said thanks and when Zhao Li looked over, he saw that it was a young man, dressed in rough sackcloth and traditional style, but not in any way ruining his fine appearance. But Zhao Li's eyes settled on his clothes and her pupils shrank slightly. The sudden realisation caused her mind to spin and she forgot to focus on anything else for a moment, not even noticing what happened afterwards, even the man who was holding her. It wasn't until a tough male voice brought her thoughts back, only because the disgust in the voice was so obvious. "Zhao Li, you drowned because you asked for it. If you hadn't caused the family to run out of food and forced me to go into the river to catch fish, and if you hadn't thought I was too slow and had to go into the water yourself, this wouldn't have happened!" The man who spoke stepped forward and looked at her coldly. Although he was dressed in worn and patched clothes, his face was beautifully handsome and his features were as smooth as a perfectly carved work of art. But the words that came out of his mouth were too disgusting. He said, "Don't you try to use this as an excuse to lecture us!" Another man stood up behind the man and spoke coldly. "And don't even think of pretending to be sick to cheat the silver from us." Unlike the handsome man, this man's cold voice had an aura more akin to Qing Yi's. His peach blossom eyes were supposed to be loving, but underneath was the coldness and indifference of silence, and the look he gave Zhao Li was even colder. As the words crackled from the other side, Zhao Li's mouth opened slightly and she felt a headache. Wait, What the hell is going on now? She intended to speak up, but the man who had been leaning on her seemed to be unwilling to be alone, putting his arm around Zhao Li's neck as he turned his head to look at the three brothers, with a soft voice. "Big brother Gu, second brother Gu, you shouldn't say that, your wife has only just woken up from her coma, and her body has not recovered yet, so don't be angry with her anymore." As he said that, he also gently stroked Zhao Li's chest with his hand, as if he was comforting her. Although Zhao Li was not familiar with this man, despite his good looks, it still gave her goose bumps and she could not help but stretch out her hand to push him away. The man's eyes widened, shocked by Zhao Li's action, and seeing his silly look, the man he called second brother Gu sneered. At this moment, Zhao Li's body had regained some strength, and when she got up and raised her head, there were four eyes looking at her in unison. "Er ......" she softly coughed and adjusted her expression, deliberately giving a ignorant look. "Perhaps because I fell into the water, so my memories have been messed up and forgotten some things ......" https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands

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