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https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands When she said this, the expressions of several people were all different. The hard-voiced man frowned slightly, interrupting what Zhao Li had intended to continue to say. " What are you trying to do again?" Zhao Li: "I ......" "If you are trying to use this as a reason to deceive money, just give up, we don't have any." said the cold man. Zhao Li: "No ......" " My wife, did the drowning really hurt your brain?" The man with a demonic-looking eyebrows looked at her with a worried and surprised face. Zhao Li: "......" ENOUGH! Can you guys just let me finish! Not sure if he sensed that she was on the verge of an emotional outburst, the young man with the gentle voice finally said what she wanted to hear. " Wife, don't panic, I'm afraid this is the result of falling into the water, which is why you have forgotten some things, you'll be fine when we find a physician." The look he gave Zhao Li was a little evasive, but the concerns were more genuine than the other three, who were either in disgust or falsely concerned. "If you have any questions, you can ask me directly." Zhao Li was touched beyond words. But for her to ask the other three, just by looking at their attitudes, Zhao Li thought it would be better to ask this harmless young man who looked like a cute puppy. Since all of them had been in the water, no one would like the feeling of wet clothes on their bodies, so they would have to go home and change their clothes. Zhao Li followed them and asked the boy about the current situation. The boy's words also proved her previous suspicions. She had indeed traversed the world. The rising medical professor Zhao Li, who had made her debut in the 21st century and had attracted a lot of attention, had died in a car accident and when she woke up again, it turned her into this drowned body and became the ancient Zhao Li. And this nation called the Empire of the Goddess is different from any other dynasties in that she remembers. The greatest difference lies in the fact that women are superior to the men. Women are the head of the family and are responsible for earning money to support the family, while men look after their wives and children and take care of the household chores. It must be said that when she heard this, Zhao Li was very relieved that at least she did not have to face a situation where she did not leave the house. However the second this relief was out, she was suddenly stunned. WAIT ...... She turned her head slowly, her movements frozen as if she were an un-oiled machine, and could even hear a creaking sound as she looked over the three men walking in front of her. Did they just called her their wife, right? If she had guessed correctly ...... The thought of the three men she might have to deal with in the future made Zhao Li's face turn pale. Can her body really handle it? Wait ah, would a woman have a kidney deficiency like that? Zhao Li looked at the teenager again. The young man was dressed in an aqua blue tunic, washed white, with a thin body and a face like a crown, but it couldn't hide the fact that he wasn't that old. --She simply couldn't lay a hand on him! The young man seemed to notice that Zhao Li was acting strangely and looked at her with some unease. " My wife, I really didn't mean for you to drown ......, I, I can compensate ......." The look with a little fear, and shyness, coupled with the wet like a cute dog harmless eyes, immediately made Zhao Li's heart soft, reaching out to try to comfort him. The few men in front of him were keeping an eye on the situation behind him, and when they saw Zhao Li reaching out to touch the boy, the tough man immediately stopped, and without hesitation, he turned around and walked toward them, slapping Zhao Li's hand away. Smack. A painful slap on Zhao Li's hand tore her voice, and she saw him pulling the young man away, as if she was afraid that she would harm him, and then she looked at the two men's gazes in front of her. One of them does not hide his disgust for her, the other's smile is so fake. Zhao Li: "......" Suddenly she felt that instead of worrying about whether she would lose her kidneys with the four men, she should be worried about whether her life could be saved. https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands

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