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https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands When Zhao Li had made her way back with the Gu brothers, she had sensed that the Gu family probably lived in a rather remote area, as she had not seen any other houses along the way. This time she followed another village road, and it took her a while to see other houses. It was dusk and close to night time, and the people who had been working at the farmland were returning home one by one. Compared to her thin body, the women carrying hoes and farming tools were much more fit and strong, and they all looked about seven to eight feet tall, occasionally a few men that were about the same size as her, and some carrying kids on their backs. But when they saw Zhao Li, their first reaction to her was to frown and avoid her, as if they were afraid of getting involved with her. Zhao Li: "......" Needless to say, judging from the behavior of these villagers, the original body was not a good person. Figuring that even if she wanted to ask about the situation, she would probably not get a good answer, Zhao Li also held back her eagerness to find out the situation, and turned around and walked in a different direction, towards the location where she had drowned in the first place. When she had returned, she had noticed the surroundings and seemed to have spotted some familiar wild vegetables, which she had now picked for food. As she thought about it, she touched her nose and smiled again. Hopefully, seeing her behaviour, her four husbands would change their minds about her. Because of her hunger, Zhao Li walking speed was not particularly fast, plus she was wearing cloth shoes, stepping on the dirt floor makes no sound. She just endured her hunger while following the path, looking for wild vegetables, and before she knew it, she entered the tangled branches and leaves, a more remote place. " Why am I alive ......" A faint voice came, as Zhao Li, who was digging for wild vegetables, raised her head and looked suspicious. This voice, it sounded somewhat familiar? She got up and slowly approached, the voice became more and more obvious and clear. "It was obvious that she was lifeless at the time, but how could she have returned to life? A good person really doesn't live long, but a thousand years of misfortune remains." It was clearly Gu Yao Lin's voice, cold and clear like water, but the words that came out were sharp and clear. Zhao Li's movements gave a start, the words should be referring to her ...... no, should be referring to the original 'Zhao Li'? Zhao Li pursed his lips, Zhao Li quietly leaned closer, using the cover of the tree trunk to look over. She saw Gu Yao Lin, who had spoken, with his arms folded and his eyebrows furrowed, while Gu Yao Ting was leaning against the tree trunk, his eyes downcast as he pondered something, and Gu Yao Yu had his back to Zhao Li's direction, so she could not see his expression but could only hear his voice speaking. "Second brother, don't say that, it's good that the wife master has come back to life." Gu Yao Yu's gentle voice was so nice that Zhao Li, who was hiding in the shadows, sighed. What a gentle person from inside-out. "Good news?" Gu Yao Lin looked at his brother, his lips curled in a sneer, revealing the cruel truth beneath the warmth. "I would rather mourn and be a widow than to have such a wife master. Third brother, have you forgotten all the things she did after she came over?" " She wanted the three of us to serve her the night she came over, but when we refused, she beat us up with her own strength, and the next day forced big brother and me to go out to work with our injuries to earn money to support her. Not to mention the fact that she didn't support her family as a wife master, after this, when my second brother and I went out, she even wanted to put you in the kitchen " https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands

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