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https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands When saying this, Gu Yao Lin, in the end, was concerned about his third brother's pride, and gritted his teeth, blurred it out, and continued. "Not only that, she even tried to knock over the medication you had brewed for our mother and said something about letting her die. If it wasn't for me and my second brother getting worried and going back in the midway, I'm afraid that not only you, but also our mother would have been in trouble that day!" "She spent the money that my elder brother and I earned on gambling and drinking, and at the slightest sign of displeasure, she would beat and scold me , and even tried to strangle my mother while she was drunk! How can I tolerate her!" As Gu Yao Lin spoke with increasing hatred, his eyes reddened and his tone became sharper and sharper. "Third brother, you are just too good-natured, that's why this wicked woman has become more and more fearless towards you, beating and scolding you at any time, if not for me and big brother, you would have been trampled by her long ago, when are you going to be tougher? "That's enough, Yao Lin!" Gu Yao Ting, who had been leaning against the tree trunk, finally raised his head and interrupted Gu Yao Lin's words, frowning. "What you said was a bit too much." Gu Yao Lin finally came back to his senses, only to find that Gu Yao Yu's face was pale and his lips had already bitten out blood, a wave of guilt suddenly surged through his heart and felt suffocated in his chest. "I ......" He turned his head slightly, his voice low and hoarse. "...... am sorry." Gu Yao Yu shook his head and barely managed to hold up a smile, "Second brother what you said was right." The atmosphere fell into silence for a moment. And Zhao Li, who was hiding in the shadows and hearing this, was already in an extraordinarily complicated feeling. What she had heard from Gu Yao Yu earlier was just some basic information, there were things about the original body that she had not yet been able to find out. Originally, she thought that the attitude of these four men was only because her body was ugly, she could not earn much money and she liked to fool around. She was too naive to think that what the original owner had done could not be described by a single word, clearly she was an evil person. "If we talk about it, if we really want to blame it, it's still my fault." Gu Yao Ting spoke in a low voice. "In the beginning, it was me, knowing that Zhao Li did not have a good reputation, yet I still agreed to join the Zhao family, which caused you all to suffer these hardships now ......" "It has nothing to do with you, big brother." Gu Yao Lin hurriedly interrupted him, as he had only said something out of anger before, but now he was unable to accept his big brother's words. "It was the three of us brothers who agreed together in the first place to use the silver from the Zhao family's entry to treat our mother and third brother. I can only say that we overestimated Zhao Li's limits and never imagined that she was worse than a beast." Gu Yao Yu nodded repeatedly and said in a soft voice, "Don't say that, big brother." Although he was comforted by them, his brow did not relax, "Today Zhao Li has not died from drowning, if she had been in her usual temper, I am afraid she would have been scolded and threatened again. Her memory loss is a good thing now." When it comes to the matter of Zhao Li, Gu Yao Lin's mood turns nasty and he said in a cold voice, "But no one knows how long she will lose her memory, and if she remembers one day, she will probably abuse us twice as much." "It would be better to take the opportunity of her amnesia to kill her!" Zhao Li, who was hidden in the shadows: "???" Wait, so this was not a life winning route for the four men, but a death difficulty open round? https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands

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