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https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands Gu Yao Lin's words obviously didn't just surprise Zhao Li - I didn't expect you, young man, to look cool and uninviting and turn out to be the most ruthless one - even his two brothers were surprised. They even forgot to reply for a moment. When Gu Yao Lin said that, his mouth felt a little dry. He licked the corners of his own lips and could even hear his own pounding heartbeat. "Big brother, third brother, Zhao Li is relying on her status as wife and master to do all sorts of evil things and is getting more and more outrageous. If this continues, it is possible that one day she will force us three brothers to die, and our mother will not survive ......" "But, but ......" Gu Yao Yu came back to his senses and stammered a bit when he spoke, "Second brother, the killing of his wife-master, what if, what if people find out about it ......" In the Goddess Empire, women were superior to men. If the wife master killed her husband, all she had to do was say that she didn't mean to do it, defend herself and pay some money, but if it was the other way around, he would not only be severely punished, he would also be sent to be a military prostitute, and his fate would be extremely miserable. Gu Yao Lin: "If I am caught, then I will be responsible for it!" "We are brothers, do you think me and my third brother would do that?" Gu Yao Ting looked at him, his tone sullen. Gu Yao Lin tilted his head, avoiding his elder brother's gaze, pursing his lips with a determined look. Gu Yao Ting: "This matter needs to be considered in the long run, don't be impulsive, Yao Lin." "Yes, second brother, you shouldn't do this alone," Gu Yao Yu tugged on Gu Yao Lin's sleeve, looking at him bashfully, afraid that second brother would act impulsively, "If our wife-master dies, we will be sent to slavery, or we will be widowed and not allowed to go out for three years. If that happens, how will we survive without work or income? And what will happen to our mother?" And that's if the cause of the wife's death is not discovered. "......" Zhao Li, who was hiding in the shadows, looked deeply at Gu Yao Yu upon hearing his words. What a good guy, you look gentle and soft, but in fact more far-sighted than your second brother's thought? You already thought of the consequences to prevent after laying hands on me. The three Gu brothers said a few more words and then planned to leave, after all, their excuse for going out was to buy some rations, so naturally they couldn't stay here for too long. Because Zhao Li had dodged in time, they left without realising that anyone had seen the whole of their discussion. For the time being, Zhao Li had no more thoughts of picking wild vegetables. She sat down on her buttocks and leaned against the tree trunk, her brow knotted. The original owner was lazy, a drunkard and gambler, and violent, so to speak, bad to the bone. If it wasn't for the fact that she was now inside this body, then she would only be applauding the decision of the three Gu brothers and be happy that they were out of their misery. The problem was that now she is ''Zhao Li'', and if she really gets killed, she will be the one to die! As she thought of this, Zhao Li looked up to the sky and sighed. --This Zhao Li had left a big mess for her to deal with. Although, based on their conversation and the fact that women were inferior to men in this world, she didn't have to worry about her life yet. But there was always a knife hanging over her head, and if she didn't solve it, she really feared that one day a particularly famous scene from one of her previous lives would take place - "Da Lang, drink your medicine." Amidst her suffering, Zhao Li pulled the corners of her mouth, got up, patted the dirt on her body and went back home with the wild vegetables she had picked. https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands

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