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https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands When Chu Chen saw Zhao Li returning home with the wild vegetables in her hands, he looked visibly surprised, but perhaps his experience in the youth house had given him excellent expression management skills, and he quickly composed his emotions and put on that fake affectionate smile, complimenting his wife with a phrase to the left of " my wife is so good" and a sentence to the right of "The wild vegetables picked by my wife are extraordinary". Zhao Li's previous attitude made Chu Chen a little uneasy, and now he was determined to make this person indulge in his praise again. He had already seen through Zhao Li, but he just needed to redeem himself, plus he was just a man from a youth house, and his status in this world was already low, and he alone was a bit weak compared to the three brothers of the Gu family, that's why he was praising Zhao Li so much. He needed to whet Zhao Li's appetite in order to make Zhao Li take a liking to him. If he had given himself up easily, Zhao Li would have abandoned him long ago. Therefore, after he was redeemed and returned, Chu Chen had never had any real intimate contact with Zhao Li. The freshly picked wild vegetables were still covered with mud, so Zhao Li scooped up water from the water jar to clean them, and Chu Chen volunteered to help too. Zhao Li looked at him and gave him a portion of the wild vegetables. Chu Chen, who was actually just casually saying and didn't really want to wash the vegetables: "......" He puffed out his cheeks, crossed his fingers and carefully pinched the wild vegetable where it was still clean, put it aside and then hurriedly went to wash his hands in clean water. As he rolled up his sleeves, he secretly looked at Zhao Li, who was really washing up the vegetables, with a puzzled look. Strange, Zhao Li, this lazy and good-for-nothing fellow, actually really did it herself. He turned his eyes and slowly tore off pieces of wild vegetables into the water, while he fell deep in thought. Could it be that ...... this bad person was trying to do something again? Chu Chen was hesitant to tell the three Gu brothers about this, although he needed to hang on to Zhao Li, it was also necessary to pull in the three Gu brothers, after all, Zhao Li was an unreliable person after all. Zhao Li didn't know that Chu Chen suspected her of having bad intentions just because she washed dishes, she was actually thinking about something in her mind, one was how to turn around the impression of her four husbands and the other was what to do in the future. She thought that since the original owner was not productive, she could start with money. The first thing was to earn money ...... "Wife master, I'm done washing!" Chu Chen's voice rang out, interrupting Zhao Li's thoughts. She inclined her head to look over, right into Chu Chen's shining black eyes, the delicate and soft face momentarily shaking her heart. Ahem. It had to be said that she suddenly understood what Zhao Li would do to shell out money to redeem Chu Chen. Zhao Li gathered her senses and gazed downwards, the corners of her mouth twitching when she looked clearly at the wild vegetables that Chu Chen had finished washing under his hands. Zhao Li saw that the wild vegetables that had been picked intact, had now been "split" by Chu Chen, torn into pieces, and obviously the person who washed them was too hard, scrubbing them to tatters and shapes. Zhao Li: "......" She shouldn't have overestimated Chu Chen's ability to do things. But when she met Chu Chen's face that was clearly waiting for praise, Zhao Li held her tongue and finally said with a clear conscience, "Not bad." Chu Chen smiled like a flower for an instant. Hmph, he told her that he just didn't want to work, but when he really did, he was actually quite good at it. When the three Gu brothers returned and found out that Zhao Li had actually picked the wild vegetables and cleaned them by herself, they all showed shocked expressions. Gu Yao Lin looked at Zhao Li and blurted out. "We don't have any money!" Looking at Gu Yao Ting, he even subconsciously pressed his wallet and stared at Zhao Li with a tense expression. Gu Yao Yu also quietly moved his body, blocking the part of Gu Yao Ting's body where he was tying his purse. Zhao Li: "...... I didn't want any money, I was just hungry and picked some random wild vegetables." The three Gu brothers' expressions didn't look too convinced, especially when dinner was over, they were obviously more wary. "......" Zhao Li glanced at Chu Chen who was as if nothing had happened, pretending that he did not see Chu Chen whispering near him at that time when Gu Yao Yu was cooking dinner, only sighing in her heart that the goal to change the perception of her was a long way to go. https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands

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