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https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands Chu Chen who was holding Zhao Li's arm has long let go of his hand and moved away from Zhao Li and towards Gu Yao Yu's side. When he met Zhao Li's eyes, he even showed a pitiful and apologetic expression, as if he was saying- I have no power in my hands, so you should seek your own life, wife master. Zhao Li: "......" Luckily, I never trusted your temperance. She rubbed her temples and looked at the husbands who were already ready to leave her alone and run away, but did not move. Even though the sky had descended into a cauldron, she was indeed using this body now, so she had to take it even if it was troublesome. But the Gu brothers didn't run away after all. For while they were entering the room with the intention of helping Gu's mother, Chu Chen went through the small lobby door and opened the back door, preparing to slip away with the Gu brothers when the time came. Who knew that as soon as he opened the door, he would be stopped in his tracks by a group of fierce and vicious men. "Where do you want to go? Young Gentleman?" The leader was a woman over eight feet tall, with a large waist, black and strong to the point of being a tiger, who looked at Chu Chen, who revealed his body behind the door, with a sneer on her face as she questioned. This person should be Zhang Fang. At that moment, the Gu family's modest courtyard was crowded with people, and Chu Chen's body stiffened as he looked around, finally closing the door hard and hurrying into the room to speak to the Gu brothers about this. Surrounded by such a group of people, there was no way for them to escape. Zhang Fang sat down on a black wooden rattan chair that her men had brought over from somewhere, her face unhappy, her words were all insults, and it was only when she had finished scolding, she said what she had come "I don't want to talk more nonsense with you, you rascal, pay back the money, no one will be fine if you don't pay today!" Zhao Li, who didn't pay back much because he owed a debt: "......" Aren't you the one who talked the whole time? "How much do I owe you?" "Hmph, with the interest, you owe me a whole hundred taels of silver. If I sold you, I wouldn't even be able to pay back the change, you know?" Zhang Fang smirked. "......" Zhao Li gave her a look of retardation, "Since you know I can't pay it back, you still lend me money?" Zhang Fang was dumbfounded by the dislike, cursed a few foul words, and added: "It is only right to pay back what you owe, in any case you must pay back now!" Zhao Li had only been in the world for a day, and she was still relying on the Gu brothers and Chu Chen to make ends meet, so how could she afford to pay Zhang Fang back? She looked at Gu Yao Ting and the others, and then withdrew her eyes to look at Zhang Fang, intending to talk to her about extending the debt for a period of time. As a result, Gu Yao Lin misunderstood Zhao Li's look and thought that Zhao Li, the bastard, was trying to get them to pay back the money for her again, just like before, and was instantly enraged. You should know that the three Gu brothers were not lazy people and naturally they had silver saved up. It was only because Gu's mother and Gu San's accident was so sudden that they needed too much money that they had agreed to marry Zhao Li to help them tide over the difficult times. Who would have thought that Zhao Li would be such a bastard and gradually wear down the Gu family's gratitude to her. And no matter how hard they worked, the money they got would be robbed by Zhao Li with her strength and used for gambling debts and drinking, and in turn, they were living in more and more dire circumstances. "We don't have the money to pay your debts for you!" Gu Yao Lin's cold words rang out as he met Zhang Fang's maliciously scowling eyes and said stiffly, "Do whatever you want to Zhao Li, even if you sell her, but her debts have nothing to do with us!" At her words, Zhang Fang laughed out loud instead, and the men following behind her laughed along with her. After laughing, she looked at Gu Yao Lin with a teasing look, as if the words he had just said were just a joke. "Zhao Li is your wife master, she is in debt, how can she have nothing to do with you guys?" https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands

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