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Her eyes turned to Gu Yao Ting and the others, finding them all staring at her blankly as well. Zhao Li thought for a moment and lifted the axe she had originally put down, only to see Gu Yao Ting and the others subconsciously take a step back and stare at her with their eyes wide open in her direction. Zhao Li: "......" Please don't look at her with such eyes of a murderous maniac. She turned around, entered the house and put the old axe in the corner. When the courtyard was in a mess earlier, Zhao Li thought of when Gu Yao Ting had entered the house with the wood-chopping axe because he mistakenly thought she was going to bully Gu Yao Yu, so she took the wood-chopping axe into the house. Later on, because Zhang Fang had suddenly come running with people and was in a hurry to avoid it, it seemed that she had casually put the axe aside, plus the fact that she had previously taken her pulse and found out that this body had a great strength, that was why she had improvised and decided to intimidate some with the axe. But this was only a stopgap measure. That Zhang Fang was just afraid that she would really go crazy, but if she took advantage of their relaxation and secretly took someone afterwards, Zhao Li would have no choice. It is said that two fists cannot defeat four hands, and if she enters Zhang Fang's nest, she will not be able to do anything at all, and if Zhang Fang then uses her debts as a raft, she will not be able to stand on her own feet. She still had to find a way to make money. And she couldn't take her time, as she had previously planned, she needed to find a way to make money immediately. When the four of them tried to enter, they saw Zhao Li sitting on a broken stool with a frown on her face. The four men looked at each other. As usual, if they had been burdened with another two hundred taels of debt, and if they could have been sold to a youth house if they failed to pay it, they would have been unable to tolerate it and would have made a scene, but now they hesitated. Zhao Li's actions had scared not only Zhang Fang, but also Gu Yao Ting and the others. They had lived under the same roof for so long, how could they not know Zhao Li's nature, but she was just a lazy, greedy, bad person who only bullied the soft and hard people. But today she dared to fight for her life with an axe ...... Did she go crazy? Gu Yao Ting saw the old axe being placed in the corner and moved his pace without moving until he grabbed the axe handle before he sighed in relief. Gu Yao Lin, on the other hand, pushed Gu Yao Yu into his mother's room and closed the door with a bang, keeping himself in the lobby instead. Chu Chen carefully observed Zhao Li's expression and tentatively said, "Wife master?" Zhao Li looked up, "Hm?" Noticing that Zhao Li had lost her previous grim aura and had clearly returned to her normal appearance, Chu Chen immediately felt relieved. As soon as he was relieved, the fear of being taken back to the greenhouse came over him, causing his eyes to instantly redden. He leaned closer to Zhao Li, his eyes downcast and his cadence pitiful. "Wife master, I don't want to go back to that place-" His eyelashes fluttered lightly and as he raised his eyes to look at Zhao Li, teardrops spilled out. Anyone who saw a beautiful woman in tears, like a pearly blossom with rain, would not be able to stop their heart from aching at the first sight, and would want to agree to all his requests, just to ask him to smile. Zhao Li looked at him, but in his heart he knew that Chu Chen was only trying to arouse her pity, so that she would not give up on him. In this world, women are superior to men, and he was a man in a youth house, so even though he knew that Zhao Li was unreliable, he had to hold back his fear, dread and disgust to cling to her. "I won't do it." She said. "Heh." A cold laugh rang out, and Zhao Li and Chu Chen looked over to find that it was Gu Yao Lin, clutching his chest as he looked at them with a cold expression. Gu Yao Ting, on the other hand, stood beside him, the two of them blocking the door that was closed behind them, like gods of doors. "Easy for you to say. This is two hundred taels of silver, what are you going to take to pay it back?"

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