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When Chu Chen saw Gu Yao Lin like this, he remembered what Gu Yao Lin had said earlier, and was immediately exasperated with his anger and disliked him as he spoke out one step ahead of Zhao Li. "It's better than you sneering here!" He still had tears in the corners of his eyes from before and had now become like a puffer fish, his face puffed up in anger as he glared at Gu Yao Lin. Gu Yao Lin glared back defiantly, his black eyes glaring round and round as he sneered and said. "At least this debt is not due to me!" "That's because the wife master loves me and wants to redeem me back!" "What's the use of redeeming me back, not only do I carry a debt, but I also have an extra mouth to feed!" "......" Zhao Li watched from the side, only to feel the feeling of watching primary school students quarrel, suddenly felt speechless, simply gave up the idea of looking for these two childish ghosts to discuss, and looked at Gu Yao Ting who had to look more stable. "What do you guys do to earn money on a normal basis?" Gu Yao Ting looked at her with scrutiny in his eyes for a few seconds before speaking, "Usually I go to the docks to carry large bags, one bag can have two copper coins, it is a manual job." "If there is less work, my second brother and I will go to the top of the mountain to hunt some small game, and if we are lucky enough to find something with good skin, we can sell it for some price." "Third brother would also collect some wild vegetables and herbs in the hills after he finished his work, and sell them for the family." There was just something Gu Yao Ting didn't say. Although the docks were a manual job, it was not just a matter of physical strength. The labourers were divided into large and small forces, and if they were weak, they would be bullied, and even if they had the strength, they would not get much work. Even if they had the strength, they could not get much work. These labourers were basically women, and the two men, Gu Yao Ting and Gu Yao Lin, were often bullied and oppressed, but they just gritted their teeth and carried on. As for hunting, there were wolves and tigers in the mountains, and it was so dangerous that Gu Yao Ting and his team would not go too far. Safety was improved, but the amount of prey they could hunt was also reduced. Gu Yao Yu's legs were not so good and he had his elder brother and second brother to advise him to stay on the outskirts of the hills. However, other people in the village would often go to the outskirts of the village and pick what they could, so Gu Yao Yu's harvest would not be too much, and as he was not very familiar with herbs, he picked only common things, which were very cheap. Not to mention the fact that Zhao Li had to take a large portion of the money to gamble and drink ...... The first thing that came to his mind was what Gu Yao Ting had said in the woods. Sooner or later, she would drive him to his death! Zhao Li could not have guessed what Gu Yao Ting was thinking at the moment, she was thinking about what Gu Yao Ting had said. The idea of hunting was also discarded after a quick turn in her mind, considering that she had no hunting experience. She did not hesitate for long before she had made her decision. The best thing for her today, and the fastest way to make money, was to pick medicine. She thought about what she had observed yesterday. The village was in fact surrounded by a good environment, with streams and dense forests, so there must be no shortage of precious herbs. She had a lot of strength, and because her father was a soldier in her previous life, she had learnt some protective moves, so if she encountered any danger, she could climb up a tree even if she couldn't fight.

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