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She guessed that Gu Yao Ting was more likely to be there to spy on her, but the clearer the better, she wasn't really running away anyway, and having someone to follow would be an extra helper instead. Although Gu Yao Lin was still indignant, Gu Yao Ting was their elder brother and had been the pillar of the family since their mother's accident and Zhao Li, the bastard, had joined the family, so in the end, he only muttered a few words and did not object. Not only Zhao Li, but they also thought that Gu Yao Ting was following Zhao Li to keep an eye on him, in case she really slipped away. No one guessed what was really in Gu Yao Ting's mind, what he really wanted to do. Zhang Fang had only given them four days, and if they wanted to earn enough for two hundred taels, they had to seize every second. Zhao Li did not delay too much and immediately went to make preparations for the trip up the mountain and set off with Gu Yao Ting. Before leaving, Gu Yao Ting stood outside the door, he looked at his two younger brothers and smiled faintly. "Take care of mother." These words were said to Gu Yao Ting, who had difficulty with his legs and stayed at home to do household chores, before he left home every time, so it was nothing strange to say them at this time. After he said this, he looked at Gu Yao Lin again and raised his hand to pat his brother's shoulder. "Don't bully Ah Yu just because he's good-tempered." Gu Yaolin: "...... Big Brother!" Where did he bully his third brother? This side of the room was full of brotherly love, and over there, Chu Chen was clinging to Zhao Li's arm. "Wife master, you have to be safe, it's hard to go up the mountain, and it's not easy to pick medicine -" "So I'm not going?" Zhao Li raised his eyebrows at him. "......" Chu Chen immediately let go of his hand and gave a fake smile, "Wife master, have a safe journey." Zhao Li couldn't help but laugh. After all, it was only a trip to the mountains and not some faraway trip, and the two of them only spoke a few words before heading towards the mountains. "What's wrong with you?" Noticing that the third brother had been standing in the doorway looking at the direction his elder brother had left, Gu Yao Lin turned back to him and asked him this. "...... nothing." Gu Yao Yu shook his head. He actually didn't know why, there was always some unexplained feeling of unease in his heart, but he couldn't say what it was because of. On the other hand, Zhao Li followed Gu Yao Ting as he moved forward. There were actually several hills around the village, as Gu Yao Ting said that when he was out working, he had heard from others about the hills where precious herbs were said to be found, but they were just a bit far away, so Zhao Li followed his wishes and decided on the place. The two of them walked for some time until the sun was close to noon, and then they finally arrived at the mountain forest that Gu Yao Ting had mentioned. Before entering the forest, Gu Yao Ting paused in his steps. He looked up slightly at the mountain, determination flashing in his eyes, before quickly withdrawing his gaze and resuming his steps. His movements were so natural and quick that Zhao Li only thought he was observing the mountain and did not notice anything, and followed him into the mountain. The sun was blazing and the golden sunlight fell, but it was covered by layers of green leaves and could not enter the forest. Gu Yao Ting stood beside her and looked from side to side, seemingly contemplating the direction. Only after a while did he point to the right and say, "Go this way, Wife." After that, the two of them went deeper and deeper into the forest, following the direction Gu Yao Ting pointed. In the middle of this, Zhao Li did find some herbs, although they were not very expensive, but they didn't knock Zhao Li's confidence either. It was only the beginning, she thought, and her mind was still in good shape.

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