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Time gradually passed, as the two of them went deeper and deeper into the forest, the trees became denser and taller, so that sunlight hardly shone in, so they had already lit their torches. Zhao Li was crouching, digging a herb in front of her, while Gu Yao Ting was standing behind her, holding a torch for her to light up. If Zhao Li were to turn around at this moment, she would find Gu Yao Ting looking at her with a dark and obscure look in his eyes. There was occasional rustle of animals running through the leaves and the sound of birds chirping around her, but the quietness of the environment was all the more apparent. Gu Yao Ting's grip on the torch tightened and his eyes unconsciously moved to the top of Zhao Li's head. He didn't expect Zhao Li to come in and make the herb picking look like she really knew how to pick herbs, but Gu Yao Ting didn't believe her. He was very familiar with Zhao Li as a person. She was lazy, a gambler, a bully and a bit clever. When Zhao Li offered to go to the mountains to pick herbs, Gu Yao Ting did not suspect her of wanting to run away. The official registry was strict and those who ran away without a registry would be sent to the frontier to do hard labour if they were caught, and this fate alone was enough to scare Zhao Li. He thought he had read Zhao Li's mind. This person had first used memory loss with the intention of pushing away the responsibility of borrowing the debt, and then used the excuse of collecting medicine to try to act like she was trying to pay the debt to gain the third brother's empathy. She knew that he and Yao Lin would not watch third brother being taken to the youth house, and even if things were really irreversible, they would exchange third brother themselves. In the end, he and Yao Lin would probably be taken away by Zhang Fang, leaving only third brother and his mother. Third brother was the softest of them all, and his mother, being bedridden, could not keep an eye on him, and even needed someone to look after him. When the time came, she would be able to use the excuse that she was trying to pay off her debts and relied on her mother as a hostage to continue enslaving third brother. Thinking of this, Gu Yao Ting gritted his teeth, and killing intent came out of his eyes uncontrollably. He would never let such a thing happen! Zhao Li, who had her back to Gu Yao Ting, only felt a chill run down her back and couldn't help but sneeze. She threw the dug up herbs into the grass basket she was carrying and scratched her nose, thinking that it was probably because of the cool temperature in the forest that she had this illusion. "It seems like we've gone a little too deep?" Zhao Li stood up and looked ahead at the dark, messy, overgrown forest, oddly shaped and terrifying, seemingly dormant with all sorts of dangers. It was late spring, and although there was plenty of daylight during the day, towards evening the temperature dropped steeply because of the dense woods. Zhao Li thought about it and looked at Gu Yao Ting, proposing, "It's late in the day and the dense forest is full of danger, why don't we find a place to settle first and look for herbs after dawn?" Zhao Li and Gu Yao Ting had considered this situation when they came out and had prepared items to spend the night in the mountains earlier. "That's fine." Gu Yao Ting nodded his head as he thought about his plan, fearing that Zhao Li would leave out of fear, and flashed a smile at her. The faint smile surfaced on his handsome face, making it even more charming. "I know a place where we can stay, why don't we rest there tonight?" Zhao Li admired Gu Yao Ting's smile without lust, not noticing at all that Gu Yao Ting was using a beauty trick. "Okay." When Gu Yao Ting had searched carefully according to what he had heard from his memory, he finally confirmed the direction and was about to tell Zhao Li, when he heard Zhao Li shout out. "Wait!" "......" Gu Yao Ting's heart skipped a beat, he pursed his lips and forced himself to calm down, pretending to be puzzled, "What's wrong?" "I saw something good!" Zhao Li had a big smile on her face, so much so that her teeth were showing, she herself didn't expect that she had found something good just by turning around. With a few steps she ran to a place where layers of fallen leaves had accumulated, Zhao Li carefully plucked off a flat, hemispherical mushroom and waved it at Gu Yao Ting, who was leaning over, with a rare sense of smugness. "This is a very valuable and rare wild mushroom, one of the 'Four Kings of Mushrooms', which can be used not only as an ingredient but also as medicine." Gu Yao Ting's eyes fell on the mushroom held in Zhao Li's hand, and his brows frowned slightly for a moment. He had never heard of any boletus mushroom, and this oddly shaped fungus looked unfamiliar, moreover, even if it was really edible, how did Zhao Li know that it was very valuable and rare? He knew that the Zhao li's family had some money, but Zhao Li was not favoured in the her family, so if there was something really rare, how could it be her turn? Yet, the rich and noble family's food is always very popular, and they would not even recognise an untreated ingredient when it was thrown in front of them.

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