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Ordinary Guy In Apocalypse: Chapter 0.1 – Prologue Year 2012, the weather was sunny and cloudless, and the sky was very blue. Airport. “Fan Fan, be obedient, mommy will come back.” A young woman with light make-up done on her face rubbed gently onto the child’s head, and reluctance was filled in her eyes. “Mommy, when will you come back?” “En… When my Fan Fan becomes a brave, cheerful, and kindhearted adult, mommy will appear in front of Fan Fan, alright?” “Alright, mommy, I will definitely become that kind of person when I grow up.” “Good child. This little bear doll is a gift from mommy to Fan Fan. In the future where mommy isn’t present, this little bear should keep my Fan Fan accompany.” “En, thank you, mommy.” “Mommy has to speak with daddy for a bit. Fan Fan, go and wait by aunt’s side for a while first, okay?” “Okay.” While carrying the little bear doll in his embrace, the small child was led to a faraway spot by the aunt. While being led away, the child would turn his head around in every few steps and look pitifully at his mommy. From the start to finish, the young woman had a warm and tender smile on her face as she waved her hand at her Fan Fan. …… “Ni, due to your illness, you do not have much time left already. You would rather go overseas to try your luck and not stay at home and accompany Fan Fan with that bit of remaining time you have left?” A man who was wearing a western suit said unhurriedly. The man was very handsome, and from the start to finish, he had a calm expression on his face as he looked at the woman. “Lin Yifu, I don’t want to care too much about your matters, everything was clear when you brought that woman along with you and appeared in front of me. Fan Fan is still small, time will make him forget about everything. He will forget about me and will consider that woman who is by your side as a mother. However, I have just one request, please treat him well. After all, he is your child too.” “That’s right, the child is only four years old, how much would he even be able to remember? Just that, are you not intending to even leave your gravestone within this country?” “Gravestone? So that you all can bring Fan Fan to my gravestone and show off just how hypocritical you all are? There is no need for that. Even more, I have made sure not to leave a single photo of mine in the house.” "Haha, so heartless." “Lin Yifu…” “En?” “I’m begging you on just one thing, treat him well. I merely hope that you would let him be able to have a place to stay, be able to eat his fill, and be able to go to school.” The woman raised her hand with difficulty and grabbed onto the man’s sleeve. The man looked at the woman in front of him, and a smile appeared on his calm expression, “Alright, I promise you.” The woman knew that the man was lying, there was no way that this man would treat her Fan Fan well, and the same goes for that woman too. However, she didn’t have a choice. …… Sunshine Neighborhood, second floor, second unit, 704. While hiding in his small bedroom, the small and tender Fan Fan hugged onto his little bear doll and looked uneasily at the closed door. Creak! A woman with disheveled hair held aggressively onto a chicken feather duster and walked into the bedroom while swearing out, “Lowly little thing, you lowly little thing, I will beat you to death.” Pa! Pa! Pa! Fan Fan hugged onto his little bear doll, curled his body into a ball, bit tightly onto his lips, and closed his eyes. Pain appeared on his face, but he didn’t let out even a single bit of sound. A month later. Fan Fan was still hugging onto his little bear doll as he hid in his bedroom. The noise from the quarrel outside of his bedroom was scaring him. “That lowly woman is already dead, just when will you finally send that lowly thing away? Just even taking a look at him makes me feel annoyed…” “Soon, soon, I’m currently looking into it.” “Soon? Just how soon is soon? Are you even taking this matter seriously?!” Right after, the sound of things being smashed rang out. Fan Fan who was frightened immediately hugged tightly onto his little bear doll and stay put in a corner. Mommy, when are you going to come back, Fan Fan is scared… …… Two months later! …… Three months later! …… Four months later! Night time, families were currently at their homes eating dinner while watching the news that was being played on their televisions. Such a scene was comforting and harmonious. “A traffic accident happened today at Peimen Road, a sedan that was traveling normally on the road was knocked and flipped over by a truck that had a brake malfunction. A family of three was within the sedan, the two adults died on the spot, and only the four years old child was sent to the hospital to undergo rescue…” Hospital. “Doctors, doctors, quickly come over and take a look, this child’s body is filled with whip wounds. There are old whip wounds, and also new whip wounds. Those wounds are definitely not caused by the car accident, he must have definitely been abused at home. How could his parents have done such a thing like this?” “This child’s parents have already died in a car accident a while ago.” “Ah…” “Don’t think about other things anymore. This is an x-ray image that had just been taken, the child has a brain hemorrhage, we have to quickly start operating on him. I hope that he will be able to survive through this. Even if he ends up losing his memory, it would still be much better than ending up in a vegetative state.” “Director, this child seems to be saying something.” “What is he saying?” “When I become a brave, cheerful, and kindhearted adult, mommy will come back and appear in front of me.” The operating room went silent for a moment. “Sigh, what a good child. But it’s a pity, she won’t be able to come back anymore.” …… Year 2028. “System? What is a system?” Bang! Bang! Bang! “Lin Fan, quickly open the door, save me!” “Ah, why is there so much blood on you? Your neck is bleeding, wait a moment, I will go and get the first aid kit.” “Don’t be like this, calm down a bit, I won’t be able to help you take care of your wound if you press your entire body onto my body.” “Ah…” A scream rang out. The woman pressed the man down on her body and bit onto the man’s neck. Blood began spilling everywhere on the floor. The man was in deep pain and he wanted to push away the woman who was pressing down on his body. “Ah…” The woman tore open the man’s chest with her hands, then began grabbing out the organs and flesh that were within the man’s chest. Pain! Pain! Pain! The feeling of pain began striking onto his brain, his mental, and his willpower. The man watched with his own eyes as the woman who he had just tried to help frantically ate his flesh and organs. No… no… The man looked dazedly at the ceiling as his consciousness gradually began to turn fuzzy.

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