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Ordinary Guy In Apocalypse: Chapter 1 – I have already helped you Right beside the street, residential area, seventh floor. Within a house, a computer was continuously emitting out a buzzing sound. A youth was sitting in front of the computer, with one hand on the mouse, and the other hand on the keyboard, the sounds of keyboard keys being tapped and mouse being clicked rang out incessantly. On the computer screen, it was a game that many youths liked to play, LOL. Sounds began ringing out from the headphones. “Thee versus one, and I ended up escaping with a bit of health left after killing one of them, do they even know how to play this game? Brothers, tell me, am I formidable?” “Formidable…” “Do you guys hear noises coming from outside? It’s very noisy, seemingly as if a traffic accident has just happened, I can hear the sounds of car beeps coming from outside.” “Aiyo, I hear it too, but don’t care about it, focus on the game first…” Lin Fan stood up from his seat, walked to the water dispenser and poured himself a cup of water, then stood on the balcony and looked downstairs. A group of people was running frantically, and another group of people was frantically chasing after them. When people fell down onto the ground, there was not a single person who would be able to get back up on their feet. A car was swaying left and right, then soon crashed into a shop. “Are they all on drugs?” Returning back to the front of his computer, Lin Fan took a sip of water, then picked up his headphones and continued conversing with his teammates. “Do you all believe this? There is a group of people taking drugs below my house, people are running frantically and cars are crashing everywhere, the scene is extremely chaotic.” A teammate: “Brothers, just a moment ago, I saw the news channel reporting that people have turned into zombies.” “Zombies? So wild? Don’t care about that first, concentrate on the game. Aiyo, marksman, what the hell are you being in a daze for, shoot the turret!” One of the teammates shouted out angrily. “Ah, save me! Don’t bite me, I’m playing marksman, let me destroy the turrets first!” A teammate who has a gaming addiction screamed in deep pain. Lin Fan asked calmly, “Are there really zombies?” Another teammate: “Nonsense, those guys sure know how to act. Can’t really rely on this marksman anymore, I have to rely on myself to destroy those turrets. Once this game is over, I will go and open a zombie game and kill all those zombies.” The noise that was coming from the outside was a bit loud. However, Lin Fan ignored it and continued on with his game. Without long, the sound of someone screaming out in deep pain rang out from the headphones, and what accompanied the screaming sound was the sound of someone seemingly to be roaring. “F**k, what the hell is going on with you guys?! I merely want to play a game of LOL, and yet I ended up getting matched with a bunch of kids. Can’t you all not get caught by your parents? What a pain in the ass, seriously.” The remaining teammate was very irascible. “Perhaps, zombies are really real, and they have been caught by the zombies?” “Zombies my ass, all they know to do all day is to fantasize, can’t they spend their time doing things that are practical? Take me for an example, I’m currently playing the game while having my chicken eaten, experiencing the blissed feeling of fire and ice.” “I know that your girlfriend is beside you.” Lin Fan said. A lecherous-sounding voice rang out from the headphones, “Hehe, brother, you sure are knowledgable. That’s right, you all are destroying turrets, I am also destroying turrets, but I can have my chicken eaten while destroying the turrets.” “You will end up getting bit by your girlfriend.” Lin Fan warned. “Hehe, brother, you are truly wicked, to actually dare to say that. That’s right, she is currently biting…” “Ah!” “What are you doing?” “Stop biting, stop biting!” “Have you gone mad!” A miserable shriek began ringing out from the headphones. “Bang!” “Bang!” The sound of someone colliding into furniture rang out, followed by the sound of someone falling onto the floor, and lastly, the sound of gnawing. “Everything’s the same.” Lin Fan looked at his computer screen, all of the players that were within the game weren’t moving. Lin Fan controlled his champion, followed along with his minions, and began pushing toward the enemy base. Not long after, he reached the enemy’s nexus. Bang! The nexus exploded. After winning the game, victory appeared on his screen. “I have really been rebirthed.” Lin Fan leaned on his chair and looked dazedly at his computer screen. He felt that he had been rebirthed, but he wasn’t sure of it. In order to confirm it, he did the same thing as what he did before he had rebirthed. He played a game of LOL, matched with the same teammates, didn’t change the way he spoke to them, and spoke the same words that he had spoken to them before he had been rebirthed. During the whole time, everything went exactly the same way as before he had been rebirthed. People were running frantically in the streets, cars were crashing everywhere. All of his teammates screamed out in pain after encountering whatever they had encountered. Right now, Lin Fan has confirmed that he had been rebirthed. After the game ended, a system will appear. “I won’t be like that anymore, I am prepared.” [Test] [Assistance System] [Name]: Lin Fan [Strength]: 10 (Standard) [Physique]: 10 (Standard) [Speed]: 10 (Standard) [Points]: 0 Looking at the familiar interface, Lin Fan felt much more at ease. “Everything’s the same, nothing has changed.” Bang, bang, bang… The sound of urgent knocking on a door rang out. “Lin Fan, open the door, quickly open the door.” The clear voice of a woman rang out from outside of the door. According to the situation from before Lin Fan had been rebirthed, the woman who was currently knocking on the door was Lin Fan’s neighbor, Liu Weiwei. A tall and beautiful woman who possessed a perfect curvaceous body. There were a lot of men who tried to chase after her. Even Lin Fan himself was also tempted to try and chase after her. After all, everyone likes girls who were pretty. Before he had been rebirthed, the moment after he had opened the door for Liu Weiwei was the moment that he ended up dying. Liu Weiwei’s neck was bleeding, and the wound on her neck was caused by being bitten by something. At that time, Lin Fan didn’t know that the thing that had bitten Liu Weiwei was a zombie. When a person was bitten by a zombie, the person would turn into a zombie. At that time, he was very worried about her situation and immediately went to get the first aid kid. When he was patching up her wound, he was suddenly pushed onto the floor by her, and right after, she bit onto his neck, tore open his chest, and began gnawing at his flesh and organs. “I already know what is going to happen next. I have something much more important that I have to attend to, I can’t die here.” Kitchen. Lin Fan picked up a cleaver, hid the cleaver behind his back, then walked to the door. “Is something the matter?” Lin Fan opened the security door. In front of Lin Fan was Liu Weiwei, she was very pretty as usual, but she had a panicked look on her beautiful face, and blood was currently flowing out from the wound that was on her neck. “There is a bunch of lunatics outside biting anyone that they come across.” Even while she was panicking, her voice was still very gentle and pleasant, her voice was able to make one wants to protect her. Lin Fan didn’t let her into his house, “Your neck is bleeding.” Liu Weiwei who was panicking continuously looked toward the staircase. “Let me come inside, I lost my keys while I was running away from those lunatics.” Lin Fan shook his head, “You have been bitten by one of them, you will turn into a zombie that will want to bite others.” “Ah?” Liu Weiwei was terrified. She grabbed onto Lin Fan’s arm and said pitifully, “You will help me, right?” “En, I can help you, close your eyes.” Lin Fan said with a smile. “Thank you, as long as you help me, I will do whatever that you ask me to do.” Liu Weiwei said while whimpering, and she emphasized heavily on ‘whatever that you ask’. When Liu Weiwei closed her eyes, Lin Fan moved his arm and chopped the sharp cleaver towards her neck. Chop! Blood spurt out, and the white color wall was dyed red. “Alright, I have already helped you. With this, you won’t become a zombie anymore.” Looking at the corpse that was on the floor, Lin Fan silently closed the security door. While grabbing onto the chopper that was dripping blood, Lin Fan leaned onto the security door. He did not feel either happy or sad, his expression was calm, seemingly like he had just done a very normal thing. His calmness was able to make others feel scared. It was as if he didn’t have the feeling of fear at all. Or perhaps, after watching his body get eaten by a zombie with his own eyes, he had already gone numb? [Killed a potential zombie] [Obtained +1 point] “Obtained a point?” “So, this is the use of the Assistance System, killing zombies will allow me to gain points.” Looking at the interface. He was able to add points to strength, physique, and speed. After thinking about it. He added a point to strength. [Strength]: 11 After adding a point to strength, he felt a tiny bit of reaction in his body, and he seemed to have become a tiny bit stronger than before. Suddenly. There were sounds coming from outside of the door, it was the sound of gnawing and the sound of the security door being knocked onto. With the cleaver in his hand, Lin Fan opened the security door. Outside, there was a zombie crouching on the floor, gnawing on Liu Weiwei’s body. Liu Weiwei’s shirt was torn to shreds, and her chest was bloody and badly mangled, the scene alone was extremely frightening. Lin Fan knew who the zombie was. One of the apartment owners of this building, stays on the eighth floor, and was a code monkey. Thin, wear glasses, very young, and has a receding hairline. The reason that he has a receding hairline at such a young age was perhaps due to his occupation. Even more, Lin Fan knew that this code money likes Liu Weiwei, and has an obsession with stalking her. He would often wait at the neighborhood gate for Liu Weiwei to get off work, then follow behind her till she reaches her apartment. The sound of the door opening startled the code monkey who was gnawing on Liu Weiwei’s body. The code monkey stopped gnawing and turned its gaze to Lin Fan. “Roar!” The code monkey pounced towards Lin Fan. “What are you roaring for?” Lin Fan raised his arm and chopped the sharp cleaver onto the code monkey’s head. “Squish.” The sound of the cleaver sinking into meat rang out. Right after, Lin Fan pulled out the cleaver from the code monkey’s head, and the code monkey collapsed onto the ground. After adding a point to strength, I can feel that my strength seems to have gotten a bit bigger. [Killed a zombie] [Obtained +1 point] Lin Fan silently looked towards the staircase. It was very quiet, there was not a bit of sound at all. Right after, he closed the security door again. Zombies have really appeared. He wants to know whether the city was fine or not. He hopes that the city would be able to remain the same as it used to be. Because…

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