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Ever since Tang Qing indescribably formed into heaven affinity dao companions with Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo, then tragically got cursed by one of the legendary four great curse, YinYang Curse, Tang Qing’s mental state had changed drastically. In the front, there were the endless Heavenly Tribulations, and in the back, there was the legendary great curse. With those two sickening and perverted existences crazily pressuring his tolerance, in the end, he did not resist or endure those two existences and instead chose to be relieved. After being relieved, the change of Tang Qing’s mental state let him comprehend six words. To let nature take its course. What was ‘to let nature take its course’? It was to not take the initiative, not insist, not reject, not take responsibility and accept everything with good will. That was what it meant ‘to let nature take its course’…… The next early morning, Tang Qing was still deep in his sleep, until the sound of the rapid knockings on the door woke him up. “Tang Qing! Tang Qing!” Tang Qing who was lying on the bed on his side hazily opened his eyes, but only opened a small seam as he replied, “Who is it?” “It’s me, Biyi. Quickly get out of bed, master asked me to bring you to where she is.” Tang Qing responded with a groan, then rubbed his face and yawned as he wore his robe. Opening the door, he looked at the sky and said, “The sky just shined and even old man sun himself still haven’t wake up from bed……” “Master has some important matter that has to do with you, you quickly follow me.” Biyi’s expression seemed to be not that good, being somewhat worried and also somewhat anxious. “What matter is there that she needed to find me for this early?” Tang Qing seemed to not have enough sleep as he yawned repeatedly. After taking a stretch, only then did his sleepiness somewhat dissipated. “I am also not sure about the specific matter. When we reach there, other than responding to the questions my master ask you about, when other people ask you questions, don’t respond to them, you understand?” As a direct disciple, and what’s more, the school head’s disciple, when such a big matter happened within the inner-school, she herself naturally also heard about it to some extent. Just that, she just couldn’t understand just what kind of person this fellow was that her master not only gave him the transforming rotten pill, and even intends to appoint him as the new direct disciple right now. Biyi became a direct disciple after she came out victorious during the Martial Advancement Competition that was held every 5 years. She was clear as to just how deep the water of the Martial Advancement Competition was and that behind the scene of the competition, the benefits of a countless number of people were entangled within it. There was only a month left until the next Martial Advancement Competition, and her master actually suddenly appointed someone to be the new direct disciple. This action of her master would definitely provoke all the people behind the scene of the competition. Tang Qing nodded his head. Although he was not sure about the specifics of the matter, but he was able to more or less guess what the matter was. The sky has gradually entered into the night. Green Jade School, within the great hall, two row of chairs were placed at each side of the long table. Out of eight chairs, seven chairs had already been occupied. The seven people were all the elders of Green Jade School. Currently, all the elders were sitting upright on the chair and the atmosphere within the great hall was extremely solemn. The elders seemed to have just experienced a dispute in the great hall as the anger of all the seven elders had not dissipated yet. With their face flushed with anger, the elders were all glaring at Shangguan Qixue. At the edge of the long table, there was another sit there and Shangguan Qixue was currently sitting upright on it. She wore a light gold long clothe and light red skirt that dragged on the floor. On her beautiful face, her expression was cold and her dazzling eyes were emitting out a trace of coldness. Her chest was undulating up and down indefinitely, revealing that her anger had not yet dissipated too. It seems that the dispute just now had also made her felt incomparably angry. Since Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo left, it has already been five days. Those days, she had also been constantly thinking about the consequences their heaven affinity would bring forth. Thinking back and forth, in the end, she felt that she could not just place all her hope on that lady Long. If their heaven affinity could not be undo, at that time, the pressure of an imperial family, ancient family, and a great sect would all come one after the other at them. Would Ling’er and Mo’er be able to endure those pressure? Shangguan Qixue loved both Ling’er and Mo’er dearly. In her mind, if the heaven affinity could not be undo, all they could do was face the pressure that would come at them. At that time, the identity of that youngster with the surname Tang would be very important. Unfortunately, this youngster was only just a swindler that roams around the Jianghu. Because of that, Shangguan Qixue could only disregard everything and help pave the way for Tang Qing, to allow Tang Qing to become a person with a higher position. And the first step to becoming a person with a higher position was to by all means make Tang Qing become Green Jade School’s direct disciple. Only by becoming a direct disciple, then would he be able to climb upwards. Therefore, even if she knew that she would offend and provoke many people this time, she also must make Tang Qing become Green Jade School’s direct disciple. “School head, various elders, Tang……Tang Qing has arrived.” Biyi brought Tang Qing into the great hall. After reporting, she turned around and left. The moment when Tang Qing walked into the great hall, the seven elders within the great hall all locked their gaze onto him as they seized him up and down, desiring to look through this youngster thoroughly. Tang Qing stood at the great palace with an indifferent expression, being neither servile nor overbearing as he squinted his eyes and scanned through each and every person present with a tranquil look. “School head Shangguan, is this the person you wanted to appoint as the new direct disciple?” The fourth elder wore a traditional chinese clothing. While twirling the goat beard below his chin, he looked at Tang Qing with a sneer on his face and suddenly snorted, then shouted out, “I want to see just what aptitude this youngster actually possess for school head Shangguan to actually appoint him as the new direct disciple!” After finish speaking, he stood up and walked to Tang Qing’s side, then stretched out his hands and touched Tang Qing from up to down, trying to feel out Tang Qing’s bone quality. “This youngster’s aptitude and bone quality could be compared to rotten wood!” After the fourth elder finished feeling out Tang Qing’s aptitude, he said eccentrically, “School head Shangguan’s insight is truly bright like a torch, to actually be able to appoint such an exceptional genius to be the new direct disciple!” The rest of the elders also walked up to Tang Qing to feel out Tang Qing bone quality. After feeling out Tang Qing’s bone quality, they all either shook their head, sneered, or mocked and ridiculed Shangguan Qixue. “From the day my Green Jade School established up to this day, every person who is appointed as the new direct disciple must fulfill two requirements. The first requirement is that the person has to possess a good family background. The second requirement is that the person has to be an incomparable genius. I dare to ask school head Shangguan, does this disciple that you appointed have a good family background?” Within the numerous elders in Green Jade School, no matter was it cultivation, capability or family background, this fourth elder, Lu Huaye, has the best of all three of those. Therefore, quite a lot of elders follow him and regard him as the leader. A few years ago when the school head of Green Jade School disappeared, forth elder originally thought that he would be able to take over and sit steadily on the position of school head. But who would have thought that the people from above would actually send a woman down here to be the school head? However, due to Shangguan Qixue being the person that the people above sent down here to be the school head, he could not do or say much about it. However, this time, Shangguan Qixue actually appointed someone to be the new direct disciple. How could the fourth elder not be mad about this? After all, he had already been plotting for a very long time for the upcoming Martial Advancement Competition. Shangguan Qixue did not reply. The fourth elder took a look at Tang Qing, and the disdain within his heart could be felt in his speech, as he said, “Let alone an incomparable genius, this person’s aptitude is probably worse than a person with a normal aptitude. This person also possesses such a rotten wood kind of bone quality, and school head Shangguan still wants to appoint him as the new direct disciple? What if this matter was to be spread outside? It would be a miracle at that time if others didn’t laugh at us Green Jade School for being blind!” After the fourth elder finished speaking, he looked at the other elders and gave a signal and the fifth elder immediately stood up and spoke, “ This person’s aptitude is unusually bad and he also doesn’t have any bit of cultivation. If school head was to appoint him to become the new direct disciple, it would definitely become the biggest joke in the history of Green Jade School!” The rest of the elders all stood up one by one and retorted Shangguan Qixue. “Elder Song, as the outer-school technique imparting elder.” The fourth elder said with a sneer, “I’m not sure how you think of this matter?” Elder Song could be said to be the elder with the lowest position in Green Jade School, but also the elder that was the most indifferent towards fame and fortune. He was not within fourth elder’s party, and also not within Shangguan Qixue’s party. All along, he had always been neutral and not taking anyone’s side. Elder Song stood up and took a look at Tang Qing as he shook his head and said, “As Green Jade School’s school head, you naturally have the qualifications to appoint someone to become the new direct disciple. However, this child’s aptitude is indeed worse than one would expect and is far from qualified to be able to become a direct disciple. If school head is going to remain obstinate in appointing this child and cancelling the Martial Advancement Competition, I’m afraid it will be unfair to the numerous outer-school disciples.” “Elder song is extremely correct.” The fourth elder laughed and said, “If school head Shangguan is still going to appoint this youngster, I would like to ask just what will you do with the hundreds of outer-school disciples? All of them cultivate diligently day and night, all just for the Martial Advancement Competition that is held once every 5 years. And yet, this chance which comes once every 5 years is going to be taken away with force by school head Shangguan. Haha……I truly feel indignant for them!” At this time, Shangguan Qixue who had been keeping quiet this whole time finally opened her mouth, “When did I ever say that I was going to cancel the Martial Advancement Competition that comes once every 5 years?” “Humph! Since school head Shangguan has already appointed someone to become the new direct disciple, is there still a need to hold the upcoming Martial Advancement Competition?” Without any expression, Shangguan Qixue threw the scroll on the table towards the elders, “I have already reported this matter to ‘upper sect’, and ‘upper sect’ has already agreed for me to increase the quota of direct disciples to 11 people. Therefore, the upcoming Martial Advancement Competition will still continue to be held!”

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