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Within the stone room, Shangguan Ling stood quietly, gazing attentively and steadily at a dark red color strange stone in her hand. It should probably be a stone, but the shape of the stone was that of a heart, with its entire body in scarlet red, and on the surface of the stone, 10+ row of mysterious talisman writings were carved onto it. “Big sister Mo, just where did you actually got this strange stone heart from?” Just what kind of thing the stone heart actually was, Shangguan Ling herself was also not sure. A few months ago when she came to find Yun Mo to go sightseeing, she heard Yun Mo said that this stone was very wicked. At that time, Shangguan Ling did not believe her and after bringing the stone back with her then did she found out that Yun Mo did not bluff her. As long as you came into contact with the stone, you would actually dream of something erotic. “The stone heart was found by incident inside of an abandoned temple at Ancient Distant Battlefield.” Yun Mo was currently holding onto a white jade writing brush which was the length of 1/3 of a meter and drawing out some bizarre talisman writings on the floor. The speed of her drawing out those talisman writings was incredibly fast. One talisman writing after another talisman writing kept on appearing, and soon, various profound talisman writings and mysterious designs were drawn out by her all around the floor and wall within the stone room. “I specifically went over a lot of ancient texts and also asked a lot of the elders in my sect about the stone heart, but none of them knew what the talisman writings that were carved onto the stone heart were.” For the purpose of unraveling the secret of the stone heart, Shangguan Ling had been busy these past few months, but the result was, however, ending up with still no answer. “It is because the talisman writings on the stone heart are not Ancient Distant talisman writings.” “Ah! Then what talisman writings is it?” "I also only found out that the talisman writings on the stone heart are a kind of Great Desolate talisman writings after going through countless of ancient texts.” “Great Desolate talisman writings?” Shangguan Ling’s expression became shocked because she was very clear what ‘Great Desolate’ those two words represented. Great Desolate was said to be the most mysterious and chaotic cultivation era, but due to some unknown reasons, the remnants that were left over from Great Desolate Era were incredibly sparse. Therefore, all things that were from the Great Desolate Era were all priceless treasures. “Then that means that this stone heart is a Great Desolate treasure?” Shangguan Ling was first shocked then happy afterward and her excitement within her heart could be felt when she spoke. Seeing that Yun Mo nodded her head, she practically shrieked out excitedly and went forward to hug Yun Mo as she laughed incessantly. “Wa! This is great! Since this is a Great Desolate treasure, if we are able to open it, doesn’t it mean that we will be striking it rich? Big sister Mo, I really love you!” It wasn’t that Shangguan Ling was shortsighted and thus was that excited. In fact, it was the opposite. She possessed an incredible family background and was also the direct disciple of a big sect. The number of treasures that she had seen before was uncountable. The reason why she was that excited was but because that a Great Desolate treasure was really extremely rare. “Ling’er, don’t be happy too early first.” Compared to Shangguan Ling, Yun Mo appeared to be calmer much more as she said lightly, “Whoever who come into contact with this strange rock would sink into an erotic dreamland. From this point alone, it proves that this stone is definitely an extremely wicked stone. Moreover, there is something important that I have not tell you. Do you know what the talisman writings on the stone are?” “What?” “It is a kind of Great Desolate seal. As for what kind of seal it is, I am incapable of finding out. But you can just think about it. Whenever something was sealed, they were without an exception a wicked existence in this world. Furthermore, it is even something from that most chaotic era, Great Desolate Era.” “Ah! Great Desolate seal?” Hearing this, Shangguan Ling’s expression gradually became solemn, but the solemn was also only for a moment as she smiled and said,” Hehe, big sister Mo, don’t you try to scare me. Although Great Desolate seal is indeed formidable and the thing that was sealed inside is perhaps also very wicked, but all seal also have the effect of refining and the thing that was sealed would die in the end. No matter how strong the thing that was sealed was, after going through such a long time of being sealed, it would also definitely get refined into just a trace of its origin.” “Hmm? When did our Ling’er become so studious?” Yun Mo teased. “Humph, humph! It is that you don’t know that I Shangguan Ling have always been very studious.” Shangguan Ling raised her head up high, showing out a very complacent look. “Finish at last.” Yun Mo kept her brush and stretched out her hand as she used her sleeve to wipe away the sweat on her forehead. Drawing formation was extremely taxing on one’s own spirit. Although she was proficient in formation and her spirit was tremendous, but completely drawing out ‘Heaven Nine Mysterious Formation” still made her felt somewhat exhausted. “Big sister Mo, the talisman writings on the stone heart is Great Desolate seal after all and is extremely profound. Would this formation of yours be able to break the seal?” “I am still not able to confirm right now.” Yun Mo took a deep breath and said, “If it was a complete Great Desolate seal, I would definitely not be able to break it. But I have carefully comprehended the Great Desolate seal on the stone and confirmed that the seal was already damaged and is not as good as it looks. Not sure what caused the seal to become damaged.” “Since it is like this, then let us begin!” Shangguan Ling seemed to be exceptionally excited and was looking forward to opening the secret within the stone heart. At the same time, she was also very curious as to just what thing was hidden within the stone heart that was actually able to sink into that erotic dreamland. Yun Mo placed the stone heart in the middle position of Heaven Nine Mysterious Formation, then raised her arms and began fluttering around her slender jade hands. One magic seal after another was struck out as they hit onto each and every formation positions. Within just three breathes, 10+ magic seals were already struck out by Yun Mo. “Heaven envelops, profound of Nine Mysterious, formation finish!” Wew! Heaven Nine Mysterious Formation started to work. At this moment, all the talisman writings within the stone room began to flicker, occasionally distorting, transforming and flowing around, then actually began to slowly revolve around the stone heart that was in the middle formation position. Yun Mo and Shangguan Ling stood at one side with a solemn expression while attentively looking at the formation with their eyes. As the revolving speed got faster, the stone heart also began to slowly float up, and when the Nine Heaven Mysterious Formation began to come into contact with the stone heart, the stone heart began to tremble violently, and sounds of crackling could be heard transmitting out. “Big sister Mo, is it normal for this to happen?” Although Shangguan Ling had an incredible family background and was also a disciple of a big sect, she did not understand much about formation. Yun Mo wrinkled her brows as her serene eyes revealed her confusion. Slightly shaking her head and just when she was about to speak, all of a sudden, the trembling of the stone heart became more tremendous and the various talisman writings that were revolving around actually began to distort and disperse inexplicably. In just a moment, all the talisman writings became disordered. “Why did it became like this? The Great Desolate seal had obviously already been enveloped by Heaven Nine Mysterious Formation and the Heaven Nine Mysterious Formation had also begun to weaken the seal, so why did the formation suddenly become disordered?” Just when Yun Mo was bewildered and puzzled, the talisman writings within the formation dispersed and vanished one after another, and followed upon, the entire stone room actually began to tremble. Yun Mo’s expression became shocked as she shouted out, “Not good! Heaven Nine Mysterious Formation has already fallen apart! Ling’er, quickly retreat!” Just as she finished speaking, the stone heart that was floating in the middle formation position suddenly released out a demonic dark red color radiance, and the demonic radiance immediately wrapped around Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo. Yun Mo sensed something peculiar and was overwhelmed with shock. Just when she wanted to open her mouth to speak, she felt her entire body becoming limp and numb as her consciousness began to fade away. As for Shangguan Ling, she also went limp on the ground and lost her consciousness. … … Outside of the manor, Tang Qing was currently leisurely lying down on the grass and taking a rest. Suddenly, a loud sound woke him up from his sleep. Could it be that berserk three eye white elephant again? Tang Qing did not think too much and opened his eyes. Discovering that the ground around him was trembling, he felt puzzled and thought to himself just what is going on? Looking into the distance, he discovered that the core of the trembling came from the back of the manor. “Just what is that two woman up to? If this continues, the formation outside will not be able to endure and gradually collapse.” Feeling curious as to what was going on, Tang Qing immediately stood up and ran to the manor. After wandering around within the manor for a while, he finally came to a stop in front of the door of a stone room which was in the backyard. The door was opened, but he did not dare to go in because the scene that was happening inside the stone room made someone like him who believed himself to be experienced and knowledgeable felt incomparably shameful and extremely awkward. With plain clothes which surpassed snow, the quiet and gentle Yun Mo who was like the Ninth Heaven’s fairy was currently not fully attired and her beautiful body was exposed. With her head facing upwards, her eyes closed and cheeks blushed red, her mouth was slightly open as she hooked her arms around Shangguan Ling’s neck. Shangguan Ling was also not fully attired and her plump body could clearly be seen. Shangguan Ling was currently hugging onto Yun Mo’s slender waist and was kissing Yun Mo’s breasts and neck. “What……What is this situation?” Upon seeing this scene in front of him, Tang Qing felt his blood vessels raising and due to his body currently being extremely weak, the raising of his blood vessels immediately caused him to feel dizzy. Living up till now, not knowing how many years he had lived, the amount of strange and mysterious things that he had witnessed were also not less too. But this alluring and strange scene which he had just witnessed today was still the first time he had seen with his own eyes. “Could it be that this era had already become that open-minded to such a universally shocking point? Two women could actually mess around unrestrainedly like this?” Old already! Really old already! For the first time in his life, Tang Qing really felt that he was old already. Old to the point that he was somewhat out of touch with this era. Hmm? Not right! Tang Qing felt that something was not right. The cultivation of those two women was not weak. With him standing there, the two of them should be able to sense him. No matter how thirsty they were, they would also not go to the point of not caring about anything right? Looking closely, Tang Qing astonishingly sensed a peculiar aura. This aura made him felt extremely uncomfortable. Glancing around, he discovered the heart stone that was floating within the stone room. Walking over to the stone heart, he grabbed it and began to inspect it in detail. When Tang Qing grabbed onto the stone heart, Yun Mo and Shangguan Ling both stopped their affectionate movements. Yun Mo was the first to open her hazy eyes. Seemingly to be somewhat fuzzy, when she discovered that she was hooking onto Shangguan Ling’s neck with her arms, she felt somewhat puzzled. When she discovered that Shangguan Ling was naked, she could not help but cry out in astonishment. When she discovered that she was also naked, she finally shouted out loud in astonishment. With her shout, Shangguan Ling also woke up in surprise. When Shangguan ling opened her eyes, she went into a daze for a few seconds, then let out a much louder and sharper shouting sound than Yun Mo. “Damn it! It is definitely that stone heart’s work again!” Shangguan Ling dreamed of that erotic kind of wicked dream again just now. Although she did not know just what happened, she could guarantee that it definitely had something to do with that stone heart. While hurriedly tidying up her clothes, all of a sudden, Yun Mo suddenly let out a shout again. “Big sister Mo, this happened only because of that stone heart, what are you shouting that loud for. It’s not like I have never seen before your body too. I only kissed your neck only, what is there to make a fuss about. Seriously!” Since Yun Mo and Shangguan Ling called each other as sisters, their relationship was naturally also very close. Between the two of them, usually hugging together and even kissing was not a big thing at all. Moreover, Yun Mo’s temperament was tranquil, and her personal character was extremely quiet too. However, at this moment, she was not able to be tranquil and quiet anymore because she saw a man, and moreover, it was during when she was not fully attired that she saw the man. If it was just like this, it was still not to the point of making her collapse. The fact was that, just a while ago, she was still doing something intimate with Shangguan Ling before seeing the man. “What is it? Big sister Mo, be at ease, I will take responsibility. From today onwards, you will be my woman.” Shangguan Ling smiled and raised her head. Discovering that Yun Mo was gazing at her back with an alarmed look, she felt puzzled and turned her body around. At the moment she turned her body around, her pressingly beautiful face immediately turned deathly white. Pointing at Tang Qing, she let out an extremely ear-piercing screech. The two women panicked and did not dare to stay still anymore as they ran away at the speed of bolt.

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