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Tang Qing did not care about the actions of the two women and currently had his entire attention placed on the stone heart. He could see that the talisman writings on the stone heart were a kind of Great Desolate seal. Furthermore, he knew that the seal on the stone heart was not an ordinary Great Desolate seal too and was the famous Great Buddha Great Extermination seal. He was also very clear that Great Buddha Great Extermination seal was the strongest Buddhism seal in the Great Desolate era. Just what kind of thing was it that needed the Buddhist experts in the Great Desolate era to use Great Buddha Great Extermination seal to seal it? “Damned swindler! Who allowed you to come in just now?!” An overbearing and severe sound could be heard. When Tang Qing raised his head, he discovered the angry Shangguan Ling who was clenching her teeth and staring fiercely at him with her eyes opened wide. “I was resting outside just now and when the entire manor suddenly began trembling, I shouted out two times but no one responded, so I came over to take a look at just what was going on.” Tang Qing replied honestly, and the indifferent expression on his face was seemingly as if nothing happened at all just now. “Then that means, you saw the thing that happened just now?” Shangguan Ling’s voice raised somewhat higher. “If I knew that the two of you women were playing ambiguous with each other……I would have never come over!” Tang Qing shook his head helplessly. Talking at this moment made even somewhat like him felt somewhat powerless, “I really did not have the intention to peek at you two…….” “YOU!!!! You this bastard gangster! How could you……you……” Shangguan Ling gritted her teeth fumingly and said angrily, “Did you saw till big sister Mo's and my……” Shangguan Ling did not finish speaking what she wanted to said but how could Tang Qing not understood just what she wanted to speak of. Just that, he also did not know how to answer that question. “Ling’er, forget it, he also didn’t mean to do it.” Although Yun Mo appeared to be somewhat tranquil, however that trace of awkwardness within her eyes could not be concealed. “But……” The more Shangguan Ling thought of it, the angrier she became. And at this time, Tang Qing suddenly said, “This two young ladies, did you two tried to open this stone just now?” “Don’t need you to care! Give over the stone!” Shangguan Ling’s anger had still not yet disappear. Discovering that the stone heart was in Tang Qing’s hand, she immediately demanded the stone back. “This stone is too dangerous. You two should just let me throw it away instead.” Although Tang Qing was not able to tell just what thing the stone heart was, the aura within the stone heart made him felt incredibly extremely uncomfortable. He dared to confirm that the stone heart was an inauspicious item and a kind of extremely demonic thing was definitely hidden inside it. “What did you say? You throw for me see and see what happen!” Seeing that Tang Qing did not have the intention to give the stone to her, Shangguan Ling was also lazy to talk too much and straightforwardly stretched her hand to take away the stone. However, Tang Qing immediately placed his hand on his back. “Damned swindler, you don’t even have a tiny bit of cultivation at all and you actually dare to seize the stone? I see that you are really tired of living?” Not only was Shangguan Ling angry, even Yun Mo was also somewhat unable to understand, “Prince Tang, what is the meaning of this?” “This two young ladies, I do not have the intention of seizing the stone. Just what thing is there actually in the stone, I am also not interested in finding out. However, this stone is really very dangerous. I advise you two to leave the stone here and quickly leave this place or else you two's life will be in danger.” Tang Qing carefully looked over the stone just now and discovered that the Great Desolate seal on the stone heart was destroyed by force and was currently slowly dispersing. Don’t need long, when the Great Desolate seal completely dispersed, the stone heart would then be opened. At that time, if something strong was hidden within the stone heart, they would really not be able to escape anymore. It is unimaginable just what kind of wicked thing would actually be sealed by the Great Buddha Great Extermination seal. “Ghost would then believe your nonsense. Give me the stone heart!” Shangguan Ling naturally did not believe Tang Qing this goddamned swindler. Taking over the stone heart from Tang Qing’s hand by force, she passed the stone heart over to Yun Mo. Yun Mo took over the stone heart and sighed softly as she said, “The Great Desolate seal have already begun to disperse. I presume, don’t need too long and the secret of the stone would finally be revealed” “Really?” Shangguan Ling was extremely pleasantly surprised. “Since you two are that dedicated to wanting to find out the answer of the stone, you all can look for all you want then.” Tang Qing shook his head and sighed. He had just overcome the Ninth Layer Heavenly Tribulation and had not even enjoyed for a day at all, thus he definitely did not want to provoke that wicked thing within that stone heart. “Big sister Mo, quickly look!” Along with Shangguan Ling’s shout of surprise, the Great Desolate seal dispersed completely and the stone heart became more demonic, wicked and dark red. Due to having suffered an unfavorable situation just now, upon seeing the demonic dark red color, Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo both retreated backward and took out their magic item, preparing to resist any time. Seeing this situation, Tang Qing who was just about to leave suddenly halted and stared at the stone heart with his brows frowned. The dark red stone began to distort, transforming countless times and actually faintly took the form of a lump of strange energy, seemingly like YinYang Taiji[^1]. A Yin and a Yang, there was Yin within the Yang, Yang within the Yin, and after the Yin and Yang joined together, the strange energy was just like a faint distorting red color fountain. “Not good! There is danger! Quickly run!” Tang Qing was greatly astonished. When he leaped away from the stone heart, he felt a frightening suction force immediately enveloped over him and with a swishing sound, his entire body was sucked into the red color fountain. Seeing this scene, Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo were shocked to the extreme. Just when the two of them was about to retreat backward, it was however already too late as two swooshing sounds appeared and the two of them were also sucked into the red color fountain. …… There was no sky above and no ground below. Everywhere was filled with a demonic dark red color. Just where was this place. Shangguan Ling did not know, Yun Mo did not know, and Tang Qing did not know too. “Big sister Mo, are you okay?” Shangguan Ling looked around left and right and inevitably felt somewhat scared in her heart because there was nothing at all in this place. Just as if they were standing in an endless void, it was quiet to the point which made one felt frightened in their heart. Especially when dark red color filled the entire place, making the place seemed even more demonic and frightening. “I am fine.” Yun Mo shook her head and indicated that she was fine. Looking around, her brows started to frown and myriad of bewilderedness filled her eyes. In this place, numerous densely packed golden color talisman writings filled the entire place. All those talisman writings were incomparably profound. They floated within the void, with some distorted, some indistinct and some faintly discernible. What made her felt more surprised was that there was actually nine skeleton here. The nine skeleton sparkled with faint gold color glimmers. All of the skeletons sat cross-legged, with both of their hands hitting out a strange gesture. Also, all nine of the skeletons formed into a circle together. “Big sister Mo, what is going on with those skeletons?” “They should be the senior experts who belonged to the Great Desolate era. Just not sure for what reason that they would sit still here and die a natural death.” At this very moment, Tang Qing’s facial expression was extremely ugly and even somewhat ashen. Yun Mo did not know the identities of those skeletons but he, however, could see that those nine skeletons were not just only just senior experts who belonged to the Great Desolate era that simple and were actually experts who cultivated up to the cultivation of Golden Buddha in the Great Desolate Era. Golden Buddha experts had the magic ability to free all livings from their sufferings[^2]. If Tang Qing’s guess was not wrong, the Great Buddha Great Extermination seal on the stone most likely was the work of those nine people. What Tang Qing could not understand was that since the Great Buddha Great Extermination seal had already been arranged finish, why did the nine of them not leave this place and instead die in a seated position here. There could only be one possibility, and that was that the thing that those nine people sealed was extremely frightening. Frightening to the point that even nine Gold Buddha experts who had used Buddhism’s greatest seal, Great Buddha Great Extermination also did not have the certainty to completely seal away that thing. Just what was the thing that was sealed? Tang Qing’s muddy eyes currently had a trace of radiance as he glanced over the numerous densely packed golden color talisman writings. All those talisman writings were exactly the Great Buddha Great Extermination seal. Suddenly, he discovered a paragraph of special talisman writings beside the nine skeletons. Those talisman writings did not belong to any seal and were meant to convey some kind of meanings. Tang Qing was quite proficient in talisman writings and thus began to carefully sense the meanings contained within the talisman writings. Just that, the more he sensed, the uglier his facial expression became and even his eyes also began to gradually reveal out how astonished he was. Living up till now, Tang Qing had experienced even up to the Ninth Layer Heavenly Tribulation. To be honest, there was nothing much in this world that could make him felt emotionally moved. But right now at this moment, after sensing the paragraph of talisman writings, his heart was beating crazily. This paragraph of Great Desolate talisman writings was left by a senior monk whose name was Mo Jiao. Tang Qing had to some extent heard about the history of the Great Desolate era. Towards the name ‘Mo Jiao’, it was like thunder piercing the ear. Mo Jiao was the number one Buddhism expert in the Great Desolate era and the rest of the other eight people were all also famous Golden Buddha experts during the Great Desolate era. The reason as to why all of them gathered here and used Great Buddha Great Extermination seal was to seal a curse. This curse was the root of chaos during the Great Desolate era and was also the main culprit which caused the Great Desolate era to come to an end. The reason why Tang Qing was astonished was not because of the identities of Mo Jiao and the other eight people and was also not because of the secret that was told in the paragraph of talisman writings that Mo Jiao had left behind. The reason Tang Qing was astonished was but because the curse which Mo Jiao and the eight other people who wanted to seal even if it caused their death was actually one of the four great curse in this world, ‘YinYang Curse’. Within this world, there are countless of mystical existences which developed because of heaven and become complete because of fate and luck. Within those mystical existences, curse belonged to one of them. Since ancient times, there were a lot of legends about curse, with the four great curse being the most legend of them all. As for just what kind of existence curse was, Tang Qing was also not very clear. However, he had an old friend who got struck with a kind of small curse. That small curse made his old friend wish for death but not able to die, wish to live but not able live. When cultivating, his old friend was even able to cultivate to the point where his seven orifices[^3] would bleed. Even when walking, his old friend would fall into the Ninth Underworld. Being often plagued with nightmares, his old friend became deranged in the end and up to today, the whereabouts of his old friend was still unknown. If a small curse was already able to torment a person to this point, let alone talking about what the four great curse would be able to do. Moreover, just what was YinYang Curse which belonged to the one of the four great curse of the legend was, Tang Qing himself also really did not now. However, Mo Jiao said that the reason why the Great Desolate era was in chaos and came to an end was all completely because of the YinYang Curse. Just thinking alone with your toes, one would also know that this thing absolutely cannot be provoked. Absolutely cannot! Looking at the numerous densely packed faintly discernible golden color talisman writings, Tang Qing knew that those talisman writings were already on the verge of collapsing and may even collapse in the next moment. At that time, if the YinYang Curse was to come out, then he himself…… He did not dare to continue to think of it and immediately started to examine the place. But all he discovered was that this place was extremely unfathomable and with his capabilities, there was absolutely no way of getting out of the place. “I am done for this time!” Tang Qing lamented, not knowing what to do that would be good. “Hey! Damned swindler, it can’t be that you are scared stupid already right? There is also not any demon here, so what are you scared of. You are really a coward!” Shangguan Ling also discovered Tang Qing’s ugly expression and could not help but begin to disdain him, “It is just a few skeletons only but see how much it scared you for your expression to be that ugly.” “My expression is ugly? Haha!” Tang Qing’s face revealed a kind of extremely helpless and complicated bitter smile. That was a kind of expression which showed one was breaking apart, “If you all still don’t leave, I dare to guarantee that the expression on you two will definitely be much uglier than mine!” “What do you mean? It can’t be that you are really scared stupid?” At the moment when Shangguan Ling just finished speaking, the nine skeletons seemingly got erode away by the wind and gradually dispersed and disappeared. At the same time, the numerous densely packed golden color talisman writings also began to disperse at an extremely fast speed. Tang Qing seriously wanted to cry but had no tears because he completely did not know how to get out of this forsaken place. “You……” *Clamor sound* Just when Shangguan Ling said the word ‘you’, the demonic dark red color around the place started to flicker recklessly. Followed on, not sure just what happened, Shangguan Ling felt her body going limp and straightforwardly lost her consciousness afterward. “Ling’er……” Yun Mo called out, but also completely lost her consciousness afterward. Tang Qing possessed Ninth Layer Scattered Immortal Body and thus his resistance was unlike any. After taking out a few steps aimlessly with force as he did not know how to leave the place, he began to ponder and decided to not struggle anymore as he just stood still while talking to himself in vex, “Sigh! God! I am already unfortunate enough to have provoked the Heavenly Tribulations in this life of mine. Can you old man please be merciful a bit to me. There are a total of three people here. After YinYang Curse come out, please do not let it find me!” As Tang Qing thought to himself, Tang Qing’s consciousness also began to fade away. [^1]: Taiji is an ancient Chinese philosophy about the natural world and is one of the central elements of traditional Chinese culture. The word Taiji itself refers to the “great primal beginning” of all that exists and is often translated as the 'Supreme Ultimate'. [^2]: There is a Buddhist term of ????, ????,????, which meant, free all living things from their sufferings, escape from the abyss of suffering, and climb onto the other shore. [^3]: Seven orifices - 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, and mouth.

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