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“This is simple.” Liu Wei explained, “When I asked him if he has any relationship with the murderer, he replied no, his reply was quick, but his brows were low. This means that he was intentionally thinking about what to say before he replied. When I asked him if he knew the identity of the murderer, he said no but his lips were shut tightly. This means that he was very nervous. When I asked about the deaths of Xiao Juan and Xiao Hong, his expressions were clear and looked confident. However, when I asked him separately, as he was answering the death of Xiao Hong’s, his expression became raged with humiliation. But people who are angry normally frown their brows, their cheeks would taut to appear to have a sense of power. In contrast, he was raging but he has no power. His eye corners were lowered. This is an expression of a guilty conscience.” Liu Wei got down the court and continued, “Lastly, I asked if he frequently meets with the murderer. When he denied, his gaze was nervous and his eyes were dry, yet he gave me a death stare to make me believe his words. But he did not know that when a person is lying, not looking or keeps staring, are all suspicious. To conclude, all his answers were unreliable, and I can boldly suspect that he is trying to cover up for the murderer. And for him to try to cover up for this person, the relationship between him and the murderer is deep. This person not only is he a Li family villager but most likely a relative of Li village chief? For example, his son perhaps?” As she finished, her eyes were smiling. The serial murderer that they were trying to capture for a month is finally going to be captured. The present scene fell into a dead silence again. After Li Ping finished hearing her words, his heart was thumping anxiously. He does not know anything about expression or body language. All he knows is that if the magistrate believes what this coroner has said, they will rush into his house and even…… Li Ping immediately knelt on the floor and kowtow hard, “Lord! , Lord I am being framed! I do not know the murderer, I am not lying! Lord, this person is an outsider, and them, they are all outsider! These outsiders are all from unknown origins and they must be collaborating to tarnish my reputation to escape from their sins! They are the real murderers, they are working together! Lord, Lord you have to check it wisely!” Li Ping shouted till his voice turned hoarse, his eyes were so agitated that it reflected red lights. The county magistrate banged on the sounding wood, “What are you shouting for! I have my judgement, I do not need you to shout in the court! Guards, take down Li Ping immediately, then follow me down to the Li family village.” “Lord, Lord you cannot believe them! This is a conspiracy, they are then the true murderers! If you connive these criminals, they will murder all the Fu Ping county citizens and you too my lord! Lord, you cannot be so muddled!” Li Ping frightening voice filled the whole court, shouting louder and louder as if to rip his throat apart. The magistrate frowned and loudly urged, “Quickly take him down!” In his whole journey, Li Ping screamed and roared, two bailiffs hurriedly dragged him away. When his voice was no longer heard, the magistrate walked down from the higher court and walked towards Liu Wei, “Sir Liu, is the murderer really from the Li family village?” News of the serial murderer around this area has been spreading throughout the neighbouring counties. Unsure of the number of deaths, it has been known that the murderer had been killing from Qu Jiang prefecture to Fu Ping county. If the murderer is indeed from the Fu Ping county and people from the Qu Jiang governance reports to the capital, he can forget about his position as the county magistrate. The higher-ups can punish him for poor governance and immediately he would be executed. Liu Wei understands what the magistrate meant, she smiled, “No matter where the murderer comes from, as long as the lord personally arrest him, it is also a big achievement. When the time comes, I believe the higher authorities will know what to do.” “Personally arrest?” The magistrate touched his chin, in deep thought. Liu Wei hinted and stopped, she called for her son, “Xiao Li, let’s go.” Liu Xiao Li eagerly ran over. As the magistrate had to rush to the Li family village too, he did not tarry long. The people in the court dispersed quickly. The advisor was the last to leave. He looked at the three suspects standing at the frontcourt and muttered, “You all just wait here. If we manage to capture the murderer, you all can leave.” After the advisor finished, he ordered the two bailiffs guarding the door to watch the suspects before leaving to catch up with the group. After waiting for the main court to quiet down, the old man standing in the middle looked at the four-word board writing “perspicacious and impartial judgement”, and laughed, “Is this how all of our Qing Yun country’s coroner solve cases?” The middle-aged servant honestly answered, “my lord, there are not many books teaching about the arts of a forensic doctor. This is also this humble servant’s first time seeing this method of solving cases.” “Ah Leng, have you seen this before?” The old man looked at the young man standing at the side.

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