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The tall and straight young man did not have a single ounce of expression on his face, “Never seen before.” “Fu Ping county belongs to which government prefecture?” “My lord, it is Qu Jiang government.” The middle-aged servant explained, “But even though it is Qu Jiang government, it is too far away. The Qu Jiang government is unable to govern all the way here. Other than the payment of taxes annually, Fu Ping county and the neighbouring counties are governed by themselves by their magistrates. It has been so many years and it became a practice.” The old man muttered, “Qu Jiang government’s magistrate is Fu Zi Chen, right?” “Yes, it is Lord Fu. Speaking of that. This year is Lord Fu’s third year of being Qu Jiang government’s magistrate. According to the rules, he should be coming to the capital at the end of the year to transfer to another post.” To prevent corruption of government officials, officials with three-pins and below must rotate their post every three years. This is a rule of Qing Yun country from many years ago, since the great ancestors’ generations. “Yes.” The old man looked at the young man, “Ah Leng, you follow them. The murderer is crafty and sly. Do not let that Sir Liu hurt, he is quite interesting, and I want to speak with him.” The young lad understood what the old man meant, he nodded his head and walked towards the front door. The two bailiffs immediately blocked his way, “Where are you planning to go!” As if his feet have wings, the young lad was already behind one of the bailiffs in a blink of an eye. He knocked him out with his hand. He used the same trick with the other bailiff within mere seconds. The two bailiffs fell onto the ground with a thud while the young man tidied his sleeves and walked out of Ya Men. After watching the young man disappear, the middle-aged servant asked, “Lord, do you want to talk Sir Liu perhaps for……” The old man shot him a side glance warningly. His legs went numbed and he knelt on the ground, “Forgive me, my lord. Your humble servant should not have said that, please punish me, my lord.” The old man slowly walked up to the higher court to the county’s chair and sat down. He picked a book containing Fu Ping records, looking through and said, “Stand up, while we are outside, do not just kneel, it attracts other gazes.” “Yes.” The servant obediently agreed, breaking out in cold sweat. As suspected by Liu Wei, after trying to capture the murderer for a month, there is indeed a hunting cabin near the Li family village along the pathway to the mountains. Inside the wooden cabin was no one other than the village chief’s son. But the advisor was stumped when he sees the actual criminal. “How can it be him!” “Are there any problems?” Liu Wei asked. The advisor gazed strangely, “This is the village chief’s eldest son, Li Yong. However, he is an idiot. This Li Yong is naturally born an idiot. Even though he is thirty-plus-old, but he only has the mental capacity of a toddler. How can he be the murderer?” Liu Wei narrowed her eyes. Looking at the whole house surrounded by bailiffs and the innocent face of the middle-aged man, her brows creased. “Sir Liu, are you mistaken? He should…… not be the murderer.” The advisor said hesitantly, “Even though I heard that this Li Yong had followed his uncle’s rice wagon to work outside the county, with his mental intelligence, I doubt he cannot even count. How can he be a murderer? And even travel to Qu Jiang province to murder?” At this moment, the bailiffs shouted, “There is a cellar here! Ugh, it is smelly. There is a corpse here!” The magistrate and the advisor hurriedly entered. Liu Wei instead stared at Li Yong who was in the middle of the room. She walked over and asked slowly, “What is your name?” Li Yong blinked his eyes. He wore a big wide smile on his dirtied face, beamingly shouted, “My wife.” Liu Wei raised her brows, her eyes stared intently. The bailiff at the side coughed awkwardly, “Sir Liu, do not be angry. This idiot does not recognize people, and cannot differentiate between men and women, he is just calling out blindly.” “Which man will be happy when he got called “wife” by someone? Even though Sir Liu is graceful and may look like a woman from far, but he does not have any breasts.”, the bailiff thought.

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