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Liu Wei laughed coldly. She walked to the left, swung her hands and flipped over the tea set on the table. “Clink-clang,” the tea set shattered onto the ground. The ear-piercing sound of the shattered pottery amplified in the silent house. Li Yong looked at the shattered pieces of the pottery, he stared blankly. Liu Wei looked at him and suddenly raged, “Who is your wife. You mentally deficient idiot. You are a mentally sick beggar. Look at what you are wearing, so dirty, torn and rotted. Do you think you deserve to have a wife? You should go and look at your ugly self in the mirror! Whoever sees you would feel disgusted!” When Rong Leng rushed to the hunting cabin, he could hear the voice of the refined and elegant gentleman sputtering a series of insults. He frowned, he felt that the white-robed gentleman should not be so vulgar. As he walked forward two steps, he stood at the front door. He looked inside, as he expected, it is that Sir Liu who was insulting a big built man. The man was sloppy and smelly. He stood at the same spot without replying, burying his head. “Did you not hear me? I am insulting you right now, can you hear? Are you that retarded that you cannot even differentiate a person insulting you? Why is such a person like you still living? You are a burden to your parents and siblings. You are being a burden to the society by being alive. If I am you, I would have used a rope and to end my own life!” Rong Leng brows wrinkled even more. The bailiffs surrounding the room drooped their heads. Previously they had a pretty good impression about Sir Liu, but just because Li Yong said something wrong, he began to fire a barrage of insults at him. Liu Wei is acting as if he is a godly being while the others are like criminals on death roll, which was simply ridiculous. So what if you are capable; Handsome, capable and good at examining the dead. People with no moral virtues are no better than rocks on the streets. The magistrate and advisor also came out. As they came out and hear Liu Wei insulting Li Yong, they were shocked. The vulgar side has tarnished their impression of the elegant gentleman who was an outstanding and talented. The surrounding became strangely quiet. The atmosphere around the house changed. As Liu Wei relentlessly insulted the man, she hid her son behind herself. Her expression filled with disdain as she insults Li Yong, sparing no effort, yet her eyes were extremely serious. Yet Li Yong kept his head down while taking all the insults, looking so pitiful. He earned the pities of the soft-hearted public. But Liu Wei knew that she cannot be soft-hearted. Li Yong is the murderer. No matter his size, mental capability and body strength, it all matches to the murderer. Even his living quarters’ cellar has a corpse. Additionally, one month before, which is also the time of the murder, Li Yong was not in the family village. Instead, he was away with unclear whereabouts. All these testified and pointed out that he is the murderer. But he is an idiot, and an idiot does not know how to murder. Then, if an idiot could kill, what would the situation be like? She is experimenting right now. “Li Yong, there is a small lake right in front. Can you just jump in and drown yourself?” Liu Wei maliciously said. Just as she finished her words and some bailiffs could no longer bear to hear her insults, Li Yong who was in the middle of the room suddenly lifted his eyes. Since he was burying his head just now, no one could see his expression. The moment when he lifted his head, everyone realized that his eyes were bloodshot, his expression was scarily sinister. While everyone was unprepared, he dashed towards and roared, “You slut! I want to kill you!” charging towards Liu Wei. His actions were swift and strong. Luckily, Liu Wei was prepared. She slid out the scalpel which was hidden in her sleeves, barely grazing the rage-filled Li Yong who charged at her. Liu Wei controlled her strength, which hence the blade only grazed Li Yong’s arm. But Li Yong continued to charge forward as if he cannot feel any pain. He roared like a mindless beast who lost his conscience, “I want to kill you! I want to kill you! You insulted me! You insulted me!”

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