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“Split personality.” Liu Wei knew about it all along. She guessed it correctly. Li Yong is the village chief eldest son, yet he is living alone in the hunting cabin on top of the mountains. He is dirty and smelly. The items in the house were abnormally simple. The tea set looks super dusty, but there is still water in the house, which means that he is living inside. Even so, no one is taking care of him, which means that he was abandoned by his family. To a person who has a mental disability and growing up secretly under the wings of a family, being abandoned is equivalent to dying. Therefore, having a split personality is not strange. Liu Wei does not know when did Li Yong start to murder people. But, looking at how the Fu Ping county did not take on any murder cases before, she can conclude that the first killing started a month ago at the Qu Jiang prefecture. And as to why he wants to kill in the Qu Jiang prefecture? Most likely it was because he realized that he was abandoned by his father to leave his hometown. Furthermore, his uncle may have mistreated him. Adding all the elements, the malicious seed of intent has grown inside him. Working as a forensic doctor has accustomed her to various murderers. In fact, Liu Wei has seen many murderers with split personalities. These murderers were mostly abused when they were young, resulting in them to grow up in an unsound environment or with childhood trauma. As their negativity settled inside them for long periods, it encourages the growth of another personality to protect themselves. This is considered a kind of mental disorder. In the present era, people who murder and suffers from a mental disorder are entitled to preferential treatment. However, there is no such thing in the olden times. In the olden era, no matter who is it. A murderer is a murderer. Regardless of whether you are sick or not, you are expected to compensate with your life for the victim. The strength in her hands grew stronger as Liu Wei inched closer bit by bit. Everyone only saw the white-robed gentleman’s shadow. Within mere seconds, he took down the big-built Li Yong and forced him to a corner. Moments after, Liu Wei exchanged her scalpel for silver needles. The three needles were aimed and pierced onto the three major acupuncture spots of Li Yong’s head. Li Yong stunned and shut his eyes. He fell onto the ground softly. All these happened so quickly. Without the reinforcements of the bailiffs, the criminal had already collapsed. Liu Xiao Li hurriedly ran to hug his mother. His big eyes soaked in tears, “Dad, dad……” The boy had a shock. Liu Wei gave him a tight hug, and heartlessly comforted, “I am fine.” Liu Xiao Li sucked his nose, he tries to retract his tears and buried his face in his mother’s neck. Liu Wei was very helpless. Her son is suddenly acting like a spoilt child. While she was coaxing her son, she told the magistrate, “Li Yong is the murderer. Bring him back to the Ya Men to continue to investigate.” After she finished, she carried her son out of the house to coax him. The whole house is filled with the stench of blood, too smelly. Outside, the clear fragrant of soil, grass and flowers entered her nose. She took a deep breath. She softly patted on the back of her son, her eyes, instead, were looking at a spot in the forest on the right. Rong Leng stopped moving, hiding inside the forest. This type of “eye contact” which filled with nothingness lasted for a good minute before Liu Wei shrugged her shoulders and withdrew her gaze. She turned to the sky and whistled. Awhile later, a pitched black crow flew closer from afar. It cawed and dived downwards. Rong Leng stared at the crow, his mind suddenly seems to recall something. “Zhen Zhu.” The bird landed on the shoulder’s pf the white-robed gentleman. Liu Wei laughed, “Quick, Zhen Zhu. Coax Xiao Li. He is weeping again. He is not masculine at all.” Liu Xiao Li unhappily lifted his head. He wiped away his tears with the back of his hands, “I am not crying!” Zhen Zhu jumped twice and jumped into Xiao Li’s embrace. It used its head to nudge his chest as if it is really coaxing him. Liu Xiao Li hugged Zhen Zhu’s small body. His tiny voice grumbled, “I really did not cry at all……” Rong Leng expressions changed multiple times. Finally, he looked at the white-robed gentleman in astonishment. Zhen Zhu, crow, white robe, silver needles…… A series of memories flowed into his mind. He took another glance at the gentleman carrying his son and playing with the crow as the corners of his lips pursed deeply. No wonder he looks familiar. It turns out to be…… her.

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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