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Liu Wei suddenly felt a chill on her spine. She turned her head and looked towards the forest. This time, she intuitively walked towards it. The branches on the ground create a crunching sound as she walked further into the forest. She walked closer and closer, only stopping after a distance. There is no one in the forest, Not even an animal. Was that just my imagination just now? The train of thoughts got interrupted as someone in the house began to shout, “The cellar, the cellar not only has a body but two! No, there are three bodies here!” Liu Wei furrowed her brows as she strides back to the house. There are so many corpses, these finicky bailiffs probably cannot settle those themselves. After Rong Leng left, he did not return to the Ya Men. He knew very well that the old man would no longer be at the Ya Men at this timing. After searching for the Fu Ping county’s biggest inn, he entered. He saw the old man is having his meal with full of vitality. On his side, was the middle-aged servant. “The third young master is back.” The servant softly reported. Rong Leng remained expressionless. The old man signalled him to sit down, “How is it? Has the murderer been caught?” “Yes.” “Is it the village chief’s son?” “Yes.” “Really?” The old man picked up a yam ball with his chopsticks and put it inside his mouth. Slowly chewing, “Just by looking at two bodies and the murderer has been caught. This Sir Liu is a talent.” “Not only that.” Rong Leng also explained the process of how Liu Wei forced the murderer to become crazy. He added, “Not only he knew who the murderer is, he even knew that the murderer has different temperaments when he becomes crazy. Also, he knew how to force him to be crazy.” “Was it that complicated?” The old man’s eyes filled with smiles, “Good. Very good. I have never seen such interesting coroner. I heard that he is from the Qu Jiang government. Within the Qu Jiang prefecture, he has a famous reputation. Ah Leng, this person, you know what you should do.” The young man with ordinary features agreed plainly with his eyes. But he was laughing inside his heart. Let’s see how she is going to escape this time. …… There is no point in capturing a criminal. One would have to make the criminal admit and sign to his sins. Fu Ping county’s magistrate wanted to force him to admit by torturing him initially. But when Li Yong arrived at the prison, his craziness was cured. He began to wail to cry to look for his dad, to go home. He looked muddleheaded, like how foolish he was every day. If people had not seen how he went crazy at the hunting cabin that day, they would not be able to link such a big and dim-witted man together with the serial murders. The magistrate was troubled throughout the first night. Would his superiors believe that this dim-witted man is the murderer if I reported it to the higher-ups? Fearing that he would be accused of finding a scapegoat just to claim the credit. On the second day, as the magistrate woke up feeling confused, the advisor suddenly came to report, saying someone is holding onto a token of authority, wanting to meet him. The magistrate frowned, “Where is the token?” “It is with him, but the token of authority has four words. I think it is …… ‘Zhen Ping Yi Ge’. Yes, that’s right.” “Zhen Ping Yi Ge. What is that? I don’t know……,” the magistrate stunned before finishing his sentence. After which, he broke out in a cold sweat, “Zhen Ping Yi Ge. Are you sure?” “Yes, my lord. What token is that, why are you so anxious.” “This, this……” The magistrate stammered. Without explaining clearly, he rushed out of the main hall. His legs stopped for a rest as he ran to the Ya Men’s front door. Sure enough, there was someone outside the door. He wore a gorgeous robe with a dignified appearance. A long sword made with gold and jade hung around his waist. He is tall and big. His facial features are outstanding. Most importantly, his pupils are pitched black, as if it is a bottomless valley. A single glance of them would make one fluster. The magistrate was so nervous as his heart thumped rapidly. He inquired carefully, “May I know if your distinguished self is from Zhen Ge?” “Rong Leng.” The man held his token but flipped to the back. The moment the magistrate saw the word “General” carved behind, he was so shocked that his legs went numb.

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