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Zhen Ge belongs and directly managed by the Emperor as his personal army. They are always together with the Emperor and only the Emperor could have the ability to deploy them. And now, the head of the army holding the rank of general is none other than the third son of the current Emperor, third prince Rong. This person has the general’s military token. His family name is Rong too. Doesn’t that mean…… The magistrate’s limbs went numb. Just as he was almost kneeling to the ground, he was supported by someone. He panickedly looked down on the General’s hand who was supporting his arm and trembled frightenedly, “Pri…… prince……” “Keep things low-key. Go in first.” Rong Leng said. He walked past the magistrate and entered through the front door. The magistrate hastily flurried behind him. But the advisor pulled him, “My lord, who exactly is ……” The magistrate impatiently whispered something in his ear. Instantly, the advisor fell onto the ground and paralysed with fear. He gasped in horror. The magistrate too would love to paralyse in fear like him. But he cannot, he had to follow up and wait upon the prince. Thousands of mountains and rivers separate the capital and Fu Ping county. Yet, the prince holding the general military token personally came up right at his doorstep looking for him. Could it be that he did something disgraceful that requires the Zhen Ge personnel to personally nab him? It was a tortuous journey to the front lobby. After listening to the prince’s purpose of the trip, the magistrate was stunned. “So, you came to find Sir Liu?” “I saw how you all detain the murderer yesterday. Where is he?” “In the guest room. He is right in the guest room.” The magistrate replied and was prepared to personally call him out. However, Rong Leng stopped him, “Since he is in the guest room, we can just go over right now.” He walked at the front as he said. The magistrate was shocked. He was confused but all he could do was to follow behind. He did not know that Rong Leng was actually one of the three masked men. Right at this moment, Liu Wei was in her room sleeping. She was sleeping soundly until she smelled something burnt. She blankly sat up and realized that the smell came from the courtyard. She wore her shoes and got off the bed. As she walked to the door, she saw a small figure sitting on a small boulder and cooking something with the clay stove in front. She lazily strolled over and peered, “What are you doing?” Liu Xiao Li got shocked by his mother. He jumped and immediately ran to hug his mother. Liu Wei pushed him away by his forehead in disgust, not letting him near her, “Look at your hands. It is so dirty. Don’t ruin my clothes.” Liu Xiao Li wrongfully pouted, “Dad, I am making medicine pills. How can it be clean.” Liu Wei bent down and looked at the black round substance on the stove, “What medicine pills, are those ink balls?” “No, these are Yu Ye Pill.” The little guy bashfully pulled the corners of his clothes, “The ones I made not that great. It looked a little ugly……” A little ugly? It is extremely ugly! And smelling how burnt the pills are, whoever eats those pills would probably be sick. Liu Wei coughed awkwardly. She stroked her son’s head, not wanting to disappoint him, “Well, there is always such a process. Don’t worry. Failure is the mother of success.” “Dad, I think these are quite well done. If you don’t believe me, you can try tasting it. I made it accordingly to the recipe.” He explained while he used a small spatula to pick up a pill to let his mother try. Liu Wei, “……” “Dad, try eating this. Just give it a try.” Liu Wei, “……” “Dad……” The little boy looked up with his big puppy eyes. Within a few moments, his eyes became teary, “Dad, aren’t you eating it?” Liu Wei sighed and picked it up. Liu Xiao Li gave a wide smile immediately. He looked at his mother with anticipation. Liu Wei pinched the pill and put it close to the tip of her nose to smell it. It was very smelly. She split the pill into halves and saw that the insides are black. She kneaded the pieces to analyse. It became powdered instead of a paste. The heat control when making the pill was not right, hence it came out dry and hard that crumbles immediately when pressure was applied. “Dad! If you don’t want to eat, don’t eat. Why did you knead the pill? I have been making these for the whole morning!” The little boy stared at his mother while he complained. Liu Wei patiently coaxed, “Be good. Next time let others try the failed products. This is the Ya Men. Ya Men has many people. You can give the remaining pills to Grandpa magistrate and Uncle advisor to taste. If they are still alive after eating it, Dad will eat it.”

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