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Liu Xiao Li was still unhappy, “Then you shouldn’t have wasted it, Dad. This took me so long to make it.” He said, still staring at the remaining four pills in the stove. “So, if I am giving one to Grandpa magistrate, one to Uncle Advisor, one for Dad, how about the last one?” Liu Wei replied without giving a thought, “Give it to someone you hate.” Not too far away was the magistrate and Rong Leng, who heard the whole conversation, “…….” The magistrate awkwardly wiped his face. He carefully explained to the man beside him, “Prince, the person in the courtyard is Sir Liu. And the boy who is talking to him is his son, Liu Xiao Li.” Rong Leng made a sound to acknowledge. He walked towards the courtyard. The magistrate hesitated, not wanting to go over. He felt that if he goes over, he would walk right into the trap. He could already smell the burnt smell of the black dubious-looking pill right where he was standing. But he did not dare to not go over. If Sir Liu does not recognize the man and said something disrespectful that offend the prince, he would not be able to handle the consequences. Hence, he gritted his teeth and followed behind. As they walked closer, Liu Wei saw them. However, her gaze did not stop on the magistrate. Instead, she was looking at the handsome man who was walking at the front. Her brows raised for a while. The two people walked over. The magistrate politely introduced, “Sir Liu, this man is the head of Zhen Ge. He came specifically to look for you.” Liu Wei knows about Zhen Ge. The organization is equivalent to the royal army of the period era who are responsible for the safety of the Emperor. But aren’t they the military section of the forbidden palace? Why are they here in Fu Ping county? “The Wei in your name is it the same as the Wei in guard (Shi Wei)?” Rong Leng plainly asked. There were no expressions on his face. Instead, his dark pupils looked straight into Liu Wei’s eyes. “It is the Wei in Azure (Wei Lan).” Liu Wei replied, neglecting his intimidating gaze. She asked without thinking, “How can I help your distinguished self?” “I am here for your help to solve a case.” “Sorry, I am working under the Qu Jiang government. I do not take cases from a random traveller.” Random traveller, he is considered a random traveller? There is someone that actually treat cases as a business transaction? Rong Leng cannot help but think of their first encounter. This is how this woman work. Even though it has been so long, he still remembers. But she probably does not remember anymore. He had purposely removed his disguising mask that he wore every day to meet her with his real appearance. Yet, she did not have a single ounce of reaction, which was evident that she has totally forgotten about it. He could still remember that fateful night when he took her virginity which she had asked him to be gentler since it was her first time. And unexpectedly, she had already forgotten all about her first man. Well done, well done indeed. “The Qu Jiang magistrate will receive an official letter. You just need to follow me.” Liu Wei looked at the man in front of her. She remained silent and patted her son’s head, “Xiao Li, go into the room.” Liu Xiao Li blinked for a while. He obediently took the medicinal pills from the stove, carefully put them into his pockets and ran towards the room. Halfway towards the room, he suddenly stopped and returned with two pills. He squeezed one pill into the palms of the magistrate and one to Rong Leng. County Magistrate, “……” Rong Leng, “……” “Uncle, let me treat you something good.” Liu Xiao Li gazed at Rong Leng. His small little cheeks were so cute that makes one want to have a bite. Rong Leng was silent. He had obviously heard that the last pill was for someone he hates. Liu Xiao Li saw that he was not taking the pill. He squeezed one into his hands and happily ran off. Rong Leng looked at the black dubious pill that looked like a charcoal ball. His brows knitted. Instead, Liu Wei smiled, “Take no offence, Your Honour. My son is extremely hospitable to guests. Try it, Your Honour. Even though it may look ugly, but it doesn't taste that bad.” Rong Leng, “……” The county magistrate faintly smelled something not right. He hesitated for a moment and simply explained again, “Sir Liu, this is the general from Zhen Ge……” Despite Liu Wei being an eight-pin coroner, everyone ought to know exactly who is the current general from the Zhen Ge as long as they have an official position. He thought he explained clearly, but Liu Wei only gave an “oh” as an acknowledgement, as if she does not understand the meaning of the word “general”. The county magistrate began to worry. He felt that the Prince will rage if this continues.

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