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Just as the magistrate discreetly wiped his cold sweat of awkwardness, Liu Wei broke the silence, “So, what type of case is it that the Lord General is inviting me to solve?” she asked Rong Leng. The man raised his eyelids, “Are you agreeing to help?” “How can I decide to agree if the lord does not explain?” “If you do not agree, how can I explain.” The magistrates’ limbs already went limp. He cannot help but to re-emphasize to Liu Wei, “Sir Liu, this is the Lord General from Zhen Ge. He is the Lord General……” Liu Wei kept silent. She gave a condescending sneer, turned and walked back into the house. She hates to argue pointlessly. Rong Leng frowned. As he watched her figure from the back, he explained, “This is a grave matter. Once you know of the details, it could lead to you to your fatal end despite your involvement.” The magistrate opened his eyes immediately. He swallowed his saliva and nervously said, “That, that... Prince, your humble official…, your humble official will wait for you outside.” As soon as he receives Rong Leng’s consent, he hastily ran out carrying his robe. Liu Wei turned her body. Her eyes probed to size up the man standing right in front of her, “You are a Prince too?” The man raised his brows, “Do you not know?” “I do not know.” She explained as if it was obvious, “I’m not even acquainted with you.” Rong Leng gritted his teeth. Well said. Not acquainted? Liu Wei asked, “Since you are a Prince and also the General of Zhen Ge, don’t tell me the case you want me to help with is at the capital?” “Indeed.” Liu Wei sneered, “Then I refuse.” “Why?” “There is no reason, I do not like the capital.” It was not easy for her to escape from that wretched place. Unless she had nothing better to do, if not, she would never go back. Rong Leng narrowed his eyes. He walked two steps forward, right in front of her sight, “Is the reason why you are not willing to go to the capital due to someone?” Liu Wei does not like him being too close, she moved back a step, “It has nothing to do with you.” “What if I say that you have to go?” “I have already refused you. Does the Prince not understand human language?” “Did anyone tell you before……” His dark pupils stared into her eyes eerily, “that when your superior gave you an order, you should bow and agree instead of trying to negotiate.” Liu Wei’s brows wrinkled tightly. The man thoughtlessly commented, “Or do you want me to transfer you from Qu Jiang government to the capital with an official decree?” Liu Wei face darkened the moment she heard the word “transfer”. He is blackmailing her; Either she is transferred over temporarily to solve a case, or permanently transferred to the capital’s government. She only has these two choices. “Since the Prince has already decided, why bother asking your humble official. Doesn’t such hypocritical act seem unnecessary?” She unhappily snorted as she returned his gaze. Not trying to conceal the sarcasm in her words. Instead, the man smiled lightly, “I am just trying to be polite before using force. It all depends to see if Sir understood.” Liu Wei silently stared at him for a while. Suddenly, she said, “Remember to eat the pill, Prince. It tastes very good, try it.” She turned and walked into the house the moment she finished. She slammed closed the door loudly. Outside, Rong Leng laughed unbearably. He, who is good-looking by default, become more handsome the moment he smiles. He picked up the dubious black pill, brought it to the tip of his nose and took a deep breath. The smell of the charred pill rushed into his lungs, yet, his mood was pretty good. He knew that Liu Wei agreed to follow him back to the capital. Liu Wei returned to her room and poured herself a cup of drink. After she finished, she placed the cup down with a loud “thud”. Liu Xiao Li came forward immediately, “Dad, was it the Uncle, who came just now, made you angry?” The moment that uncle appeared, mom became extremely unhappy. He is extremely sensitive to his mother’s emotions, which is why he immediately disliked that uncle and even gave him the pill. Mom said to give the pill to people he hates because those are failed products.

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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